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Alicia Menendez  Mom | Co-host @pbs Amanpour & Co | Contributing Editor @bustle | Creator & Host of Latina to Latina

Last night @voterunlead + @wework kicked off their new partnership & I spoke with @kirstengillibrand about 2020, #MeToo, and what Democrats need to do to support WOC candidates. Production side note: would it have been more or less strange if we’d each sat in front of our own headshot? I can’t decide. 🧐👩🏼👩🏻 #womensleadershipworks #wework #voterunlead #kirstengillibrand

Learning more from this child than I could ever hope to teach her #getitgirl 📸: @vb_24

These two forces of nature ⚡️🔥#yearofthelatina 📸: @anaisabelphotography

So grateful to share space with all of these incredible Latinas. 📸: @anaisabelphotography #yearofthelatina

My face listening to @jordanklepper explain women voters to me. Link in bio! 🙌🏽

My new podcast launched this week (!!!), and it would not have been possible without friends like @jackiecruz who showed up to record in the middle of the bomb cyclone. Jackie, I admire your hustle and I love that you care so very deeply about so many things. Thank you for including me on that long list. ✊🏽❤️⚡️(Link in bio!) #latinatolatina

I demanded that we take this photo and I do not regret it. Thank you @jonlovett & @thecrookedmedia for organizing this amazing reunion. #istayedupuntilmidnight #lovettorleaveit #podsaveamerica

This morning Evangelina & I took over @RomperDotCom’s InstaStory to share our morning. It was a doozy. Here is what I did #Before9am: nursed (yes, still); changed a diaper; made her breakfast (i.e. prepared a buffet); made myself coffee; did a load of laundry; tried to respond to emails; failed; ended up watching Moana; cried during all of the Grandma scenes; showered AND washed my hair while @CarlosOdio watched the baby but only after he asked me “why” I was showering 🤔; got dressed-ish; changed her diaper again (always after I’ve just showered - why?!); wrestled her into her school clothes; put her hair in something resembling a Danny DeVito inspired ponytail; discovered ants in her bedroom; went Cersei Lannister on that poor colony; aspirated her little nose; dropped her off at school; walked home; cleaned the kitchen. Then: work. Big shoutout to all the parents who are making it happen, including those who are doing this solo and the ones who don’t get to spend this time with their kids. Tag @bettinainclan, you’re it. Let see your chaos! 💆🏻‍♀️

All hopped up on @survivingcristina’s arroz con pollo, an Easter classic.

It turns out unlearning TV tracking voice is even harder than learning it. Thank you for pushing me @emilyaepstein 🧡

Hot new ride sharing app 🐒 #latergram

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