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Alice Phoebe Lou

studio days with the tastiest gear. dreams! this album is making me excited 🀘😎

I'll be in London on the 18th of June, performing at a wonderful event for there will be great music and it's very a wonderful cause.
Ticket link in my bio !
πŸ“·Lars Andresen

happy in my office for the day !
currently recording a solo EP, which I will be releasing next month. it's gonna be a very important & direct way that you can help me fund my independent LP which I'll be working on this year.
I'll keep you in the loop ! 😘

about last night :
playing the streets is a vulnerable act that takes courage & trust. inevitably there are people that abuse this. there is someone who has been refusing my requests to leave me the fuck alone for far too long.
it's a long story, spanning over 4 years, increasing in intensity until his incessant harassment & demand to be at my shows, getting kicked out, causing a scene, eventually turned into an unthinkable death threat against my friend & I.
honestly, it's been tough & haunting & unfair.
he hadn't popped into my life for a while. but last night, as the sun was setting, with an incredible crowd around me, as I shared my intimate thoughts & songs, making myself vulnerable to strangers, there he was.
my heart sank to the pavement. I barely got through the song. I began to explain to the audience that I physically was unable to perform with this man present. he went and sat on the stairs of the ubahn, refusing to leave.
I felt so held & supported by the wonderful attentive faces in front of me, it was really quite something. so I said fuck it. and with tears still hot on my cheeks, feeling shaken, I played my last song.
and that is what I will continue to do. no one will silence me / scare me / harass me / chill me / hurt me / intimidate me with their toxic & selfish & unwanted presence. (and I am in the process of getting a restraining order)
and I just want to thank everyone who was there for giving me your love & support last night, damn I needed it. sometimes, we need to look out for each other, even though we may be strangers. β˜‰

gonna play at warschauer this eve !
***update : starting at around 7 pm or so :) πŸ“· @romymaxime

after 5 days of hard work in the studio I am ready for the weekend holy moly !

day 4 in the studio doing the pre production of my next album. working hard & sounding tastyy ! & a harp

time traveling with mama 🌌

autumn in nyc where I spent a lot of time alone, working on new songs.
hitting the studio on monday to start pre production on the new album.
exciting stuff ! πŸ“· @carolinemackintosh

Playing in mauerpark close to the jumping castles

working on my new album, but it's gonna be $$$ so I'm gonna release a little solo EP to get some funds together to make the album happen. keep your eyes out ! any song you'd love to hear on the solo EP ? πŸ“· @analogelebensfahrt

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