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Alex Velaz  ⬆️ 💯Natural 🇵🇭🇺🇸 ▪️NPC competitor (NQ) 🏆 ▪️Washington DC 🌎 ▪️9-5 Sales Manager 💰👨🏻‍💻 Edm 🙌🏻 Food 🍔 Travel ✈️ Gym 💪🏻

#transformationtuesday There will be haters, doubters, non-believers, and then there will be YOU, proving them wrong 💪🏼
▪️💯 natural transformation #natty
▪️Nationally Qualified #top5
#baltimoregrandprix #npcherculesclassic

Definitely one of my favorite back workouts 💪🏻
#throwback to about two weeks out from 1st competition back in April -
▪️Enjoying the last few weeks of being SUPER flexible with my diet 😂before going back on contest prep, Jan 1st
▪️Eyes are set on Jr. Nationals 2018

Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 🍫 -
Had a great time at Wynwood Fear Factory this past weekend @emmbee90 @marrbearr8 🙌🏻🙌🏻
#miami #edm #porterrobinson #oliverheldens

#flashbackfriday to my 1st #npc physique competition 🏆 (swipe ⬅️ to see night before right before the tan) #mmvanpc -
▪️I loved every second on that stage but it was the 5 month journey leading up to it that changed me. I learned self control...no longer made excuses...learned wtf macros were lol (thanks @braduong, took only a few years to finally listen to you)
The whole experience was life changing and I’m glad I’ve been able to help others reach their fitness goals in return. Excited to prep for jr. Nationals next year 💪🏻

#transformationtuesday Visualize who you want to be...Then work for it 💪🏻 (or eat w.e. u want 🍫🍦but look the same @emmbee90 🙄)
Pic- May 2012➡️July 2017

Korean bbq #gainz 😁🍚🍗
Currently bulking for next year shows
▪️Still trying to keep breaks short (20-30sec) even tho rep range is lower now
Set 1 - 20 reps
Set 2 - 10-12reps
Set 3/4/5- 6-8reps. Drop set last 2 sets and rep to failure for a nice pump 💪🏻

#mondaymotivation Consistency is 🔑 Back progress over the past 11 months (swipe ⬅️ - Dec 2016)
▪️Diet has been really flexible lately 😄 but what I’ve learned that works best for me is when I eat those big cheat meals...I’ll have them 30-45 mins prior to the gym. This has really helped me lift heavier 💪🏻
▪️when I started my fitness journey back in December, back day was once a week & I absolutely hated it. I avoided it bc of lower back pain which I think was due to not working out my back lol. Bad posture and lower back pains was a daily struggle. If this is you...start training back and don’t avoid rear delts 🔥 This...obviously along with a healthy diet...I can now say I don’t have any lower back pain that annoyed me for several years 🙌🏻
▪️Rep range during this bulk is not that high- 5 sets (20,12,8,6-8 for the last two + dropset)

#flexfriday Training my little bro early 💪🏻 Future physique competitor 😁
Swipe⬅️ to see his 🏆 #mmvanpc #virginiabeach

#throwback to when I was clueless how to pose for my 1st physique competition 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
▪️Feb 2017➡️today
A lot of practice since then. I try to make it a habit to practice my routine 15-20mins after or during my workout everyday 🔥 Current weight- 188lb
#juniornationals #2018

#transformationtuesday Ocean City with the boo @emmbee90 4 years later 🌊
▪️Gained 26lbs since July npc show, currently 190. I've decided to focus my attention on competing at the Jr National stage next year in FL. Time to grow #bulkingseason

#fbf Before physique competitions...running 5Ks every weekend was life 🏃🏻
▪️From the 3rd slowest on the team freshman year of HS to varsity by my sophomore year (swipe ⬅️)
▪️senior yr PR - 5k- 17:02; Mile time- 4:52
If your curious...it's been prob over a year since I ran lol. Incline walking or stairmaster works the best imo to keep muscle mass (40-60min). Fasted in the am 🙌🏻

27 🎂
(Swipe ⬅️) to see me hugging my favorite bday present 😂@emmbee90
To my family & everyone else in FL, stay safe 🙏

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