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I used to worry I’d grieve their baby days once they were gone. No one told me how my heart would continue to grow every year. How much fun they’d be. How proud i’d be of their fierce independence and divine intolerance for outdated rules that don’t really make sense except they’ve just “always been”. But here we are. And my Quinny and Mackie girls just keep expanding everything I thought I always knew.

You are writing it now .... (and that’s why it feels uncomfortable, weird, sometimes scary and so so exciting). Please keep writing.
@emilyanuvibrance thanks for sharing this quote in my feed today 💗

Happy 36th Birthday to this guy. Who looks forward and holds steady while we constantly create a whirlwind around him. 11 years of loving you and you’re still my fave. 4.5 years of being a Dad and you’re still OUR fave. We would be lost without you (and probably really really hungry too 😬😆).

Today I bought new clothes for the first time in 5 and a half months. Feeling fressssssh. And in unrelated news, I’m not ashamed at all to say I just commando crawled to the kitchen so the girls wouldn’t see me getting the dark choc almonds while husband is putting them to sleep 😬 🍫

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“Mum can you carry me? I love you and want to be close to your face” (also known as the sweetest thing she’s ever said to me + the best arms workout I’ve had in months 😬)

A little snippet from my Insta stories today because WHISTLER + COFFEE ☕️🤗. Side note: my business (The Happy Collective) hit a milestone today 🎉. 5000 essential oils customers (in 3 years, 3 months....but who’s counting 🤷‍♀️☺️). I feel proud of myself and my team. But mostly I feel so damn happy knowing that 5000 homes, 5000 families....can reach for one of their oils to solve 99 probs that pop up in their day. All because myself or one of my team were thoughtful enough to teach a class in someone’s living room or in a yoga studio....or because they invited someone to learn about the dōTERRA oils (and why it matters even when you’re picking between products in the “natural” category) over a quiet coffee. I’m still getting over that 3 years ago I was wondering how on earth I would even have 10 people buying oils from little me: with just 10 oils, bright eyes and a big big dream to spread happiness.

Sometimes I just stop and really look at her. And she takes my breath away.

YESTERDAY ✈️ Quinn was pinned to the ground by an airport bag trolly {because she was swinging on it like a monkey and it fell} 😬 she’s ok ....
✈️ Our girls were described as “so perfectly behaved” on the LA - Vancouver flight. And they were. Total happy angels. ✈️ Mackie fell face-first on to the road because the taxi driver opened the van sliding door when she was leaning on it 😭 nothing a little cuddle + my fave skin oils can’t sort out (ps oil blend: Rose, Frank, Helichrysum flower, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh .... also known as Immortelle or Salubelle blend).
✈️ We slept amazingly in a cozy little Vancouver basement air BnB.
✈️ A fast rollercoaster of ups and downs is our travel life with the babes. You never quite know what the day will bring 😅.
✈️ a few biz conference calls this morning and then....we’re going to get to know Vancouver.
PS I think Tristan’s still recovering from yesterday 😂😂😂

Reality of our travels. One minute it’s all “we’re NAILING this” and the next minute.... 🤪. Boarding for our 5th country {Oh Canada 🇨🇦!!} in less than an hour ✈️ . All of us are hoping this next flight has in-flight entertainment 😅😆

One more sleep left in this little yellow house in Mexico. A little side trip to another country that was never ever in our plan {when we were in Bali we talked about how we’d never been to Mexico and said “why not?!” to a month-long detour} ....and it ended up being the biggest surprise of our adventure so far. No resort life, hammocks or floaty dresses (although those things are nice). But instead we were welcomed into a community in a small town, lived without much stuff, tried our best to speak Spanish {badly 😬} and trekked up the 3 massive hills on our street every day multiple times a day in pursuit of coffee / beaches / busses. This wasn’t the bessssst hub for my work {unreliable wifi} but it literally took one step out the front door to trade wifi-frustration for appreciation for
E V E R Y T H I N G. We {and by we I mean you too} have everything we need, and more 💜.

Well let’s be honest. They believed in themselves AND they did the things. Belief without action won’t get you very far. But both together.... M A G I C.

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