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#metoo (check the video on my FB page)
last night I found it impossible to fall asleep, remembering and coming to terms with all the sexual harassment / non consent / abuse I (we) have experienced. some things that I am so ashamed and confused about that I don't know how to open up about them.
as a female musician, I've almost become numb to the constant and incessant sexual aggression, manipulation, unwarranted touches, too much information. I used to get shocked at the dick pics I received on my fan mail, angered that they were satisfied in knowing they had forced that image on me. but being a female in the public eye, one must expect this kind of harassment, right ? wrong. It cannot be quantified and excused as a just a part of the territory. just do better. that's what every victim of this epidemic is asking mankind. do better.
the last few years I've had a serious problem with a stalker, who's continuous harassment, death threat and manipulation have suffocated me and to an extent stopped me from doing what I love the most : playing music on the street. After dealing with cops who have said 'well, did he touch you?' and realising how flawed the system is in terms of protecting people like me from people like him, I am now, with the help of lawyers and a pretty badass female cop, finally close to getting him out of my life.
what's hard is that I used to be so open and kind to every person who spoke to me after shows and now I'm having to be told to expect that kindness leads to people taking advantage of you, right ? well fuck that. I'm not gonna change who I am because of men that think your kindness is an invitation to fuck with you. I'm gonna try keep my heart wide open (while simultaneously smashing the patriarchy). a girl can dream right ?
my heart goes out to every victim of this, especially those who are too afraid or traumatised to speak out, those who are being triggered by all of the statuses about sexual abuse. the hardest thing about the #metoo campaign is realising that victims have become responsible for educating people and that it takes thousands of us speaking some hard truths for people to acknowledge how widespread the violence is.

Question: been checking out Patreon and was wondering if anyone has tips / experience with it / how people feel about it as a platform to have fans helping to fund albums / projects ? πŸ“·@jascha_hase

back in Berlin and gonna be working hard on making my new album before the end of the year. Vvvery excited and ready for this new chapter ! πŸ“·@carolinemackintosh

back in berlin after a beautiful moment in cape town. I'll be joining my friends Bakery at Lido tonight for a few songs, gonna be a lovely evening ! πŸ“· @lightnin_bertman

upcoming shows :
16 Nov - Stuttgart - New Fall
17 Nov - DΓΌsseldorf - New Fall
18 Nov - Zurich - Alors Festival
23 Nov - London - Oslo
02 Dec - Berlin - Funkhaus

I'll also be a guest performer at the @bakealldaily show in Berlin on Thursday at Lido ! πŸ“· : Aron Klein

it's time for a tiny bit of spring, maybe even a slightly skew headstand on the beach ! flying to cape town today and pretty darn happy about it. catch me and the band on the main stage at daisies on saturday at 14.20 😎
πŸ“· @chloesassi

missing my best friend a lot today, we've known each other five years now and it feels like life times of learning & loving & growing & trying & flying &&&&
πŸš€πŸ¦„πŸ‘½πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ―πŸŒπŸ β›Ίβ˜„πŸŒˆπŸ”₯🎈
πŸ“· @spencerblamo

amsterdam tonight, then heading home to cape town to play Rocking the Daisies πŸš€πŸŒˆπŸ’œ
this is me in the morning at oregon eclipse festival, with tired eyes and dusty sunburn, waiting for the eclipse with some top notch humans. πŸ“·@spencerblamo

gonna be howling on the rooftop in Rome tonight ! Lanificio159 at 9pm 🍦

had a good time hanging with jesus and the band in hamburg ! πŸ“· @_paullock_

1st class baby. leg room & vibes.
got some sunday blues, might go shake it off up in the cluuub.

baaaabes. fortunate to have some power women in my life. thanks for teaching me to love and be loved and love myself πŸ¦„

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