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I know today isn't Thursday but... #TBT hoe


It is sad how some people are posting memes about this horrifying event that happened last night. And others are acting like nothing happened. So let me say this; an 8 year old girl died last night, a girl who had her future all waiting for her. Completley destroyed by Isis, and many others as well. Young girls being impaled by nails, and having their lives be taken away. We need to stop acting like the world is good, and realise that Isis is not going to stop, it's never going to stop if we don't put down our phones and realise how big of a problem they are. Everyday they grow stronger, and plan another attack. What if that was you who lost someone or even your own life in the attack? And then you saw people posting memes about it all, how would you feel? But overall all I have to say is: we are always looking for that person to make a change, not noticing everyone is thinking the same thing, and someone must stand up and be the person for change. And that person can be you.

Bitch, what future husband? Plus I'm more of a cat person, soooo

I'm sorry to offend anyone from this, but this is so true 😂

I can't even complain cause this was probably me when I was 10/11

Why does my cat meow so much

Fucking hell


She also saved the day for John f Kennedy


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