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Alice Reichel  Tattooing and Illustration // Malmö, SWEDEN For booking: // 070 147 17 53

Here's a little sumthinsumthin I painted a couple of weeks ago. Most of my tattoos and drawings are really tiny, and it's really hard to show how small they really are. Y'all don't get to see a lot of color from me so here ya go. I'm off to Berlin now and I'll be back soon maybe.

These two lovely ladies came in early this Saturday to get some friendship ink ❤️ thank you for waking me up!!

My baby @olivertattooing is one of the best. He was nice enough to do yet another beautiful piece on me, and I love iiiiiiiit!!!! This is my fourth frog and I won't stop. 🐸 check the tags for the other tatts I've got visible in the photo.

I really want a dog. I also really want to move away from the city. I also want to live in a house where it's just a little bit haunted. - THANK YOU Philip for the trust in letting me do your first tattoo!

Linnea won my heart this weekend. I wrote to her 4:00 AM asking if we could move up the time by 30 min. She answered 6:00 AM - AND STILL SHOWED UP. These are the true champs, the loyal to the ink. The fighters, and those who will come crawling to the studio no matter the hangover or bank balance. That is why I've agreed to do this one in color as soon as it's healed. Hope you feel better Linnea. ❤️

You guys really liked that bike. So take a look at this tiny healed chicken. Stay in this Saturday and enjoy the rainy weather if you're in Malmö. Have some pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner and watch a movie or somethin. Imma do that after work. Which reminds me: if I ever book you in on a weekend, tell me to not do that. Mvh trött.

Look at this small healed bike.

Plan B and NGBG are a crucial cultural hotspots in Malmö that push solidarity, creativity, and diversity. Recent political waves are pushing that freedom, and if we don't start discussions and raise awareness that we aren't going anywhere, we might lose it. No more music, art, or cheap and SAFE shows. I'm glad to hear people talking and getting involved. Like these two solid-as-rock chicks Tilda and Denise!! Now THIS is what support looks like! Thank you Tilda and Denise! @planbmalmo

1.5 cm wide!! Thank you so much Lina for getting this quick one! Love small texts ❤️

Thank you Ebba! Love me some leaves! 🌿

LOOK AT THIS HEALED FLOWER! It's so small. So well-healed!! This is also a good example of what I mean when dotwork "settles". After years and years - depending on your skin type - dotwork heals like a normal shading. Which can always be retouched if you prefer the dots. But jeez do I love to see them settle this beautifully ❤️

So happy with this! Fluffy n textured moss branch for Debora! Thank you Debora!

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