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Alicia Daw - Film photographer  New England based wedding photographer, Europe obsessed, ENTJ, Showtune-lover, Believer, Essential oil addict, making life a great adventure.

True story - we love photographing grandparents on wedding days. They are such a wealth of wisdom, and often times are also the life of the party. Double tap if you have a grandparent that was/is your BFF 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 Reese's and Lonnie's wedding is on the blog today! Link in profile. #aliciaannweddings

Got my Europe scans in from @photovisionprints today, which basically means that productivity for the rest of the day has gone down the drain cause I'm over here like 😍😍😍😍😍 @nadjakornbek, adding these to your gallery now!! #aliciaannanniversaries

Guys. Two things that are making me smile huge today. 1- I FINALLY FOUND MY BLACK AND WHITE FILM. Which sounds like it would be a simple task, but it's been about as easy as finding that one person you want to spend your life with. And, let me tell you, I'm now ready to marry #delta400 til death do us part. 😍 2- This couple and their story makes me so so so happy, and is such an amazing testimony of God's redeeming love. Can't wait to share more of their anniversary session on the blog next week! #aliciaannanniversaries

It was the most perfect of summer days as Alex and Brendan promised forever to each other. As she put her dress on, the warm sunlight peeked through the window, as if to promise her that the warmth would come. After a solid month of cold and rainy days, it was a toss up wether or not the weather would hold out for their wedding day. Sure enough, though, as she made her way to her groom, the sun beamed down upon them. We aren't sure which was more apparent - the glowy warmth of the sun, or Brendan's smile as his bride made her way toward him. Between a stellar lineup of vendors and the amazing friends and family that helped out with Alex and Brendan's wedding day, their wedding at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills went off without a hitch.

More of their beautiful wedding is on the blog! Link in profile. #aliciaannweddings

I first met Natalie years ago at her BROTHERS WEDDING, where she was a bridesmaid. I pulled her aside at one point and said “I just want you to know that you are STUNNING, and whenever you end up getting engaged, I call dibs on photographing you!”. You can imagine how excited I was to see her name pop up in my inbox. She introduced herself, but I knew exactly who she was before even opening her email. She told me all about Colby, and how she had finally found the amazing man she was waiting for. We went back and forth on ideas of where to shoot, but ultimately decided to do their engagement photos at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI. They are getting married there next year and it’s such a stunning venue, that we figured why not have engagement photos done there as well! When Natalie showed up in her Rent the Runway gown, and Colby with his velvet sports coat, I knew their session was bound to be a stunning one!
Meet Natalie + Colby. Link in profile. #aliciaannengagements

The first of my #copenhagen sessions is on the blog today and I'm so excited to share this one! I photographed it in my absolute favorite location IN THE WORLD to photograph, and its with such a sweet couple. Head over to the blog to check out the full post and to see more of Karis' gorgeous emerald dress! Link in profile. #aliciaannanniversaries

Let's hear it for the sisters! Double tap if you have a sister that you adore and who has seen you at both your best and worst and still chooses to love you AND like you! I love showing up on a wedding day and seeing sisters that are BFF's like Emily is with her sisters and @sugar7683. They were both a calming presence on her wedding AND helped gently nudge Emily toward making the decision she ultimately wanted (to get married outside, despite the rain), even when others were telling her otherwise. Sister has this amazing way of knowing what you're thinking and what you really want and need in life and I, for one, am thankful to have a few amazing sisters in my life! Also, in case you missed it earlier, Emily and Dan's GORGEOUS wedding at @thehickories is on the blog today! Link in profile. #aliciaannweddings

It wasn’t ideal, but they were going to make the most of it. It’s funny how something completely ordinary, like weather, can run the show on the most important day of your life.

It had poured all morning. The kind of pouring that sends even the most brazen of frogs hopping back to their homes to take cover. The sky was overcast, gray, hazy, and offered no suggestion that the sun would make an appearance. It was as if the sun had packed up its rays for a vacation and willingly let the rain take its place.

And yet, some could argue that the dreariness the weather brought was somehow fitting. It was a gentle reminder that they had recently lost a family member so near & dear. With dark clouds looming overhead, Emily’s sisters gave her a pendant to attach to her bouquet with an image of her recently passed grandfather. He was light and goodness, and missing him was gray.

After going back and forth many times, Emily and Dan finally decided to have their ceremony outside. It was still raining, but it seemed to let up for a brief minute into a light mist. She took a deep breath and began her journey towards her beloved husband-to-be. Just then, the sky opened up revealing an incredible ray of light that shone on her back and emphasized the radiance that was her. She smiled as a single tear escaped her eye. There he was, the light and the goodness. Her grandfather had never intended on missing her big day, and he made sure to make his presence known in the most warm and beautiful way. More of this gorgeous wedding is on the blog today!! Link in profile. #aliciaannweddings
Planner: @ryanscottevents
Dress Shop: @everthinebridal
Gown designers: @misshayleypaige
Florist: @foreverinbloomflowers
Custom Beer: @cypressbrewingco
Venue: @thehickories
Caterer: Planet BBQ
Video: @wtrfilms
Band: Clark Eno Orchestra
Rentals: @powerstationevents

In the summer 0f 2012 Riham and James met through a mutual friend and became friends almost instantaneously. They spent their evenings going to concerts and trivia nights, all with their stellar group of friends. When Jamie started working in Manhattan in the winter of 2012, that added another level to their friendship as they became the Connecticut friends who now commuted to the city for work. Inevitably, that meant a lot of really early mornings and really late nights together. And, if you’re asking us, that’s a great way to start a relationship because they got I got to know each other for who they really were. During that time Riham grew to respect his character, work ethic, and drive while James grew to love her determined personality, while also taking note of her humor and how much she brightens up every room she walks in.
For about two years, these two remained friends. It wasn’t until Riham moved to the city and James began occasionally spending the night at her apartment that they realized there may be something more to their relationship. So it happened, one trivia night that she made the decision to talk to Jamie about pursuing a relationship with him. As that trivia night came along she saw him talking to a red-head at the bar and a fire ignited inside of her and we waltzed over to him and said “I need to talk to you right now.” She pulled Jamie to the back of the bar and sat him down. They were silent for a minute until she blatantly stated: “I think we should date.” She may have caught him off guard, but he answered with, “I think so too.” And while it may have all started with Trivia…there is nothing trivial about how perfect Riham and James are for each other. On the blog today! Link in profile! #aliciaannengagements

More than a few tears were shed as her family gathered around Danielle and Mike on their wedding day and her grandmother placed an heirloom necklace around her neck. Their entire day was a nod to their heritages, but also celebrating the union of two incredible people who were starting a legacy of their own. Danielle and Mike are on the blog today, and it's not a wedding you want to miss. Link in profile! #aliciaannweddings

This is the Copenhagen that I love and will forever be engrained on my minds eye. It's old stone buildings, white painted brick, clean lines and cobblestone streets. It's grandmas still biking their way around and young moms pushing their prams. It's the smell of lilacs overtaking the city in May and of roasting nuts in November. I may have only lived here for 5 years, but it will forever be my home away from home. #aliciaanntravels

Another view of #nyhavn, from the bridge above. #aliciaanntravels

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