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Alicia Yoon 알리샤 윤  👩‍⚕️Founder & esthetician: @peachandlily @peach_slices ✨WWD Top 25 Innovative Beauty Execs 💋CEW Board 🎉 Live w/ joy 👇What’s saving my skin today:

@peachandlily exhibiting our family of curated brands at @cosmoprofna every year since 2013 ❤️ #passion #dreamteam

Next week, we’ll be launching the namesake @peachandlily skincare collection that took years to craft and perfect for you ❤️taking a moment today to reflect on the journey to get ready for what’s to come for you! This year, I’ve made time every day - literally, just five minutes sometimes - to stop everything and just be still and present. I’ve had my best moments of clarity, creativity and connectedness then. Today, I’m feeling so much gratefulness for our special #peachcommunity and so much love looking back on a multi-year passion project that was truly a labor of love. Love for creating something special, love for formulating, and mostly love for trying to help others in their skin journey. After struggling with severe eczema my whole life, being empowered to transform my skin changed my life - no more weepy skin (or at least less often), and so much relief and hope. So whenever some of you tell me that Peach & Lily transformed your skin, that’s what keeps me and the whole team going with the same passion as day one. And that’s the same spirit we had when creating what’s launching soon. Stay tuned, friends!! ❤️❤️❤️
(thank you for the stunning shot @gothamista 😘)

Some of my faves! Four hours left until the annual @peachandlily summer sale ends! Use code happyfourth2018 for 20% off everything 🎉🥂happy shopping, friends! 😘

When I first started @peachandlily, I wasn’t sure how on earth we would get the word out about our site. Six years later, to be invited by the Korean government along with people I know only from their quotes in The Economist 😱to speak at the Jeju Forum about #peachandlily was a serious pinch-me moment! Pretty much spent two days running around trying to speak to brilliant minds I always admired from afar. It was also special as I got to see a different side of @edward_scott as he presented about finance/investing/biotech (his former life before he became a part of #peachsquad) and I’m biased but man, he’s one smart guy😍 Special highlight was randomly having a long chat with an economist about the foreign trade multiplier. #whatislife #willalwayslovebeinganerd #specialmoments 💫

Did you know that only 5% of brands we have on our short list make the cut and onto the @peachandlily site? We look for the most loved trends, innovations and brands - this means real people saw real results and there’s real loyalty and love for the brand whether it’s a newcomer indie brand or a heritage brand. We interview brands personally to ensure there’s a dedication to quality, we do consumer shop-alongs to hear the word on the ground, our in-house estheticians (myself included!) pore through formulas to make sure claims check out, we focus-group test everything...and basically this extensive curation process takes months. We’ve never compromised this standard since day one because we believe you deserve only the best. We’d never bring you anything we wouldn’t obsess over or use ourselves. One of the most exciting brands to launch this year is @ground_plan - they sold a million units of their beloved mist within the first couple years of launch 😱 because moms and pet owners (!) started to see their babies and puppies’ stubborn rashes disappear w the mist and started sharing stories on Instagram! We rarely do sales so be sure to check out this incredible brand and stock up on all your other favorites before our summer sale ends tomorrow! Use code happyfourth2018 at checkout to get 20% off everything 😘 leave below any questions about skincare or if you’re not sure what to get! xoxo 💋 .
Love this 📷by @ch.phr8ph

All the essentials: good read, good pour, good weather🌵#happyfourth friends! 🎉
ps. If you need to stock up on #peachandlily goodies, shop 20% off site-wide with code happyfourth2018 ❤️it’s the first sale of 2018 as we don’t do sales often, so snag your favorites before things sell out! 🧚‍♀️
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Sun’s out, buns out, spf on! Who else is so slow at posting pics that every IG post is basically a #tb 😂 in NY today, but dreaming of a couple weeks ago back in the desert🌵

