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Alicia Lund  Northern CA Girl (Sacramento | SF). Libra. Mama to Rex. Documenting style and life at CITNB. |

Heading back to wine country this AM (college roomie’s wedding is tonight! Sharing her day with Meghan)... why I always wear all-white when I mainly drink reds is 🤔

Kimonos!... making me feel like I sorta tried even when just working from home with dirty hair. This @elizabethandjames one is SO lux feeling (also have been wearing out with heels) and from their exclusive collab with @stitchfix. So much love!👌🏻 #stitchfix #elizabethandjames #kimonostyle

When I lived in SF I drove a white and black Mini Cooper (“Pepper”)... so this sweet scene made my day today and brought back some fun memories zipping down those hills. Fact: SF is my favorite city to drive in. (We had this city driving convo last night at dinner–which also brought back terrifying memories of my husband driving his big truck through our West Village neighborhood when we moved to New York... 🙈 I had my eyes closed the whole time) #paintedladies #alamosquare #mysf #sanfrancisco

Whenever I have an open bottle of wine around the house I feel the need to have a nightly glass until I finish it... 🤷🏻‍♀️ can’t waste this @robertmondavi Reserve! What’s your go-to bottle right now? #citnbhome #robertmondavi #happyhour #wino

Afternoons like this just make me the very happiest!! (Attempting) to balance work, life, and all of the things so I can be fully present when I'm with Rex is a daily struggle but one that is super important to me. Like turning my phone off and getting covered in head-to-toe paint or dirt. I'm excited to be partnering with @AmericanExpress to encourage you to create these daily moments in your life as well. Whether it’s making time for the people you love or prioritizing time for yourself, both are essential. Jump over to the blog for a glimpse at one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon with Rex. Also sharing three fun painting projects and activities for toddlers! #AmexLife #AmexAmbassador

Still on such a Mother’s Day high! Thanks to @jomalonelondon for spoiling my mom, girlfriends, and I last week, for those who came... and for the stunning floral boxes @marigold_sf!! 💕💫 #bloomlovely #jomalonelondon

XOXO to the one who made me a mama!... and so much love to all the moms today! 💞 #happymothersday #rexmoss

Yesterday's wind storm was ideal for showing off my ear bling. 💫 #liketkit #chloegirls #citnb #isabelmarant

Thanks to @PampersPure I got to spoil one of my mom crushes on her first Mother's Day and induct her into the #PureTribe with a basketful of self-care goodies! It was obvious who deserved some extra pampering in her life right now as I've been in complete awe watching my girlfriend @the_tessa adapt to her new life over the past couple months with twin boys. How she (or anyone with multiples!) does it I just don't know!! I feel like I'm still drowning most days with one. || I'd also love to GIVEAWAY the same package to one of you! Tag any mom friends who deserve it and tell me in the comments below! I'll announce the winner on Mother's Day! xx #PampersPurePartner #PureMamaLlama || Giveaway Closed. Winner: @tonya.baker!

Just can't beat waking up in your own bed after a couple of days away! | There's a new post on the blog... 10 things to ask your mom! Feeling especially sentimental about my own mother this Mother's Day. #10things #mothersday #citnbhome

What Mom actually wants for Mother’s Day on the blog... #mothersday #rexmoss #citnbhome #veronicabeard

Almost 90*? Yeah, popsicles were in order (but the homemade–just yogurt and fruit–healthy kind!) A super simple kid-friendly recipe on the blog today. Could use a little color on my legs? ☀️ #citnb #summervibes #marysiaswim #marysiabumby