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Real diamonds. 💎
So grateful for the man who taught me to love without reason.

I got these abalone shell earrings from @mariana_kiona yesterday at the opening of #samdoubleexposure so you’ll have to excuse this shameless selfie but thanks to her beautiful work, I’m feeling myself today:

#biggerthebetter #earsjustwannahavefun #yakamadeearrings

This Marianne Nicholson piece from #samdoubleexposure @seattleartmuseum was transcendent

Oh no big deal @tracyrectorart is just out here inventing new ways to view landscape photography and bringing viewers to tears at @seattleartmuseum 🙌
tintype by @willraywilson #samdoubleexposure

I love when @birchandsage designs new pieces for @nativeworkscsc 💖
This is a portrait I made of a radiant elder wearing the new dentalium earrings for the #NativeWorks collection ✨
Check out the new design over at @nativeworkscsc + the shells history here in the #pnw

I’ve followed an idea for 3 years. What if I could give Lauren’s kids cameras in Haiti and ask them to photograph what they love? For three years I have wanted to see their photos. .
The first year was spent mostly kicking around the idea and seeing how realistic it was with my own resources, it wasn’t realistic. I can’t even speak kreyol. .

The second year is when I focused on working with @100cameras - because what good are the photos if I go with cameras and leave with them and no one sees what they make? Aside from their platform #my100cameras gives 100% of all print sales back to the kids. By the second year the idea got more realistic. .
This is the 3rd year and the problem lied in finding equipment; specifically cameras. I applied for grants that we didn’t get and I cried like a fool in my stories about it when @mrsblessedmess saw me and made it her goal to match the number of years this birthday to cameras for us. .
Yesterday a complete stranger in my lobby helped me bring up three boxes of cameras she sent me and I cried when I opened it.
Why be realistic when you can be optimistic you guys.

The other day an elderly man in the lobby of my building told me he felt bad for #florencebean because I don’t have a TV, so he said she was probably bored all day while I am at work. The entire rest of the day I beat myself up about how long it’s been since the last time we went hiking, the last time she rolled in Turret dust, the last time we spent a full day together or the last time we sat together by a river and watched the light dance across the surface. It’s silly how caring for beans reminds me to also care for myself. It’s been a long week you guys, I hope everyone has some time to check in with themselves and the ones they love today 💖

It’s @raynashira ‘s birthday today you all! I remember when I took this photo Renise was in high school in #Haiti & I would watch as she would wake up before the sun to read her bible, go to a full day of classes in high school and then come home to work on sewing and starting her business. It has been a true joy and privilege to watch this girl grow into such a strong, smart, independent, driven woman. She’s working her way through college now and starting her second business and she’s got so many dreams she wants to keep realizing 💖 Happy Birthday Ray, you are beautiful.

I paid ahead in all my bills and told myself I was going to be frugal AF this month but I thought #florencebean deserved this collar from @lunasdogboutique when I saw it at the art walk in @pioneersquare so I decided to treat my girl :)

The best part of doing a food photo session for @theyellowleafdesserts was that they sent me home with so many delicious treats I got to bring a box of macarons to my @nativeworkscsc crew

I photographed this mother & daughter duo for @nativeworkscsc this week and we took the opportunity to pose with this beauty just hanging out in #pioneersquare

The students from @steelphoto620 are graduating from @jths204 tonight and it was such a joy to get to be a small part of their class this year. I wanted to share a very well written newsletter that they made and sent to me in the mail with a little help from @zmudytoodie
Click the link in our bio to see the newsletter that inspired me to see the world more through their eyes

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