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Alicia Daw - Film photographer  CT based wedding photographer 📸 • Europe obsessed • ENTJ • Believer • 🌿Essential oil addict👉🏼@aliciaann_home 👈🏼 Upcoming ✈️: Greece, Pittsburgh, Paris

Last call for tonight’s toxin-free beauty class online!
I will be going LIVE to talk about my FAVORITE new makeup and beauty products and why I decided to switch over to toxin free stuff (spoiler alert: most of the products I used to use were super toxic to my reproductive system and thyroid function 😬)! What I use now has ZERO cancer causing junk, and nothing that will make your skin go crazy.
I’ll be doing my makeup live and will let YOU decide if the coverage is good enough or not! In addition, I’ll be giving away a gorgeous black clutch and free lip gloss! Link in profile to join the free class at 9pm EST tonight!

Photographer friends: is posing one of your biggest struggles? Do you get nervous walking into shoots and feeling like you are going to clam up and not know what to do? Are you so excited about wedding season starting but this one part always makes you tense? My posing guide is for you, then! It’s a guide with 100+ unique poses and EXACT and SPECIFIC commands to give to pose your clients naturally and to allow you to get incredible candid and romantic shots of them. You literally can memorize it word for word, if you want...and if you have a good memory 😉 Use the code WEDDINGSEASON to get 25% off! Today only 😘 Link in profile to purchase!

A favorite shot from Wes and Moira’s wedding that I blogged earlier today (link in profile). I loved this moment after they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. The church does opened wide and the sun just poured in on them. It was such a beautiful moment! #aliciaannweddings

The look on his face as he was waiting outside Lord Thompson Manor for her to come out was priceless. He was nervous, that you could tell. But more than nerves, Wes was so obviously excited. It was apparent that he couldn’t wait to see the most beautiful woman he knew on the day of their wedding. Moira made her way out the grand front door of Lord Thompson Manor toward her soon-to-be husband and she had the biggest smile on her face. They both did. As they embraced, you could see any nerves just melt away….right alongside the tears of their bridal party and parents. Everyone was just elated, including the amazing staff that were all peering outside the door to watch Wes and Moira during their first look. it was a such a sweet, special moment as the sun bore down on them, reminding them that the warmth of Spring decided to make an appearance for them after a long, cold winter. Wes and Moira’s wedding at Lord Thompson Manor was everything they could’ve hoped and dreamed for. The food, the atmosphere, the decor, but mostly the people who they hold near and dear – all of it came to one big crescendo for their big day, and it was nothing short of perfect. On the blog today! Link in profile. #aliciaannweddings
Venue – @lordthompsonmanor
Makeup Artist – KISS Spa at the Cottage House
Dress Boutique – @vowsbridalandformals
Florist – Jackie from LTM
DJ- @localmotionent
Videographer – @jordan_timbro
Cake Designer – @dimarepastry
Transportation – @brookstransportation

Back from Greece. Ready for wedding season to really kick off...but I still have to wait 3 more weeks 😩😩😩 We’ve had two amazing weddings already this year but the true season starts May 18, where we have back to back weddings pretty much every weekend until December 29 😱 We are excited. We are expectant. We are honored. Wedding vendor friends: what part of wedding season do you love the most? What part do you dislike most? My answer is in the comments 😉

We are back from Greece and spent the day unpacking and catching up on life before jumping back into work tomorrow. Greece was amazing. It was exactly what I needed before this exciting wedding season. I decided ahead of time to leave my phone at home so that I wouldn’t be distracted by social media and, I have to tell you, it was AMAZING. I fully intend on doing that more often when I go on vacation because it allowed my brain to breathe in a way that I didn’t fully realize was possible...or needed. This image is one of two that I took on Adam’s phone. All other images from Greece were taken on film so I sent them off to the lab today. Don’t worry - as soon as the scans come back I will be bombarding you with STUNNING images from the two shoots I did + all the personal work. To say that everything was beautiful would be an understatement and I’m giddy over the idea of it all being captured on film!

