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ALEXUS CROWN  Naturalista Faith. Fashion. Fro Advocate of Christ Dallas | Watch my WASH n' GO🔻

I reiterate.......... Do NOT be deterred from your vision or your gifts just because those in power do not validate you or those with status doubt you.
Be steadfast and have faith. Don't abandon your dreams. Be still and know that God is still God.

For a long time, I didn't want the "70s" fro. I wanted my hair to look like the "Instagram model wavy curls". But now, I know what self love and acceptance is all about. I represent a lot of young girls with the "70s" afro & I'm here to say, hair that can defy gravity is GORGEOUS. Moral of the story, the thing you're probably most self conscious about, might be the thing someone admires about you the most ✨

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Black woman, know your worth
After all, you are Queen of the Earth.
Black woman, see your beauty
Don't you know this is your duty?
Black woman, guard your love, your peace, and your story
Don't you know they see your glory?
Black woman, you are DIVINE. •

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When my hair is HEALTHY💛 and happy, I feel healthy and happy. Just like any other part of you biological make up, your hair needs to be treated with care and nurtured in order to grow. Proper supplements and food can help with this. Blueberries are a super food so they can be beneficial for so many things in your body, especially healthy hair ! And the @frizzfreecurls Blueberry Bliss CURLS Collection definitely is beneficial for just that! 💛 @frizzfreecurls is available at Target and CVS stores nationwide. #frizzfreecurls #blueberryblisscurlcollection

Lately I've been really feeling the @frizzfreecurls Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection. The leave in conditioner literally has my hair soft as a pillow! Healthy and moisturized hair is VITAL to retaining growth. Go grab yourself a jar. The entire collection is available at and find more CURLS #BlueberryBlissCurlCollection at Target and CVS stores NOW!

"Hey little black girl... do you know your worth?
Do you know that you are the legacy of our people
and that it should be hard for others to add up
and also become your equal
because you are that rose
that grew from the crack in the concrete
and the petals from all other roses
should be thrown at your feet
in celebration of you
A queen, I repeat a QUEEN is what you are ..." - Ann Lynn

You can find rhinestones anywhere but a PEARL is crafted in solitude. •

At some point in your "growth process" you're going to have to realize that a certain level of solitude is necessary. Temporary separation basically. It doesn't have to last a long time but you can't lead anyone down the right path if you, yourself, are stuck at the crossroads. Often times, Jesus would go off by himself to hear God the clearest. When the crowds were searching for him, or his disciples were sleep, he would go in solitude to pray. Separate and let God grow you up into the Man/Woman of God He intended for you to be.

Note to self: You are a divine woman, don't clutter your space with the contamination of ego.

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@blingjewelry AYLLU necklace and earrings set is so cute. AYLLU Means community in the ancient Quechua language of the Peruvian Incas. In order to have community & diversity you need, LOVE & FAITH to last FOREVER #sponsored

This world needs diversity. Along side with diversity is inclusiveness. Inclusiveness to me is love that is not conditional. Meaning, there's no conditions to showing you love and acceptance. There no specific race, background, gender or age that you have to have for me to respect you as a person and I think @blingjewelry AYLLU Collection represents diversity well by portraying Love and faith forever. #ad #AYLLU @aylluofficial

The AYLLU Collection from @blingjewelry is the perfect gift. AYLLU stands for (I Am You. Love. Luck. Unity ) The hearts are intertwined with an infinity sign to represent love & diversity forever. Diversity can bring about a great change so I'm glad to be behind this collection that targets love and diversity for all ❤️#sponsored

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