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Bermuda Triangle Challenge: COMPLETE! I had no business running a half marathon today. But I did, in 1:53.49, and it was the first time in TWO YEARS I ran 13.1 miles without making a single bathroom stop. (And then we jumped in the ocean! It was fun and scary!) Yesterday, my buddy @hartdoggy had a little heart-to-heart with me (those make me cry; he just didn’t know that yet). “Feller, I feel like you’re way too hard on yourself,” he said. “Do you ever just give yourself credit for what you do?” We got into a good conversation about my penchant for downplaying my abilities and laughing off my successes and accomplishments. I’m starting to figure out why I do that (podcast episode forthcoming; tears inevitable), and I’m working on it. But right now I’m so stinkin’ PSYCHED that I just busted out three races in three days. So I am here to openly HYPE THAT UP. (I wasn’t actually going to run the half. I only wanted to run the mile, but in order to do so, you had to sign up for all three. YOLO.) And beyond the times on the clocks, which I’m pretty proud of, I am really proud of the fact that I ran all three races SO HAPPY. I have become a totally different runner than I have been in the past. Thank goodness. ANYWAY. Happy Sunday. I am happy. (But I miss @boldceo & Ellie, and the head-sized blister on my left arch is TERRIFYING. I need new socks! And a really long massage!)

Bermuda Triangle Challenge, Day 2: The 10K! Finish time: 51:43 (unofficial; 8:16ish pace, probably). The course: Hilly, hard, pretty, kinda loved it. (The hill at mile 5 was a little rude, though.) The conditions: So humid. So windy. Running buddy: @gracemilling, super mom, super strong, super smiley, super fast on the uphills. (And I super did not keep up...) My mood the whole time: OMG I AM RUNNING YAY I LOVE THIS LOOK THERE IS A PORTA POTTY AND I DON’T NEED IT!!!

Day 1 of the Bermuda Triangle Challenge: The Mile! Finish time: 6:53. Fun factor: Off the charts. (I was admittedly hoping to somehow, magically, be closer to 6:30, but am happy I broke 7.) Running straight into the wind was tough, but getting to turn around and finish with a sweet tailwind was faaaantastic. I love racing shorter distances! I love running! I love BEING HEALTHY! First race of 2018: CHECK! (And my legs feel sore from racing one mile. IDK if that’s possible, but...I think it is.)

First run of the year! 5 miles, 7 degrees, 0 bathroom stops, 1 really big smile the whole entire time!

Since the day we brought her home two years ago, I’ve always wanted to go for runs with Ellie. I pictured us running together all the time — the ultimate training partners! But for the most part, I was too sick to make that a reality. I never trusted that I wouldn’t need to bolt into a non-dog-friendly public restroom, so unless @boldceo was tagging along, Ellie and I never ran together. Until TODAY!!! Ellie and I just ran 6 snowy miles together and I think we BOTH smiled the entire time! She made one bathroom stop. I made none. Everything is amazing.

A few weeks ago, I looked at my favorite photos of the year and felt angry and discouraged. I spent 10 months of the year sick and sad instead of running and living. But yesterday, after looking at those same photos, I felt grateful. This time, I saw all the good. The victories. The sunrises I did make it out of bed for, the kisses from Ellie in spite of the fact that I barely took her for any long walks like we used to, and the six finish lines I crossed. I saw the runs I got to enjoy in Central Park, the launch of the Ali on the Run Show and the 53 amazing episodes that followed, and the trips to Utah, Las Vegas, Texas, and California. 2017 has been a lot for me to handle, but I’m coming out of it stronger, smarter, healthier, happier, and confident as hell. I’m figuring out what success means for me, and I have fully accepted and embraced my status as a silly, jazz-hand-flashing, high-jumping, just-doing-her-best 32 year old. The reality of living with Crohn’s disease is that I will probably get sick again. I don’t know when or for how long, but I know I’ve got this. Here’s to 2018: May it be bright, shiny, big, scary, happy, healthy, adventurous, and completely unapologetic. (More on that now at aliontherunblog.com.)

“You need to be brave, and you can’t be nervous about that.”
Today on the Ali on the Run Show: @fastkate! She talks about winning the 800-meter race at the 2016 Olympic Trials (a race she calls “a shit show”), competing at the Rio Olympics, and choosing to sign with @nike after her @oiselle contract ended. (Oiselle + Nike = famously NOT friends. I wanted to know more. So I asked.) And of course, Kate talks about her recent decision to move to Portland to train with the kickass women of the @bowermantc!
And with this episode — Episode 53 — that’s a wrap on the Ali on the Run Show for 2017. It’s been such a fun first year, and there’s so much good stuff coming in 2018. So as always, thanks for joining me ON THE RUN.

We wish you an Ellie Christmas and a Hankie New Year! Happiest holidays, from me and mine (and one we borrowed) to you and yours. May your days be merry and striped.

When I got back from my trip to California, my friend @candicehuffine said, “You look like a different person!” And I think she’s right. When was the last time I smiled — like big, goofy, can’t-stop-grinning smiled — nonstop the way I did for the eight days I was road-tripping down Highway 1? This trip was wonderful and life-changing and affirming in so many ways. So today, on a special BONUS EPISODE of the Ali on the Run Show, I handed the hosting duties over to @boldceo, and I got to be the one in the hot seat! We talk about the real reason I booked this trip, why I never give myself credit for my successes, and why I so often say no to things without even considering the potential amazing outcomes. We get into a LOT, so this is best enjoyed during a long run or on that long holiday drive, flight, or hitchhiking adventure. Thank you, Brian, for your unwavering support as I figure out my life — and thanks to all of YOU for tuning in every week.

“When you’re doubting yourself and you’re just looking around at what everyone else is doing, it’s easy to forget what your foundations are.”
Today on the Ali on the Run Show: @mollyhuddle! On this episode, the 25-time national title holder talks about her Olympic dreams that started when she was young, and what it’s been like to actually achieve those dreams — twice. She talks about what it’s actually like competing at the Olympics (she represented Team USA in the 5K in 2012 and in the 10K in 2016), and explains why last year’s Olympics felt “like a local road race.” She also talks about the relationship among U.S. female distance runners right now (warm fuzzy alert!), how she trains her mental game, and her scariest career moments. Plus, she reflects on her marathon debut (at the 2016 @nycmarathon), talks about being at the finish line for @shalaneflanagan’s epic 2017 NYCM win, and shares what’s next. (Since recording this episode, Molly announced she will officially be racing the @bostonmarathon in 2018! Yay!)

It seemed fitting that I stumbled upon this sign on the last day of my [C]Ali on the Run adventure. This entire trip felt like a wonderful dream. I went into this week with a rough itinerary, no expectations, and a very open mind, and after seven days on the road, I can gleefully say taking this solo trip was the best thing I’ve ever done. I saw 7 sunrises and 7 sunsets, which made up for more than a year of missing them. I stopped in 11 cities, went for 6 runs, and hiked every time I saw a mountain or hill. I never got lost. I rarely stopped smiling. I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time. I did exactly what I wanted every minute of every day. I regained the independence I seemed to have lost over the years. I felt strong, happy, self-sufficient, and best of all, really, really healthy. I had exactly zero stomach issues on this entire trip, and for that I will be grateful for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything, California. I can’t wait to see you again.

DAY 6: I’ve been to L.A. a million times but never got a picture in front of the Hollywood sign and never hiked Runyon Canyon. Today I did both! (Thanks, @mcon28!) Last stop of Ali on the Run to the West Coast. (I never came up with a clever name for this adventure. But I have a few more hours...)

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