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ALIA TAHA  dallas personal blog • lifestyle poetry page: @aliataha_writing + aliatahacreative@gmail.com twitter : aliataha_ snapchat : alia_tallia

these 3 right here. lool #tahatribe #sleepissacred #donotdisturb

It’s soothing patiently awaiting her blossom. Her roots, slowly pushing their way up to surface where her beauty lies. Her petals fed by the sun, her soul fed from within.

When ‘starting is half the task.’ lol -Korean proverb🇰🇷

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for breakfast, but I’m always up for a crunch. So I used half of an apple to dip in peanut butter, the other half on my oatmeal and honey. Can’t forget my 2 soft-boiled eggs.😋 lol that’ll do.. #mornintoya

a cozy coconut.🥥

to have her story, she was resilient.
to have your support, she was kind.
her soul is too precious to roam amongst us.
she still exists—in her beauty, in her light.

a.t. .. to a dear friend

Her past returned in message.. @aliataha_writing

and time again.

sorry kid. this seat’s taken.


bout to get my hands dirty.😋 Garlic, butter shrimp. idk how to eat Filipino food without a carbonated drink or sweet tea, so indulging myself w/ a vanilla cream soda. And for those uncomfortable w certain seafoods.. there’s a tasty reason why you don’t take off the shell and head beforehand.😉 lol

Within a heart that beats bravely in passion and fight, echoes an anxious drum pulsing loudly in her ears. Is that bravery? Or foolish steps of doubt? Taken by her fluttering feet that have a mind of their own. They wander in intrigue, the rest of her simply follows. Where are they walking to? Who are they walking towards? The rest of her simply follows.

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