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ALEXUS CROWN  Naturalista Faith. Fashion. Fro Advocate of Christ Dallas | Watch my latest video🔻

I'm not intimidated by struggle. I know that realistically speaking, I can do what some say can't be done. I know that realistically speaking, that I will see miracles in my own life if I am faithful and obedient to Christ. This is one soul that will NOT surrender to pessimism. You're looking at a queen not a naive damsel in distress.

@imfeelinspiffy made me look and feel like fro goals. He's so awesome 🌹. Love my roots ! Embrace yours! Natural or not. Curly or straight, love yours.

Such a kind soul. Made this experience feel like just a regular chat with an old friend. Thank you for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet such a chill individual such as yourself 📸 @imfeelinspiffy

Let my joy not be in the hands of others nor my dreams under the control of others. Let my plans not be made by others. Let me not be programmed by the appearance of things, But let the supernatural be my parameters. Order my steps in miracles. Order my steps in the unseen. Order my steps in holy water. So that you, GOD may get the glory out of my life. •


You can insist on socializing with the weak-willed and weak-minded but you will never be at ease. If you have to camouflage your strength and true passions, know that you're entertaining a temporary bond.

This is my crown from my roots. No wig, no backdrop, no colors to show that this is indeed mine. My crown is not just my hair. My CROWN is the knowledge, wisdom and discernment given to me by my Heavenly Father that I carry with me everywhere I go. You don't have to be natural to have a crown. I wear many crowns. My hair is just the tangible crown that you see. To me, a crown represents healthy hair, a sound mind through Christ Jesus and education. What's your definition of a crown?

See up close and personal how I use 💦to wash and style my hair to get the results of a voluminous Afro ! LINK IN BIO🎥 •

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Watch my 💦washing routine 💦as I walk you through how to quickly do a Wash N' Go! LINK IN BIO 🎥 ..Song: Everything is Everything cover by Selah Sue

Who's ready to see my "WASH & GO!" routine? I never thought my hair would cooperate for a wash n go but here I am. Now it's my go-to hairstyle🖤. Up now! Go watch the steps I take to achieve the perfect Afro ! 😉. [Link in Bio]

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A part of growing is accountability & self awareness. Once you become self aware, your confidence becomes unwavering.

I was engulfed in depression, anxiety, constantly getting drunk, and following my flesh versus truly following Christ. I had one foot in the world and one behind God. You can't play the fence. You have to choose who you're going to follow. Either the world or God? •

There was so much excess noise in my life my spirit couldn't hear its purpose. You're supposed to be living an abundant life but you keep hanging around the margins of mediocrity. Get past the layers of distraction. I'm glad God finally showed me who I'm truly meant to be. I walk with God given authority and confidence, fit for a queen because I am the daughter of a King. *winks at God* thank you for pulling me out of that space of toxicity.

Walk in humble calm wisdom. Do not be deterred from your post, your vision, your gift just because those in power do not validate you or those in leadership question you or those with status doubt you. Be steadfast and have faith. Don't abandon your dreams. Be still and know that God is still God.

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