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Poor Rex, I've been keeping him indoors because of the smoke and bless his sweet heart, he's been the happiest despite not getting to run around outside per usual. No matter where you are, as it gets cooler what are some of your fave indoor activities to keep toddlers busy (and most importantly you or your nanny from going stir crazy yourselves)? I've been loving cooking together. Lots of "butter crotch" as Rex calls butternut squash has been on the menu. And a few other ways I've been keeping him busy this week on CITNB... #RexMoss #citnbhome

Up close and personal attempting to show off this @sydneyevan charm necklace which gives me all of the good vibes ✨... but swipe right, we know who’s really winning the self portrait game these days. 🤣 | Sydney Evan is donating 10% of sales through Sunday to @cafirefound 💛💛

It’s been an all-consuming, heartbreaking couple of days living through the #CampFire stories and devastation that hit so close to home. On a positive, we’ve had a rotating door of loved ones staying with us who were evacuated safely... and Rex has been loving having his grandparents here to put him to bed. 💞

Dressing up my @3x1 overalls...

The wedding industry has come so far even since I got married (almost 8 years ago) and while sometimes I wish I could do it all over again, it was much more fun living vicariously through my sister, Erica, this time around. One of the most thoughtful and memorable touches Erica decided on was to scent her wedding with @JoMaloneLondon candles throughout the ceremony and reception. The glow of the candles alone made her walk down the isle all the more romantic, but that subtle hint of her chosen scent, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, wafting throughout the gardens and reception created the most memorable entrance! Scenting a wedding isn't something I would have thought of, but after experiencing it, it's truly a special touch... sharing their new Bridal Lace Collection and a glimpse into my sister's magical wedding day on CITNB! #ScentedWedding #JoMaloneLondonAmbassador

K @sophiemonet earrings just make everything better! New favesssss... in other good news, working on a bunch of posts for CITNB 😊 chained to my desk for the rest of the afternoon. Will gladly except any blog requests or snacks... 😋🍣

Fall in Sacramento... starting the day with all of the layers, in a simple tee by midday. 🍁😜

This never happens!, Rex slept in way later than us even with the time change, giving T and I time for a lingering breakfast date in the kitchen. We enjoyed our coffees hot, and both filled out our ballots together. 😊 #happysunday #citnbhome

Gathering some dried things for a last minute spooky arrangement. Also digging through my closet and scrambling to pull together a last minute costume, per usual (I never get my act together for Halloween). Who’s dressing up? 👻 #happyhalloween

When I was pregnant, I researched various gadgets extensively (safest car seat, cribs etc.) that we may want to get, but I don't remember ever putting much research into arguably the most important baby purchase you make: the diapers that touch your sweet baby's skin. I started Rex in Honest diapers but the fit wasn't quite right for him... we then tried practically all of the diapers out there but it wasn't until Pampers came out with @PampersPure that I found a diaper I really loved (performance, fit, and thoughtfully made without parabens or fragrances). Rex and I put Pampers Pure to a little "science experiment" (as Rex called it), against Honest. Jump over to the blog to see the results... #PampersPure #RexMoss

The barn at @ranchatstoneycreek couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for gathering my friends for an early autumn feast. If you missed it, more of this cozy scene on the blog! Styled by me for @williamssonoma, florals @thistle.and.honey! 🍁🍴

Sweet girl! When she wasn’t showering Rex with slobbery kisses, or trying to sneak a piece of lamb when @chefkevinoconnor wasn’t looking... she was photobombing every snap @melissagaylephoto took. An autumn feast is up on CITNB today with @williamssonoma... to hopefully inspire your Friendsgiving plans this season! 🍁

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