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Alex  Everyone is King when there's nothing left to pawn.

Finally, I can stop yelling at berks with their fog lights on when there’s no fog.

Work on a Saturday ain’t so bad sometimes. 🍃😌🍃

Dead calm. ☁️🌊#beach #indianocean #perthisok

Gonsta enjoy this ~Melbourne weather™~ while I can. 🤓🌨 #gpoy

I’d like to believe she’s thinking about me, but in reality it’s probably @markruffalo or that dachshund over there. Love you baby. 💖

Hello, I am C(affeine)-3PO, human caffeine relations. I am fluent in over 7 million types of coffee beans. #C3PO

Never tell either of us the odds. #solo #soloastarwarsstory #starwars

The Album cover from my upcoming rap album, D.R.E.A.M (Dogs Rule Everything Around Me). #dog #dogsofinstagram #ridgebackx #ridgebackxmastiff #notmypupcleo

Having been top dog for 4 years before Ollie arrived, I think I was definitely ready to share Mum & Fether by the time you arrived Georgie. I’m so proud of you, your character, attitude and you’re always so much fun to be around even if I’m not. You’ve been such a loving & supportive sister, especially in these last few months for me and I’m so grateful to know you’re there for me. Looking forward to celebrating (again) tonight. Love you xoxo🍾🎂🍹

Forgot how much cooler exercising minus a mane of hair is. Back on this biz again, been pretty slack lately so might use this medium to keep me honest and track progress #unfollownoworprepareforgymspam

Asked the barber to just give me the haircut love child of @mikeyshoesss, @tobyalderweireld and @jakegyllenhaaldaily (in Prisoners). Cool, got all that? #unashamedlyusedasnapchatfilterbecausemyskiniseffed #gpoy #haircut #highfade #nomoreheyyourekevinparkerfreepints

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