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a l ι н a l l o c ĸ 🌻  be happy. be bright. be you.💛 T᙭ ᗯIᖴE & ᗰᗩᗰᗩ* ᑕOᑎᑎEᑕTIᐯE TIᔕᔕᑌE ᗪIᔕEᗩᔕE/ ᒪᑌᑭᑌᔕ• ᑭOTᔕ• ᗰᑕᗩᗪ/ EᕼᒪEᖇ'ᔕ ᗪᗩᑎᒪOᔕ/ ᑭE ᔕᑌᖇᐯIᐯOᖇ & ᗷᒪOOᗪ ᗪIᔕOᖇᗪEᖇ ᗯᗩᖇᖇIOᖇ*

happy first day babes!!!! They blew out all their jitters with glitter and walked in holding hands with big huge smiles on their faces!! Here’s to a fabulous year of 1st & 2nd grade!!!♥️ #backtoschool #jitterglitter #mybabes

Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and have a beautiful SIX year old in our house!!! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. We love you, baby girl!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLE BELLE!!💕 #birthdaygirl #six

I hope y’all had a beautiful weekend!!💕 #happy

She lights up my heart and soul.💕 #mamasgirl

My favorite new mama accessory is this diaper bag backpack from @lullarybaby, and of course, my beautiful baby girl wrapped up in my arms!! Plus— what goes better with your daughter in a frilly pink dress, than her red & gold princess Belle costume shoes?! The ones that she tires of walking in after 5 minutes, but you give in and let her wear them anyway.😂🙈♥️
•••i love being a mom!!! •••

Do you think he’s too old for surprise sack lunches with post-it love notes secretly stashed inside? It’s the little things, right?! I love you, @brian_hallock.♥️ Don’t forget your lunch when you wake up in the morning!!😉😘

We’re kind of in love with our new @lullarybaby diaper bag backpack.😍 And, I’m kind of in love with that little girl and her princess Belle wedges.

happy friday eve, y'all!!💕 I wish I could say I looked this put together today. But instead, I’m at home in bed in my pjs. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock all week. My husband has been working long days and late nights and I’ve been feeling like absolute crap, to say the least. I think it’s a combination of my body not knowing how process stress like a regular human and coming down with a little bug. Regardless... whatever this is, it’s thrown me all out of whack. Here’s to hoping I can recover soon and enjoy the weekend with my family!🤞🏼

School is starting up again soon, which means lots of one-on-one time for me and this sweet girl!! We’re really going to miss having brother and sister home with us all day. But, I’m excited to spend one more year with my Emmy-Lou before she’s off to kindergarten herself!💕

The way he always smiles at me, like I’m the only person in the world. I think somebody loves me!😉❤️ #swoon #smitten #love #choochoo

Exactly two years ago, I spent nearly the entire month of July and beginning part of August in the hospital. I was in agonizing pain and undergoing back-to-back surgeries. I was going through adrenal insufficiency and spent a week on the cardiac floor unable to walk on my own. My liver was struggling and my bilirubin spiked to 5.5. I looked ridiculously orangey-yellow, like a lovely oompa-loompa!
It was a really scary time for my family and loved ones. I listened to my mom and husband cry in my hospital room watching me struggle. I said goodbye to my kids and then my mom flew them across the country to stay with my sister for a few weeks. I just wanted to hug all of them and let them know it would all be okay.
My mom took this picture of me on our first walk together around the hospital floor after all the surgeries were over and my bilary stent was placed. So many of you became these incredible prayer warriors— you banned together online and in person, and you lifted us up and encouraged us through one of the darkest periods of my journey. I will never, ever be able to say thank you for all of you’ve done for me and my family over the last few years. Each and every one of you holds a special place inside my heart. Xoxo♥️😘

“Like mother, like daughter”, they say. She is definitely my little sidekick and almost always attached to my hip or walking next to me, hand in hand. She calls me her best friend and says she wants to grow up and be a mommy just like me. I’m definitely not a perfect mother by any means, but I will continually strive to be the kind of mother she will always be proud of. I love you, boo.♥️ #mommydaughter #mygirl

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