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Alicia Lund  Northern CA Girl (Sacramento | SF). Libra. Mama to Rex. Documenting style and life at CITNB. |

But really... Fridayy. @bashparis

Happy summer solstice! There’s a midsummer story for you on CITNB ~ 5 ways to celebrate the longest day of the year and those sunshine-filled, carefree days ahead. Preferably with a picnic that lasts well into the evening, flirty dresses, a can’t-put-down summer read and a classic @Aperolusa Spritz in hand. #SummerSolSpritz #AperolSpritz #ad.21+

A dose of New York nostalgia on the blog this AM... #newyork #ullajohnson #citnbtravels #sohonyc

I’ve been leaving my cell behind (terrible blogger right?) and lugging my camera along—when I want to—instead which has really helped me stay in the present when I’m with my people (especially Rex). Then I can share (or not) more thoughtfully at another time. Wrote some more thoughts on this on the blog,... would love to hear more of how you try to stay more present when you’re with your peeps. Oh and some snaps from our Sunday too! #citnb #thegreat #americanriver #rexmoss

Dads! And Sundays... apples, and collecting rocks... it’s all great stuff! 🍏 @thisisthegreat_

To the guy who makes the world's biggest mess when on dad duty because "there's no time to clean-up when you're playing that hard,"... I still think you're the very best!! From our family dance parties (you always know what beats will instantly get Rex and I grooving) and weekend adventures, to knowing when to give me my space and girl time,... to helping distract Rex during diaper changes with silly faces or giving him your watch to play with... thanks for being our number one guy! My heart bursts when around dinnertime everyday Rex waits in the window looking for your truck. And then to see how excited he gets when you finally pull up! We are so very lucky to have you in our lives! Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's, and especially my own–I will forever be a daddy's girl. @pamperspure #StinkyBootyDuty #PampersPurePartner

I always love to see pictures of people’s dressers and desks... their found treasures and most loved and used things. Bought the vintage baskets because they remind me of ones my mom had growing up. | Thinking I’ll be better about snapping and sharing some of the random collected things I have around our house that make me happy... #citnbhome

A love letter to our number one guy on the blog today... and some sweet photos of this little family of mine that make me so happy! 💞

Camouflaged! Can you even see me? 🌿

Another day to escape to the river... 🌞😅

New summer essential: @tioytia The Paloma... inspired by the heart of the Southwest. Check this line out!! 💫

IG vs Reality. 💙 #myboys #rexmoss

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