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Alia ✨⭐️  Moody, Floaty, Fire and DESIRE !



Formalities 💙

& that's a schedule wrap ✨ #brahmāstra❤️


Happy birthday wonder woman 💙 My best friend, my soul mate,my person!!!! No instagram post or birthday message or call can do justice to the amount of oozing love I feel for you right now and everytime I look at your beautiful face.. I love you sir! Those eyes are an instant fix for everything that's not right.. So I think you should come back very fast because your little sister misses you too much and life is seeming not as fun without you at home!! Also we need eat some keto cake and dance on the sofas 😇✨🌟

क्लोज़ up😬

Lux girl 💫

Shooting nights can be very tiring for the body cause of the way it messes with your natural body clock.. I woke up today feeling so so exhausted.. But after monkeying around and doing some intense pilates, my energy level just shot up. The mind and body coordination during a pilates workout is like meditation for me.. If you miss even one beat of focus everything can go totally off.. And ofcourse don't miss my beautiful trainer @yasminkarachiwala in the background with her soft but strict instructions 😂😇💙

Brahmastra Part 1 ❤️ Christmas 2019

Netflix & Narcos✌️

Mine truly ⭐️

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