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Alex Velaz  ⬆️ 💯Natural 🇵🇭🇺🇸 ▪️NPC competitor 🏆 ▪️Washington DC 🌎 ▪️9-5 Sr. Account Executive 💰👨🏻‍💻 "Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise."

Just want to wish my sis, @evangelinevo, a happy 28th bday today!! 🎂
While everyone else changed (4 years apart) she looks the exact same 😂 Way to bounce back even after being 🤰🏻last year 👏🏼👏🏼

Let's get it 💪🏻 8 plates
▪️TIP - Don't ever give up on the last rep. I know I couldn't complete it...but mentally I was prepared to use every ounce of energy I had instead of not trying
▪️This was set 4 of 7. Each set after this was drop 1 plate (each side) and rep til failure. #internationalchestday

When so many people doubted me that I would compete in an #npc show...i didn't care
Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable 🏆🏆 #mondaymotivation #npcmaxmuscle

If you're like me and sweat 💦 an ocean every time you workout... check out these @built_apparel joggers👌
▪️I'm still amazed how they are still dry after my 2-3hr workouts 🤗 Thanks @braduong for the hookup (BRADBUILT) #builtapparel #builtnotbought

#throwback to when I was at my happiest eating chocolate cakes & cookies 🍪 #whataremacros

My 8 month #transformation 💯
swipe ➡️ to see video 🎥 of me back in Dec when I began my journey (lmao @emmbee90 in the back)
▪️weight - 195➡️166
▪️height - 5'10
▪️waist - 35➡️29in
▪️two #top5 finishes at #npc 🏆🏆
🔹happy to see my hard work (usually spend 2-3hrs at the gym, 6 days a week) combined with healthy eating pay off 💪🏻
▪️Let's see how this bulk goes 😆 Next show will be a natural show - Oct. 21, #americanmuscle #npcnatural #maryland

#transformation I couldn't be more proud of my bro ▪️Awan Khaledi ▪️He competed this past weekend and won 1st in True Novice, 2nd in Open 🏆🏆 at the #npcherculesclassic #baltimoregrandprix
▪️This guy (told him to create an IG already 🙄), edited- he finally created one... @awankhaledi , workouts out with me 5x a week, and committed to training for his 1st show in April after he was inspired by my transformation. We used to party all the time and hit up #echostage on the regular
▪️It was a pleasure to coach him & he listened to everything I said. He bulked to 195 by May 1st and cut down to 159lb by show day (5'10 height). Can you believe this guy used to order from Taco Bell or mcD everyday for breakfast & lunch only 4 months ago? 😂
▪️our next show will be the American Muscle Supply #npc natural show in MD on Oct. 21. While we are best friends, this next show is for talking shit lol. I won't be coaching him for the next one. 😆

Samurai 🗡from this past weekend at the #npcherculesclassic #top5

Which pose do you like better? Left or Right? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Here's a comparison to show you how posing is 🔑 in a physique competition
▪️After two competitions...(placed 4th yesterday at #npc Hercules 🗡) I learned two things
1️⃣ For my physique, endomorph...cutting water during peak week is not the best thing to do. Even though I carb loaded Friday & Saturday morn, I was flat on stage & didn't fill out until after the show when I drank half a gallon of water 🙃 #toolate
2️⃣ I learned a few posing tips from fellow competitors backstage and from #ifbb pros competing at the #baltimoregrandprix 🙏🏻 My stance on the left is the front pose I've got accustomed to practicing. The pic on the right is what I learned backstage AFTER the show 🙃
While I'm not too happy with 4th, I enjoyed learning from the experience & will make the necessary improvements. Also got a pretty cool samurai sword as an award 🗡Taking a much needed break now & time to bulk. This event did qualify me to compete at a few national events - Jr usa/national, Universe or North America event which I plan to compete in next year.

Haha 40lb difference even though I look bigger now. 205 ➡️ 166lb #transformation

1 day out 💪🏻 morning weight of 166lb after 5 low carb days. Time to carb load!! 🤤 #npc #baltimore

One of favorite back workouts that helped me grow my wings 🐥
▪️Lat pull-down, 5 sets
▪️Rep range of 15-20
I usually pretend the workout begins when the bar is on the way up. Slow and controlled. This will burn more than heavier weights / flying back up.

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