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Alicia Lund  Northern CA Girl (Sacramento | SF). Libra. Mama to Rex. Stylist. Documenting style and life at CITNB. |

Last week in SF and currently on CITNB, this perfectly oversized throw over everything blazer on repeat... Also looking for a chic camel colored blazer this season, have you found a good one?

Packing up my bags and leaving this guy for a few days again this week for work. 😥 but also 🤗😴 It has felt so good to jump back into more projects lately now that Rex is older and easier to leave (really he could careless when I’m gone, he’s happy with anyone who will go on a bike ride with him),... but it’s always hard to leave him too. Just read that going back to work is easier than being a stay at home mom and I know I’ve had a number of these convos with my girlfriends. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️... it’s all hard but I don’t know any moms who would want it any other way. #motherhood #rexmoss

This time last week, after a long shoot day, sipping @veuveclicquot on the beach... #nottooshabby #bakerbeach

Because Indian summer days in SF truly are pure magic... ✨ #sanfrancisco

Just waiting for our baked oysters and champs... 🥂#sanfrancisco

Napa yesterday, heading to the beach today,... soaking up those Indian Summer rays! ☀️ also all about spontaneous days / weekends and “yes girlfriends” who are always up for anything! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Cloudy brain from my workout... mixed with typical mom brain means I can’t think of a clever caption besides walking into date night like where’s my cocktail? 🍸@revolve #revolveme

Heart so full looking back on sweet weekend memories... and thinking about Rex’s number one request these days: “family hug” 😭💞 Away from these two for the next couple of days... and already miss them.

Entering into fall with a fresh new scent combination from @JoMaloneLondon, their new Honeysuckle & Davana is just so good... and might be one of my all-time faves! I've been layering it with Oud & Bergamot body crème as the sweet floral notes complement the smokiness of the oud and patchouli perfectly. Do you swap scents for the season? What are you currently wearing? #HelloHoney #JoMaloneLondonAmbassador

Blurring into the weekend... #ootn (a few nights ago). Added links to this evening look to my shop page on the blog, you can find it in my stories at the moment! ✨

True story, I love a beauty goodie bag, and @SpaceNKusa has the very BEST ones. I've discovered so many of my absolute favorite beauty products over the years from their luxury discovery gift bags and this season's fall edit didn't disappoint. Sharing how to snag one and my fave products in my stories. #SpaceNKusa #DiscoverSpaceNK

I still say I’m going “home” when we head to our parent’s for the weekend... (Chico). Obviously family is home to me... wherever they are but where do you consider home? Where you currently live or where you grew up? #homesweethome #chico

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