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In case you missed my CCI graduation..

I miss my rommate already, a smart young man from Colombia. I learned many things from you bud.

Living with this family was one of the best time during my time here in the United States, get to see the backyard and the plants growing, welcoming by Georgia, riding a bicycle, hiking time, and great conversations. I missed 'the jailroom' tonight since my 'English teachers' Noa and Cana already fall asleep.
It's a great pleasure to stay with you my friend, brother, sister. Okay now it's not mom and dad. Lol.
Thank you so much, the weaver.
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Don't stereotype. My mom is open-minded.
My mom doesn't even finish elementary school, but she said her youngest son should get better education than her. Well, It's not fair though.
Thank you and happy mothers day Mamakku!!!
Love you.
I will see you pretty soon.

I met this guy on 10,2. It was on day 80 in the US. I was on the bus with my confused face. He helped me to find a room that I wanted to go to. I remember the first question that he asked me was "Are you above 21?" Lol... Then weekend invitation, another weekend invitation, another random meeting in Vegas, another party and game night, until I know another friend, another friend until I know who's on the palace 217.Β 
I am gonna miss y'all...

The class is over, like really over. Finals done really well. Well, not really well tho. But at least it's all done. Time to readjust to where I belong...
By the way. Glad to have a classmate like this guy.
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Looks like these guys ready to readjust to their own culture pretty soon!!
#cciprogram #exchangeourworld

I am glad to have a chance to see them sing at the church.

He used to be my dad here in the US. But he's too young, or I'm too old maybe. So he's my brother and friend then.

He said he's gonna come to Indonesia.


I fell so blessed I took this class, Psychology and Culture is my favorite class ever.

@mesacc #mesacommunitycollege #psychology

And the girl who like to break the rule.

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