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A L E X W O L F  📸 lifestyle | seniors | wedding 📍El Progreso, Honduras


adios mexicoooo 👋 I'm so ready to see my babies at COPPROME tomorrow! #backtohonduras #readytogive36473hugs #alexwolfphotography

I'm one happy photographer 👌 #howtheysopretty #alexwolfphotography

holy crap 🔥 these two hotties are getting married tomorrow!!! #alexwolfphotography #totalbabes

PEACE OUT HONDURAS... well for the weekend. Headed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to photograph @ha0821 and John's wedding 🙌

teamwork makes the dream work 👏@friendsoflosninos_

Give Nahun a peanut butter sandwich and you get this adorable expression ❤️ #alexwolfphotography #friendsoflosninos #brisasdelsalto You can sponsor Nahun, btw @friendsoflosninos_ email, Katrina@friendsoflosninos.org

Smile with love. Share your passion. ❤ #alexwolfphotography #friendsoflosninos

Mi amigos Victor, Juan and Justin. I don't think they realize how much they are changing my life. Mission trips are about helping and giving. But the funny things is, they are helping and giving me so much more. #friendsoflosninos #brisasdelsalto

A year ago in June, God called me to stop drinking. I didn’t listen for six months…. because come on, who listens right away? Not I.
But today, I’m six month sober from alcohol. Say what? I know. I often wonder why didn’t do this sooner? My depression is gone, anxiety is a rarity, and regret isn't a constant thing following me around anymore. I’m loving myself a little more every day. My attitude and perspective is positive…. (most of the time. I’m human, ok)
I’m not going to lie, it was hard in the beginning. Not that I had the urge to drink… I just lived in a state of awkwardness. Like what do you do with your hands if there’s not a drink in it? I tried to be my fun drunk self when I was stone cold sober… awkward. I was afraid of becoming a boring person. But I did become that person for three months, I isolated myself by working and watching The Office every weekend. I needed it. I needed the detox. I needed Michael Scott too.
Through this lifestyle change, my relationship with God has GROWN. I’m constantly excited to know what He’s going to do next with my life. Because trust me when I say this, I never thought I’d be six months sober living in Honduras. How cool is that?

How handsome are these young men? Look at all their smiles! #blessed Roberto, Esteban, Fernando, Jose, and Marvin all live at COPPROME orphanage. This photo was taken right before they played soccer for like 75 hours. #coppromeorphanage #friendsoflosninos

I think.... I photographed my most favorite photo I have ever photographed today?
These brothers, Josue Jeremias and Jose Adonay, are always walking around village playing soccer. #brisasdelsalto @friendsoflosninos_

SERIOUSLY!!!! Nothing can make me happier than these smiles!!! Meet David Alexander, Karla Maribel, and Maria Antonia. YOU can sponsor these cute babes. For more information, email katrina@friendsoflosninos.org #brisasdelsalto @friendsoflosninos_

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