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Alicia Amira - The Bimbo Queen  πŸ’• @beabimbo ONLINE STORE IS HERE πŸ’• Founder #BEABIMBO movement πŸ’— Owner of @beabimbo *the original bimbo brand* πŸŽ€ Reclaiming the word bimbo πŸ’— Girlpower

This is a test for a couple of things: 1. Will instagram delete this? 2. Will people actually see my post? Im so sick and tired of ig lately. I have 288k followers, all of which I've worked soooo hard for since 2016. But what is happening these days? I post a picture and I barely get 1000 likes. It's bad enough to be shaddowbanned as a sexworker but this shit is worse than ever! Im so fed up with it! Stop being so scared of women who is taking ownership of their sexuality! And it's not just Instagram, it's everyone! Even my fashion brand @beabimbo website is blocked from public wi fi... and we sell clothes! Wtf. Ig doesn't approve of some of my crop tops so some of them I aren't allowed to sell on ig, because they are "too sexy" and google products have removed my beabimbo logo for being to sexually suggestive! And this is just a few things I'm fighting. Paypal also closed my beabimbo fashion store business account even though we have done EVERYTHING by the book and Facebook won't approve our ads for our clothing. And I could go on and on. BUT!!!!! I'll never stop fighting for my rights, and all of our rights!!! You might not even see this post, but I had to share some of the injustice sexually liberated women face everyday! We are not being treated as equals, because... because what exactly? Because we represent freedom of choice and that scares our society build on conformity! I call bullshit! RIP internet freedom !

Most girls grow up playing with Barbie or Bratz and they create this beautiful dream world as a figment of their imagination. But as they grow older society teach these creative girls that they have to be this or that or do this or do that in order to be respected and accepted. But we at Beabimbo say: to hell with those admonitions! We encourage all women everywhere to live their best dreams and never let anyone affect what they dare dream about. We have designed these two crop tops for women, diva, queens and bimbos everywhere who aren't afraid to design their own life, their own beauty and their own dreams; literally and figuratively. πŸ’΅πŸ’΅ Grab 15% off by using code: PLASTICPOSITIVE on our new @beabimbo designs (code expires midnight so hurry up dolls) πŸ’•πŸ’— #beabimbo top & choker by @beabimbo , skirt by @plasticmoneyshop

It's here bitches!! Just launched new products on @beabimbo - tag everyone you think should see this πŸ’• this is the 'The Fake' crop top and she's that bitch! There's a saying 'fake it till you make it' and that's what this diva does. She's a hustler, a plastic princezz and a bad bitch. This crop top is for all of u who live lives where no rules apply - u are ur own queens, ur own boss bitch! Be fake, be you - & apply more lipgloss before leaning the house. U got this! This super soft crop top has a bodycon fit & a cropped length with 'Fake' printed on the front. Live ur best Plastic dreamz bitchez. Available on for only 35$ + shipping. Sizes: S, M, L & XL #beabimbo #y2kaesthetic #springsummer19 #y2k #plastic #y2kfashion #y2kcouture #fake #pinkfashion #pink #croptop #shop #outfit #pinkoutfit

Calling all bimbos in LA (or anyone who can travel to LA) : @beabimbo & I are planning a big Bimbo shoot in Los Angeles end of march + filming for a Barcroft feature on our amazing Bimbo family πŸ’•πŸ’— do you want to be a part of this? Send me a dm and let me know how you feel about the word 'Bimbo' and how it empowers you πŸ’•πŸ’— can't wait to hear from you! Xx #beabimbo

Goodnight bitches πŸ’• it's sooo early but I'm already off to bed cause tmw early morning I'm going to Sweden to see this amazing lady @_syster_yster_fillers in Gothenburg and she's gonna work her magic on my entire face πŸ’—πŸ’• I can't wait!! Don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams or convince you that your dreams is stupid - cause they are not! You can do whatever the f you want πŸ’— I love you, Bimbos πŸ’•

Just bc u report me doesn't me u can delete me honey, u just confirm me in everything that I'm doing is working: I'm pushing ur boundaries and challenging ur beliefs, so before u hate on me ask yourself: what have you achieved today? πŸ’• #endingstigma #beabimbo

Will you be my valentine? I love you all so much πŸ’—πŸ’• i see all of you, those who have been here since the start and the many many boob pictures, those who are here because of girlpower, those who are here because of fashion and cute pink stuff, those who are here for wank material (although Instagram made that kind hard recently so head to my twitter for filth), those who are here for empowerment and confidence: I'm here for all of you too πŸ’•πŸ’— I love you β€οΈπŸ’— #beabimbo

We need your help: my fav doll @panther_4 got deleted!! This is all due to Instagrams witch hunt on sexworkers and their crazy community guidelines that basically can interpret the most SFW photo to be explicit, because they want to get rid of sexworkers and models on their platform. It's so insane and so scare. We have come such a long way accepting sexworkers, and then stuff like this happens and you realise we haven't come far at all... that nothing has really changed. It's saddens me but it's my motivation to keep pushing forward! Please go to Panthers backup account @panther_4_not_ho_account and watch her latest three post and her story to see how YOU can be a part of something amazing, how YOU can help her get her account back! She's never violated any guidelines more than any of you have!!! All she did was looking out of this world sexy and be a professional stripper! Please please please help and let's stay together in our community, but we need people outside the sexindustry to help us too - cause apparently, in instagrams opinion, sexworkers isn't worthy of anything but be deleted without valid reason, so people who aren't in the sexindustry: HELP PANTHER GET HER ACCOUNT BACK πŸ’• this is not just a social media platform, as soon as Instagram started to grow years ago it became the source of income for so many influencers, models, artists etc around the world! You cannot change the way the world work by creating social media apps that has such a huge influence and then refuse normal people to be a part of it! The world is twisted and I'm scared to be deleted one day my self too! Are you also scared of being deleted? Comment in the comment section and let's start a debate, but don't forget to go help @panther_4_not_ho_account get her account back! πŸ’—πŸ’—love u !

Be the best version of yourself ... always πŸ’—#beabimbo

Being a Bimbo shouldn't be viewed as being "different". It should be normal to own your own femininity and sexuality... shouldn't it? Or is it only okay when it isn't noticeable, obvious to others or doesn't create too much attention? Is it only okay when a girl is sexual but doesn't stand too much out and create too much of a fuss? I'm reclaiming the word Bimbo, and I'm asking you to spread the word, use it as something positive, tell your friends, your work associates and family... that they are being hopelessly enslaved by society when they continue to assume that girls who are hyper feminine & sexual and looks it are "just stupid Bimbos"... in a negative way. They are strong powerful women, and they are a huge part of the hope for women's future. Refuse to be sexualised if you cannot take ownership of your sexuality without being judged or excluded by society... girls and guys, think for F sake! #beabimbo πŸ’• top by @plasticmoneyshop , robe by @dollskill #dollskill , waist chain used as necklace by @beabimbo

Embrace ur femininity and make the world sexy again πŸ’•πŸ’— ur femininity is NOT a sign of weakness! It's strength and courage - let's celebrate it, embrace it and show it! πŸ’• with fav space queen @freyjaphoria wearing fav @plasticmoneyshop

Boobs are plastic, hair is plastic, nails are plastic and outfit is by @plasticmoneyshop - I freaking LOVE plastic πŸ’•πŸ’—

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