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Paulina Aldona Lis  New York Vocalist @ OV ICE

We are special
We are perfect
We were born in the sight of God

My man walks on hands and knees
I am his first and only child
He is mine
He is my saint
He brings me roses and incense

Taken by, taken by the sky..

Not even they can stop me now
Boy I'd be flying overhead
Their heavy words can't bring me down
Boy I've been raised from the dead

Bluer than velvet was the night
Softer than satin was the light
From the stars

There is a star in the sky Guiding my way with its light

You speak softly We are capsules of energy

But you are unfixable
I can't break through your world
‘Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable

You're so free that's what everybody's telling me
Yet I feel I'm like an outward-bound, pushed around, refugee
Something's wrong, got a feeling that I don't belong
As if I have come from outer space, out of place, like King Kong

Selected heir
Machinary insect
Bloodline of the dark architect

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