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Alex Murphy  👨🏻‍💻•📱•🕹•👫 🙏🏼Happier Now Than Ever Before🙏🏼

#wcw We were recording a video reviewing our DNA results from to tell us exactly what races we are, and I screenshotted the EXACT moment I told her my Fortnite stats. Do you see how proud she is? Her man got hella wins

The earth has it’s music for those who will listen.

Exactly 1 year ago we lost someone amazing.
Rest In Peace Justin.
Video is up on YouTube.
Search my channel,”AlexInMotion”
Thank you for watching.

#stanggang BLACKED OUT THE RIMS. Which means exterior + interior = all black.
Tinting windows, break/head, and anything else is all up in the air. Might leave it all alone but who knows. The #mustang is looking good 🤘🏼

Let me know if you have any recipes you love for any reason! Recently i’ve been getting really into cooking. All types of things. If you have something you love eating regardless of if its breakfast, lunch, or dinner, let me know what you love making! Love finding new delicious stuff to create! 🌶 🦐

OMG @thomssbird_art never ceases to amaze me with her artist ability!
Such a cool piece by her!!

Ever wonder how I looked in 2005? Lol #glowup

Mom is fixing to move out to Colorado so the sister and I hung out with her and grabbed some dinner! 😵 Now I have a reason to go up to #colorado a few times a year and go snow boarding and see all kinds of beautiful stuff 🙏🏼 #family

When @fortnite releases information on the new #Fortnite update..

Peep my boy DOUGLAS. He’s perfect. #dogsofinstagram

hang out with us the next time you want to celebrate your birthday 👀

People will be there to criticize what you do. And no matter where you go, there will always be someone talking behind your back. Just remember they are focusing their energy on you when they could be bettering who they are as a person. You’ll never catch me focusing energy on you to bring you down. I’m here to lift others up. Train your mind, train your body.

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