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—— alice here ♡  I try to tumble but I stumble

I went to Jump Giants but this is my only good clip as we weren’t allowed to film🙄

Sorry bout the flashing lights in the first clip😬 Anyway got my roundoff flick tuck yesterday at gym, I did a few unsupported but there are no vids💝

Enjoy my attempt of a death drop k🤙🏼 No good covers🙄

Hey guys I’m kinda back💝 I’m gonna try and film and upload now it’s getting warmer in the uk🌈

Love this audio💘 Approved by some peeps that I can’t remember👍🏼

Here’s a lil clip to keep y’all active💘

I NEVER stretch my bad leg and back so I thought make vid out of it🌟
Approved by @autumntumbles 💘

Here’s another old vid cus I haven’t had time recently to film oops💘

Old vid to get me new acc started😂 btw I changed my old acc to @alicegymnastt.spam

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