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Ali  The Midwest via The Upper Left. Without apology, these are mostly my dogs and kitten here. Also, people I love, things I do, and stuff I eat.

Trying to actually be productive today, but if I don’t finish the to-do list, this is a comforting reminder (in spite of what our capitalist society has etched into our brains).
Artwork by @traitspourtraits - for other brilliant, feminist, pastel work, check her out.

I liked sharing @nayyirah.waheed ‘s work with students when we read Their Eyes Were Watching God. I think Janie would have loved her work. I liked sharing Waheed’s self-love poems with students on Valentine’s Day and seeing some silent smiles and quiet affirmations.
For all the times teaching feels impossible, I’m thankful to be able to share beautiful things, with some beautiful people, even in ugly times.

When there’s no school on Monday, we attend #wine class. ❤️🍷

#mke grows cuter by the minute.

When I saw my text from @everytown, I clicked the link to find the next meeting near me because I wanted to do something. Go to a meeting, make plans, listen to smart people about ideas and action. The next meeting was scheduled for today, 6pm, Sojourner Peace Center on Walnut. At work, I forgot all about the meeting until my commute home. I had already passed the building, and went 20 minutes out of my way to turn around and circle back to attend this meeting. I literally missed the parking lot entrance, and because of my own fears and anxiety, ended up not attending. I literally drove to the meeting and didn’t walk inside. What’s wrong with me?
My big voice inside screamed “Just go! Find parking! Go inside!” But my unfounded anxiety about showing up without RSVPing to a new place and new situation won tonight.
Paralyzed, I drove home.
I quietly went about my night.
I ate. I drank. Scrolled. Read. Watched. Listened.
I’m not sure what terrible part of me made so many excuses tonight, but my biggest fear is that at the heart of it, I’ve lost some of the me that believes— in hope, and action, and politics, and justice.
I hope that’s not true.
I hope I show up next time.
Maybe I’ll even bring you with me.
For now, I’m thinking of them and their families and communities , because that’s what we do best from the comforts of our own homes.

It’s still #valentinesday over here bcs @akellaher made sure I got to try @rachlmansfield’s @eatingevolved cups! Thanks, dear! 😚

The theme of the valentine messages I gave my students today.
Per usual, it really matters that it landed on at least one of them.

my peach+pasta+(all the) poetry.
happy #loveday.
I hate capitalism, but these days, I think we should welcome all the #lovevibes we can.
@gmacchia1030 brings the love 365 and I’m so grateful.

same. 😍😍

When your #snowday is also your #payday. 🙌

Huckleberry loves a good #snowday, too.

My students will be so happy to tell me how wrong I was today. Maybe a bad day to leave my new snow boots at work, and we have a lot to do in class, but #illtakeit 🤷‍♀️❄️ 🤷‍♀️

@yrsadaleyward asks all the best questions. She’ll tell you stories about yourself that you never read before. ❤️ 📖

the real #mvp and my fave #mcm. 😭

Das my ❤️ @gmacchia1030

The last time one I was here, I applied for a job... if that tells you anything. Winning.

Losing the game, but winning at company. 😘 #wearemarquette

This little team had a lot of fun with the “circle of life” spirit day today. ❤️👵👵👴🏻

Kitty and books can make anyone feel better.

#comfort is words at night from the ever-talented @yrsadaleyward.
Buy her book, Bone, if you haven’t yet.

Aunties are so happy to welcome Sophia Elise! ❤️😍❤️😍

Aunties at Jack’s 🏀game with Natalie 🐝. ❤️

“Teach by natural light” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said.
#powersout, but my student teacher left me a cute note. ❤️

Today is a most special day. Happy birthday to @bottomme! Without this absolute #queen in my life 👑, I would not care about yoga, know that loving myself matters, see as much beauty in the littlest things, wear @clarksshoes comfy+stylish wedges, eat @goodfoods guac like it’s my job, and a litany of other goodies in my life. Forever thankful that my friendly nature brought me (and @gmacchia1030 ) such a beautiful soul. You deserve every good thing in this universe, boo! You’re #34 #goals. I love you! 💋❤️😘💕

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