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Alice's Table  As seen on @sharktankabc ✨ Grab your girls for a fun night out of flower arranging and cocktails, or join our team of #girlbosses! 🌸🍾

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you" - Dr Seuss ✨If there's one thing we've learned, its the importance of being yourself. Our best advice? Express yourself, follow your passions, and let your creativity bloom 💕 pc: @lovelyindeed

In a world where we’re all trying to do more with less, tips to boost our productivity help us make the most of our workday. ✨That's why we tapped some of our favorite #girlbosses for their easy-to-implement tweaks tailored for the working woman. Take a look at their ideas in our bio and then share yours 👇

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul." We couldn't agree more 💗✨

Girls with skill become women with power ✨There are so many tips and tricks out there that can help you build your flower arranging skills! Our favorite? Foliage should stay on the trees and out of the water! Leaves rot quickly underwater and welcome bacteria to your vase, and nobody wants sad and wilting flowers! 💐What's your favorite flower trick? 👇

Dreaming of these office decals 😍🌸One of our favorite ways to stay motivated is to find our daily inspiration. Whether it's a beautiful office, a powerful quote, or one of the many #girlbosses in our community we're always looking for a goal to strive towards! What's your inspiration today? ✨

You know those butterflies you feel when you find "the one?" 😍Well, that's how the Best Weddings of 2018 make us feel! From sweet and subdued florals to big and bold colors, head to our bio to meet the couples and florals behind our picks of 2018! 👰🤵

Tag a #girlboss who needs to hear it. ✨👇 #MondayMotivation

”Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year” 🌸

“These classes are more than a one-off fun time — I’ve learned actual tips to use at home. There’s a science to it AND if you know what to do, your flowers will last longer! Have you been to one yet?” We are so lucky to have a community that is overflowing with love! Thank you @asequinedlife for sharing your experience! ✨

Confidence has no competition. 💪This is your weekly reminder that you're stronger than you think and more capable than you'll ever believe. pc: @pinterest

Happy #flowerfriday! We’re currently living in post-Valentine’s Day bloom bliss 😍 pc: @diana_alicestable

Move over coffee, today is a job for (pink!) champagne! 🍾ps: @workparty

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