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Alina Popa  🔸2018 IFBB Rising Phoenix World Champion🔸2013-2014 Ms. Olympia runner-up 🔸Personal trainer and online/prep coach 🔶Wings of Strength Athletes’ Rep

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Mile High Muscle💪 Radio🎤 Stay tuned for the link to listen later next week! #milehighmuscleradio #milehighmecca #armbrustprogym💪

Swipe left for more pics. Now that I won the Corvette Z06 I am selling -with quite some sadness- my 2017 convertible Mustang. I love her. Evangeline is a 2017 edition and I bought her brand new at the end of May this year. It only has 2400 miles on her. If you are interested, DM me for details.

Swipe left. A little behind the scenes action at the Rising Phoenix and the final product #risingphoenixworldchampionship #risingphoenix #photoshoot #femalebodybuilding #fbb #ifbbproleague #npcnewsonline #wingsofstrength #wos

Tampa in August with @tlrsevennine

This is my presentation video for 2018 IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championship. I find it such a cool feature that this particular show has: in the evening show, right before we go out to do our posing routine, on the big screens they feature each athlete's individual video presenting whatever part of ourselves that we want to show the judges and public. This way I feel like we can let the audience have a glimpse into our lives, personalities, believes. Really a great opportunity to showcase our work from a different point of view. On top, to encourage high end productions and creativity, top 3 videos are rewarded with money. My video got 3rd place in this show and a check of 1000$. If I remember correctly, second place got 3000$ and that went to Virginia Sanchez and 1st place got 5000$ which went to LaDawn McDay. Congrats to everybody! Watch the whole video on my YouTube channel:

I love the way Kent captured my joy with his camera. It’s going to stay ingrained in my memory as one of the most precious moments of my life. #Repost @kentleckiephotography with @get_repost
The smile of excellence when you know all that hard work paid off Alina Popa winning the Rising Phoenix World Championship for womans bodybuilding!

Go follow @wingsofstrength_stagephotos This is the @wingsofstrength photography page, where you will be able to see the stage shots as the shows take place. #Repost @wingsofstrength_stagephotos with @get_repost
Alina Popa at night going through her routine. This a capture i got in her power pose...:)!

It’s an honor to be featured by @this_is_bodybuilding on my win. Not only that, but the positive comments and attitude towards female bodybuilding class. I do believe a new era is being created with @wingsofstrength and I am honored and grateful it came at a time when I could bring my support as well. I am getting so many emails and messages from women who are inspired to switch to bodybuilding from physique or just being inspired to start their bodybuilding journey because of the image we put on stage. The sport is changing towards more esthetical physiques and pleasant flowing lines as opposed to who is the biggest or the most shredded one. I find that ‘the bigger and the freakier- the better’ approach is what made my class loose its appeal to the people/athletes in the industry itself and I am honestly grateful that the direction is changing. Not because I won but because this will attract younger blood, beautiful new athletes like @ifbbpronicki and @krristinanicole just to mention a couple of names that I think are great representatives for fbb image. I feel that we, the influencers in our sport should encourage by any means the new and upcoming talents, pretty much like how @themsolympia so gracefully has been doing at #wos side. #Repost @this_is_bodybuilding with @get_repost
Congratulations to the great @alinapopa1 on her victory yesterday at the @wingsofstrength Rising Phoenix World Championship! I have always felt Alina was the best Female Bodybuilder on the planet at both the 2013 and 2014 Olympia and have always felt bad that the Olympia ceased crowning a Ms. Olympia right after that. I think someone like Alina as a 2X Ms. Olympia with her magnificently muscled and beautifully feminine look could have kept the Division strong and attractive amongst Olympia fans. Well thanks to the folks at @wingsofstrength there is a World Championship for Female Bodybuilders and I am happy that Alina has finally gotten to be the recognized Best Female Bodybuilder on the Planet! She had some tough competition in the Top 5, especially from 2X former Rising Phoenix World Champion @marvelousv! Wow! What a contest!
I will post pix of the rest of the Top 5 shortly.

Someone likes my baby PHOENIX:) It’s ok Zach, I will take you on a ride. And chocolate chip cookies;)

About last night....great Olympia show, great people, great food. So much fun in the @wingsofstrength team. And even if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we can share something about this one😉 Swipe to the left

Ready for the final evening of the #2018MrOlympia. Really excited to see the outcome and feel all the energy of the crowd. This has been such a wonderful weekend #wingsofstrength #wos #realwomenwearmuscles

Ran into my awesome friend, doctor and client @kat.peterson.nd here at the expo. So proud of her shape, hard work and progress, placing second here at the Amateur Olympia in Physique class. We got good pointers from judges so #8weeksout of Nationals in Miami. Here we go!

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