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‌Ali Shadkam  Santour Player Persian Music Teacher

Concentration on Persian Classical painting via a high quality printed pictures of Shahname. The student is using a magnifier to dicover fine aspects of the art work. In the moment, he shows me a stone which also illustrates a human face!

12 March 2018
At school with my dear students.

Persian music and instruments workshop.
February 15th 2018


An introduction to Persian Classical Music Instruments
Feb 15th

↘↘ A workshop for school art teachers, about music. Some chapters of school art handbook (grade 7th and 9th) is devoted to music. Here I'm talking about music variety in Iran and some other cultures round the world. A bit difficult but interesting task and hopefully effective one!

Musicians ...
Shahname of Shah Tahmasb.
Persian Classical painting,
The feast of Fereidun and Kundrau; Attributed to Abd al-Vahed assisted by Sultan Muhammad. (16th century)


In memory of Nour Ali Borumand:

41 years ago, one of the most important masters of Persian Classical Music died. The Radif of Persian music, which is the repertory and actually the knowledge of Persian music, saved by his efforts on recording and teaching and introduced to the modern world via his lectures in Illinois University. He was a master on Persian music who could play most of Persian instruments, although he was blind! Also he was very informed about Persian vocal music considering his friendship to some great masters such as Taherzadeh and Davami.
He had no public performance, but many concerts of Persian Classical music was based on his authority and instructions and leadership during the 1970s in Iran.
One of Borumand's student, described his position for me in a private dialogue as a Lens! Getting almost all the important aspects of Persian music from available sources and passing them to his students in different field of Persian music including theorists, composers, singers and instruments players.


Maghame Jal, Do-Tar by Nazar Mohammad Soleymani. Khorasan folk music
Recorded by the efforts of Fuziyeh Majd and Mahmoud Hangval perhaps in 1978.

Notation of 72 pieces of religious traditional songs from Hamedan. Released in 2014. (A book & an audio disc)

Having 72 strings, it seems that the Santour needs a huge amount of time for tuning and it stays in tune less than an hour! At least for my own instrument the story is totally different. It takes less than 30 minutes for tuning and it stays in tune even more than 6 months in stable condition considering humidity and temperature.
One more thing; I'm the only person who plays the instrument.

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