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A L E X W O L F  📍El Progreso, Honduras

so yeah woke up this morning and everyone was celebrating this mans face, Indio Lempira. I learned some history today... the celebration continues tomorrow. #elprogreso #honduras

sometimes the most bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up. - @brenebrown

Isn’t it wonderful that you are put on this earth to do great things? Like no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you have done… You’re alive this very moment because God still has something || g r e a t || for you to do.

needs being met is always a perfect time to praise Jesus 🙌 happy Sunday babes! #serveday17 #servolucion #cityhopehn

Ah! Today was great. I got to serve with @cityhopehn by photographing the volunteers + the cutest children. We spent the morning giving shoes to a community in San Pedro Sula.
Little Ethel was happy to walk out in a new pair of shoes 🙌 #serveday17 #servolucion #cityhopehn

Just incase you are wondering how my Spanish is going. I'm pretty sure I said "he says" instead of "say"... but I mean, I'm making Josue laugh as I try to speak Spanish. So liiiiike that's a win, right? 🤷‍♀️ He legit just gives up on me at the end. #friendsoflosninos #brisasdelsalto

God can move when we share stories. In the coming weeks in Honduras we will be hearing people's stories and guess who they want to hear them? You and me 😌
This is Reina Alejandra. She is six years old and lives at Brisas Del Salto. Her mother has a little store in their home where they sell snacks, water and of course, Pepsi. And if you couldn't tell, she's super adorbs. #friendsoflosninos #brisasdelsalto #becomeapadrino

We created such a sweet video of Keily + her family for @friendsoflosninos_ ❤️ I can't wait to share! It was a good day back at Brisas Del Salto.. I'm trying to not even think about having to leave these children in three weeks! #friendsoflosninos #brisasdelsalto

"hey girl, it's time to sponsor a child from Brisas Del Salto" - Ryan Gosling #brisasdelsalto #friendsoflosninos 🇭🇳email for more information!

the new soccer ball created these smiles 💙
happy Sunday peeps! #friendsoflosninos

I LOVE THESE KIDS so much! I'm so thankful for awesome organizations coming to COPPROME to share their love + support! And of course, taking the kids to the pool for the day! Thank you Honduras Children's Project 🇭🇳💙
🎶: This is Living by Hillsong Young & Free

We can't help them all but we can make them all smile. It's the hardest thing to learn in the mission field... you physically cannot help them all. So go create the best moments, make kids laugh, speak truth, and always tell them how beautifully they are made. #montedeolivos #friendsoflosninos

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