Literally exactly how I feel about the fact that the weather hit SEVENTY ONE DEGREES today!!! PRAISEEEEE. What’s the temp like where you are at? Are you still in snowsuits? Are you already in swimsuits?

If you have been following me for any length of time on Instagram then you already know how much I LOVE Europe with it’s old architecture, cobblestone streets, and overall charm that wins my heart and soul every time. T-Minus two days until we fly out to Greece, a place that has LONG been on my bucket list. I have sessions scheduled in front of the ancient ruins of Athens and the whitewashed caves of Santorini. My excitement level on a scale of 1-10 is about 18 million right now! Want to know what I’m most excited about? I’m leaving my phone home. 😱 You read that right. It’s not even coming with me. I desperately need this time to mentally unwind and prepare for the upcoming wedding season, while also connected with Adam and having fun with Alex. I don’t even want the temptation so I decided to go crazy and just leave my phone at home. I’ll be going live ONE TIME, from Adams phone over on my @aliciaann_home account to talk about the essential oils I travel with. If you want to see Santorini via a virtual tour, head on over and follow that account :) I’ll only be on ONE TIME next week.

One of my absolute favorite moments from a wedding day is when the bride and groom are pronounced as husband and wife, and make their walk down the aisle as one. They always have the biggest smiles, and are clearly filled with so much joy!! It’s like all the tension, nerves, and crazy waves of emotion from the morning melt away and they realize that FINALLY what has long been true in their hearts is now a reality in the eyes of God and man. It’s such an exciting part of the wedding day.

Since it’s been a while and it’s FRIYAYYY I decided to a little bit of #aliciaannintroductions. So here we go. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What means the most:
👉🏼 Slow days, slow dances, slow living.
My superpower:
👉🏼 Sleeping through just about anything. And I’m really good at driving in the snow. 🙌🏼
I’m addicted to:
👉🏼 Junior mints
Bad habits:
👉🏼 I take jokes too far. Always and forever. And I think things are hilarious that apparently weren’t a joke. I’ve spent YEARSOFMYLIFE trying to develop a filter but, alas, I always realize I should’ve used it when it’s too late. 🤦🏽‍♀️
My secret talent:
👉🏼 The rate at which I can chew my nails down to nothing after spending weeks growing them out. UGHHH. My forever issue in life. 💅🏼
You might not guess:
👉🏼 That while Adam is the 10 year military vet, OCD, neat freak, follows-me-around-with-a-broom, incredibly precise and disciplined and always on top of his game one of the two of us...*I* am the one waiting in the car for him to finish getting ready/leave on time. Every. Single. Time. No lies. ⏱
👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Your turn! Pick one of the above things and let me know more about YOU.

Twinkle lights overhead always makes everything better. I absolutely love how Mercedes and Steve had these lights strung over the dance floor at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills - it made their summer wedding feel so intimate and romantic! In fact, after seeing this I went back and told Adam that if and when we redo our backyard (which is now happening THIS YEAR 🙌🏼), market lights above are a non negotiable. We got some as a wedding gift (thank you @afweddings!) and still haven’t used them so I can’t wait to break them out! Do you think we should do them over the eating area, or over the seating/fire pit area? And if we did them over the eating, should we also build a wood pergola, or are the lights enough? 🤔

Double tap if you love your spouse...Through thick and thin, good times and bad, for better or for worse, even when they drive you batty! Double tap because at the end of the day there's no other person you would rather be with, and nobody who turns you on quite as much as they do. Double tap if they are your best friend, your safe place, your confidant, and your rock. Double tap if you've got your own secret code and inside jokes that are probably sooooo stupid, but you guys just get each other so oh laugh over them every time. Double tap if there's nobody else you would rather do life with than the one you promised forever to!
And nowwww...drop me a comment and let me know what the FUNNIEST thing is about your spouse! Something he/she says or does that makes you laugh every.single.time. 😂 Anddd GO!

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