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MC Dad Jokes  Helen Slattery 📍Melbourne. 🌛🌕🌜 • MEL @finesse_models_australia • ADEL. My Doge - @sunshine.the.border.collie

Happy Birthday you goddess @makemeloco !!!!! 💥💥💥 this was such a lovely day.💫 THE BALD and THE BEAUTIFUL xx

I’m clearly not very good at knowing what to do with my eyebrows. What’s your favourite natural eyebrow products?
Please note: that I despise the 2018 YouTube eyebrow trend.
But I do love @willemworldwide.w ♥️♥️♥️

A month ago I hurt my back (specifically pelvis while moving house). For two weeks I could only walk 10 mins at a time. Now I’m building up those muscles again and today was super special. I went for a 40 minute walk followed by 30 minutes in heels!!! 💪🏻💪🏻 🔝🌛🌛😝 📸: @_w1ll3m BTS wearing @_w1ll3m (also super special)

Contradiction to society’s beauty standards - but I always feel the most feminine after a fresh shave. 🦋 💀🦋 💀🦋

Snug as a bug in a pile of ikea cushions.

One month into Melbourne Winter and seasonal depression is kicking in. TBT a warmer time ♥️

Brunswick Dog Owners be cautious!! Someone tried to steal Sunshine today.

A woman called me today after not saying anything for 15 seconds then proceeded to ask me if I was with my dog. I said no I am at work, I had to ask allot of questions before getting a clear answer and then she finally said she said I found him at jewel station.
I then had to ask a whole heap more questions regarding where she was and how he was. Then she eventually said he is tied up here.... I am calling as I’m worried someone has stolen him. The whole tone sounded really suspicious, but it turned out he was tied up out front of the record shop waiting for my housemate to come out. He had not been alone 10 minutes. As soon as I hung up I Called Paddy (my housemate), who walked outside and she just walked away weirdly.
So I called her back tonight; to confirm my hunch and the conversation seemed even more suspicious; where she just said she was worried he had been stolen for dog fighting.... then used a heap of words that your mother would have washed your mouth out for.

When in reality she was calling me to see if I was far away enough to steal him. 🤢🤢

Winter Ball 2018 with A.I. angel @b.s_knees 📷 @ynvynyty ❤️

That feeling when something in your news feed has nothing to do with the @queereye boys.
@fashiongrunge / @anth_stagram / @nellyskf / @elisaclarkmakeup

Quiet ‘frankly’ I ‘scrub’ up okay. ... get it ....Because it’s a @frank_bod campaign?🤙🏻🤙🏻😘

This princess in print @b.s_knees x @pusspussmag 🔥🔥

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