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Alicia Diamond  humanist| portraitist| optimist | visual storyteller @nativeworkscsc | love photographer @rabbitheartedweddings | practicing the fine art of awareness

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in #fridayintroductions .
I am Alicia, I identify as a photographer but this week one of the women I respect and admire most called me a “communication strategist” and I thought that had a nice ring to it. .
I’ve been a photographer since I was a kid taking portraits of all my neighbors on my @canonusa AE1 film camera.
I prefer to photograph people, in fact it’s the joy of my life to listen to someone’s story and find the right light for them to stand in and shine. .
I have been photographing weddings for 10 years. I love weddings because my couples teach me so much about love by allowing me to be a witness to their relationship when they ask me to bring what I love to such a monumental time in their lives.
My life’s work has centered around using photography to tell the story of nonprofits and the communities they empower. From the staff who work tirelessly to serve others, to the donors, funders and volunteers who make it possible and especially the people who use that investment of service to go from crisis to contributor. Nonprofits are changing the world for the better with creativity, innovation and compassion.
So tell me about you! What’s your life work and why is it important to you?

🌹ravens & roses 🌹

I was at @pikeplacepublicmarket today when I got into a conversation with a woman from the Midwest about prison reform and privatized prisons because of @jolietburntdistrictartists
After mentioning the old @oldjolietprison she told me she had read an article in the news about the work the artists were doing by salvaging artifacts from the prison grounds and creating art that conveyed empathy for those imprisoned.
It was in that moment I realized what a force for good @sueregisglass is for the work she is doing 💙
This is a portrait I took of her on a 35 mm film camera when she was selling glass in Chicago at summer art fairs.

Goes to @wildroseseattle for the first time and turns into @iamcardib

The only ones in the only world 💙

Our girl @a.k.a_thediamond is in love with her boo ❤️
To see the love written on their faces check out the link to their blog in the bio❤️

My @manitobah ‘s and @pikeplacepublicmarket have me in the Holiday spirit 🎄

Winter twilight

Anyone have sentimental clothing they keep and don’t wear? The dress you wore on your first date, the shoes you bought on that vacation. I have been carrying around a closet full of sentimental clothing and told myself I was going to start letting them go. I had these shoes that Meghan gave me as a gift and she told me stories about how she wore them in Paris one year. I wore them that summer in Brooklyn despite them being too tight for my heels. the other day I went downstairs at @chiefseattleclub and a woman woke up and smiled at me, reached out her hand and said good morning, a warm greeting to start my day. I returned later in the afternoon to find she was wearing Meghan’s size 6 shoes and I felt gratitude knowing they traveled so far to meet the perfect next person to walk with them.

There was a thanksgiving where I was in Brooklyn and Jules was in Florida. She taught me how to make ginger tea and we FaceTimed for like 3 hours while I made it. This year she gave me rosemary that she grew with love from her home that she is creating with her partner. It made my entire suitcase smell like savory rosemary and I am adding it to my ginger tea recipe that she taught me tonight.

#FlorenceBean on a walk in Spokane last week

I met @a.k.a_thediamond ‘s boo this week and I got to photograph them. It filled me with joy to see my girl loved so well ❤️

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