Just got back to NYC from Seoul, and planning to spend the whole day in three places only: my tub, couch and bed. It’s been back-to-back travel, so going to get all the 💦back into my skin with a few back-to-back sheet masks ✌️#itworks #trustme #estheticianlife

I had a hard time posting about Father’s Day - a day when we celebrate family bonds and the love of a parent - with the family crisis happening at the border, so this post comes a bit late and is more about families than just my own dad. Trump was unwilling to change his policy on family separation, but it’s amazing to see that when we stand together for the most important things and apply pressure to uphold these things, change can happen. Trump reversed his policy and families at the border will no longer be separated as a matter of policy. Our voices can indeed lead to policy changes. That said, there’s still a lot to consider - more immediately, when will the separated young children and infants be united with their parents, for how long will they be detained as a whole family, what will the detention facilities be like for these children, what will happen to the Flores Settlement that provides some protection for detained children, a lot of questions remain. Immigration laws raise a lot of nuanced questions and has second order effects, for sure. More so than on the specific stance on immigration as a whole, I’m hopeful that we can all stand unified in knowing that this will be an important time to keep watch and raise our voices again if there is an overstep of politics past that bright line marking the difference between humane and inhumane. I usually don’t take to politics on Instagram, but this family separation crisis wasn’t a matter of politics. I can’t fathom what these parents and children endured/are enduring. I also can’t imagine what it would be like if I were a child in detention indefinitely without education and commingled with all sorts of people who might not make me feel safe. No matter what country young children are from, I hope our country will always take the stance of being protective of them. On that note, Happy (belated) Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there who protect their children! Thank you appa for your unconditional and infinitely expansive love and sacrifice, and for teaching me everything from ballroom dancing to business strategies to old-school Korean board games! I love you 아빠! ❤️

To celebrate the launch of the new @peachandlily skincare collection dropping this July, we’re on a special trip with these immensely talented and lovely girlbosses @gothamista @foreverflawlyss @witneycarson @saythelees @dance11brooklyn ❤️🍑❤️🍑❤️Stay tuned on their IG and YouTube channels to see snippets of the trip ❤️ I’ll be hosting giveaways throughout this trip to celebrate altogether with you all! Today’s giveaway: follow @aliciayoon212 and @peachandlily and tag two friends below who you think would love our new line, and I’ll send out the new line to all three of you! Winner will be announced the last day of June at midnight EST, open internationally and to those 18 years +. 🎉 Pssst - stay tuned on the @peachandlily channel today for a special product dropping today! ✨#zerocompromises #peachandlily

One of the most fun and challenging parts of creating a brand is getting all the details just right! For our @peachandlily skincare line, we mixed a bunch of Pantone colors together to create our own custom blended color for our brand color. This picture captures the exacting measure we took to get the color just right - we went to a custom-blend-paint shop and created various shades of our color to see which looked best in different lighting, on a shelfie, in a bathroom, on a desk, etc. with the goal of hopefully delighting you all! We can’t wait to share the final look with you ❤️One of my personal favorite parts of all this was teamwork with such brilliant people on #peachsquad and really getting to know each teammate that much better while working together on such a passionate endeavor✨❤️
Starting tomorrow, we’ll be sharing a bit more about the brand! Stay tuned for IG lives and stories during a special trip we have starting tomorrow 😘❤️✈️

Some of the suppliers we work with for the new @peachandlily skincare line are located outside Seoul in far-flung, not-well-known towns. Land is cheaper in these areas so it makes sense for facilities that need a ton of space. Some of Korea’s best companies that are involved in the different components of beauty and other consumer goods products are in these towns. 🌿✨Over the last couple years, making this collection came with the perk of exploring and road-tripping through beautiful corners of Korea I’d never really know about. This is a delicious restaurant we found nestled among hills and a reservoir. We hunted down the best suppliers for this line, no matter where they are, and ended up with awesome partners and a deep appreciation for all these little towns a few hours outside Seoul. ❤️

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