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Alicia Baniak  "After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal."-HOC FCW. Empath. Future Mrs. @peekaso💍04.28.18 Social Work Grad Student📚

#HappyMonday ✋🏽☀️ It’s 70* outside today... in MICHIGAN! It’s like Mother Nature knows vacay is almost here and she’s trying to get me ready for California dreamin’ 🤙🏽🌊🌴Not complaining one bit!😁🙃 #almostvacationtime #almostmarried #puremichigan #thankful #readytorelax

Breaky in bed 🥞🥓🖤 This thoughtful guy woke me up like this 😍 @peekaso #breakfastinbed #goodmorning #fiancee #thankful

Apparently #husbandappreciationday is a thing? SO #husbandappreciationpost bcuz in 7 days from this exact moment @peekaso will be my husband🖤 #futuremrspeek #7days #happywifehappylife

A single glass of wine has me feeling all the emotions😭😭😭😭 This is my most favorite picture of Aaron. He looks SO. DAMN. HANDSOME. & I get to marry him! 😍😍
11 days until we are in San Diego with my family🌴☀️🌊
14 days until this man gets promoted from fiancee to husband💍❤️

PSA: National Park Lives Matter🌲🐻 #psa #onlyyoucanpreventforestfires #smokeythebear #rei

“I don’t have time to workout” vs. “Working out is not a priority to me”
“I don’t have time to study” vs. “Studying is not a priority to me”
“I don’t have time to clean my home today” vs. “A clean home is not a priority to me”
“I don’t have time to chase that lead” vs. “chasing that lead is not a priority to me”
“I don’t have to watch that movie with my kid or do something thoughtful for my spouse” vs. “Spending quality time with my family is not a priority to me”
There are 24 whole hours in a day🤯 How much of that is spent scrolling social media, playing video games, or other time killing activities? However much time you think you spend... add an hour. Because come on now... we are never TOTALLY honest with ourselves on how much we truly waste our own damn time. Where can YOU make time for your priorities?🤔

Marriage is an ongoing, vivid illustration of what it costs to love an imperfect person unconditionally the same way Christ has loved us💛✝️ #readyforus #mancrusheveryday #blessed 📸: @thederek23

What a fun afternoon celebrating the future Mrs. Woodle! Only 48 more days!💍💐 #OnceUponAWoodle #MsToMrs #BridalShower #Friendship #Thankful #Engaged #HappyTears

• man crush everyday •

Easter breakfast (recovery) date🍳🥓🌻

I bleed green and white but if @peekaso wins this bracket the money goes in our wedding* fund so #goblue #spartanforlife #msu

I am obsessed with all these pictures, I can’t stop staring 😍😭💍 #climbthepeek

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