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Kelli  Saying YES to a more extraordinary world, no matter how frightening it is.🦋Nothing good gets away. ❤️ ⠀ Pure Michigoose ✋🏻Chicago📍

sweetness and light!

Sometimes I'm FAR FAR AWAY from being my best self. Goodness gracious. Am soooooooo not a fan of falling RILL short of what I expect of myself. SPLAT.
One of the most inspirational, badass people I know sent me this song:
"I messed up tonight.
I lost another fight.
I still mess up, but I'll just start again!
I keep falling down.
I keep on hitting the ground.
I always get up now to see what's next.
I won't give up! No - I won't give in.
Till I reach the end -
And then I'll start again."
RIGHT? Yes. Phoenix-ing.

and the air feels *deliciously* FALLish

I've never actually seen this lovely pattern on the water before, and I walk this walk a lot! I quite like it!

making me so wow now

Minion shoeblog! 🍦

Today I hit a parked car and twice drove the wrong way down the same one-way.
Cheers to the Irish ☘️, the weekend✨, and paying maybe a lil more attention to detail? 🤷🏼‍♀️#BangBiscuit

Me: "Hey! How was your day? Tell me EVERYTHING!"
Minion: "Majestic. The end."

HELLOS 🥂 o'clock! 💖

I need to tell ya, Chicago, how ya light up every second of the day! 😍🥂


Please kindly enjoy these serene sailboats while I tell you a story.
Once upon a time today at lunch I dropped my bright purple bulletproof coffee smoothie onto my (formerly) red suede shoes WHILST revolving door-ing. It was majestic how that door flung purple goop all over me like it was made for that very moment.
For me it felt like I imagine it feels to get slimed at those Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards--which, in other news, IS a life dream of mine.
Initially, 'twas NOT IDEAL.
But then the waiters from the fancy steakhouse next door came running over and began handing me stacks of their pristine white linen napkins, and suddenly it was at least a little hilarious to sponge up shoes full of puréed purple superfoods with the loveliest of napkins accompanied by cheery banter. PLUS the restaurant hostess appropriately mourned my shoes with me--which I needed to share the shoe feels in that moment. I really did.
AND FOR SURE my shoe closet at work now seems completely warranted. #LivingHappilyEverAfter

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