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Happy 27th birthday to ME!

2017 is a year I get to see my dear brother @oliverlyk got married that one was one thing I am happy for him. The next highlight of my 2017 is going for a half marathon without any prior training and man I still remember vividly that it was so mind torturing for me! After that nothing much interesting have been happening ever since, pretty much have not been going to do my workouts as much as I used to be. The last few months of 2017 wasn’t good as I have been facing quite a number of obstacles. Here I am wishing 2018 will be a even better year! to move on and to start allowing the right people to have access into my life. Time to cut out the people who are toxic in my life and change into a new season of my life. Huat ar!!

This was us taking picture with the first prize! Here I was thinking the spiciest buffalo wings challenge would be no kick, since I can take spice pretty well I must say. Boy I was so wrong, after the first plate (5 wings on it) I had to stop awhile and finally cave in after eating my second plate. It looks like I won't be going for a vacation anytime soon.

My first time trying out bowling and man! It was so fun especially when we meet up once a year in camp, the time we had is always fun when we have cohesions like this.

I guess that the fat life choose me. Gaining weight as if I did not workout hard enough 😅

How I 🙏🏻 there was someone with me at the table enjoy a cuppa of tea and cupcake. Oh wait it came true after all 😁

Happy belated graduation! It was damn funny when you say you had your graduation gown with you, nevertheless thanks for the churros 👍🏿 awesome early birthday gift ever.

Thanks for celebrating my birthday in advance! Is been awhile I get to enjoy playing pool to de-stress so yea who needs a cake to celebrate ones birthday 😂😂 #Rageon #gamefriend

I came and conquered my very first half marathon! Not the best timing I have but it was worth the experience as I never participate on any marathon before!! The best part I would say is to meet some of my friends who unexpectedly also running the same category too. To those who I saw you guys my bad that i didn't get to take pic before we zao. #2xu #2xucompressionrun2017

One of the best moments in my life is to see my younger brother finding his other half and getting married! The joy that I have seeing my brother going through the next phase of life. And also moments like this that I get to wear formal which I don't usual wear!! 😂

I guess do what makes you happy that's what it matters most! Hence taking pictures for more than an hour and selecting 100+ to choose which is the better one.

What a tiring day indeed, what better way to end off my first day of the year by training legs so that the next few days my legs gonna be jelly.

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