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alicia kennedy  🍸 food & booze writer 🎤 host of MEATLESS, a podcast about eating

fried eggplant & fresh tomato on a white homemade cashew cheese pie... with a healthy drizzle of chile oil, always 🍕 for dessert, coconut shortbread ice cream sandwiches with @vanleeuwenicecream caramelized banana nut 🍌 a big-ass cure for a middling-ass monday

this week’s pancakes have peaches sautéed in brown sugar & coconut whip 🥞

behold my farm-fresh fuckin’ zoodles in a basil-cashew cream sauce 🍅

our slow & steady tour of the city’s red sauce joints continued today after a trip to coney island 🍝

local woman promises herself a negroni (because she’s wearing pants she bought in italy) if she works on her book proposal all afternoon 👩🏼‍💻

fewer #vegan options here these days (no dumplings!) but the stir-fried cold-skin noodles are perfectionnnn—especially when ordered extra spicy 🌶

this is the first tuesday in 10 weeks without a new MEATLESS & i feel a bit bereft—but we are recording a season 2 interview tonight & i did make #vegan coconut shortbreads, baked on all the scraps of parchment i lovingly saved because i keep forgetting i am out! 🙃

moody mood with the bad apple: calvados, mezcal, benedictine, montenegro, rose vermouth 🍎

pancakes with @miyokos_kitchen butter 🥞

this is what filing a 5,000-plus word piece you’ve been working on for two months & conceptualizing for years looks like: EXHAUSTION! 🖊 gonna go buy myself a book & a cocktail as a reward 🍸

yen ta fo jae! sour red bean paste in vegetable broth! so much Queens this week! 🥢

had the privilege of judging @cachacayaguara cocktails made for #queenscup @thebonniebar with @benrojo & @nycocktailexpo 🍹 always nice to dip into the far more fun half of food & booze writing 😏

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