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Alice  Just animals really

Excuse me ma'am have you heard of our Lord and saviour, Carrot? 🥕

Procreate is pretty fun

Gate keepers of the lettuces

Very proud of Pinny today! In her previous home Pin was housed with horses, and with her being a Hinney (donkey mother, horse father) she was bullied consistantly, and she couldnt "speak horse" as she eeyores like her mother did, so she was very lonely. so far she's been scared of everything. Couldn't get anywhere near her with a head collar, a brush, even being touched she was fearful. Since living with Burrito she's certainly come out of her shell and has grown more confidence since having a friend that loves her so much. And today was the first time she stood there and let me stroke her for longer than 5 seconds and eventually let me brush her! In fact she quickly realised it was the best feeling ever and let me groom her for about half an hour and even followed me around for me to do it again. It's so lovely to see an animal feeling happy and safe. I really love this donkey and I wish I could just squeeze her and kiss her on the head but she probably wouldn't like that. GO PINNY! 🐴

Burrito has a drinking problem but we're managing it.

Bear the ladder climbing barn cat 🐻

Gunny the naughty chicken. She knows she's not allowed indoors but that doesn't stop her stealing the dogs dinner when she gets the chance.

Gave the ducks some left over ratatouille and now they're stained with tomatoe sauce 😂

Me right now

Filo finally found her courage to explore the garden 🌱

The biggest house spider I've ever seen!!! Must be 4 inch leg span. Eurrghhhhhhhh


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