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alex (they/he)🌈  17// ny// ftm//wcc ‘20

i felt masc in this so here u go! 🌱 #ftm #transgender #transboy #ny #goodvibes

a video of me accepting. i did it, i am a high school graduate. i had bullies that would bring me down and make me feel like i’m nothing; but yet here i am waking across the stage. i am even more successful now then i ever could be. i am very proud of myself. i am me. here’s to the future. #classof2018 #co2018 #mvhs #mountvernonny #mountvernonhighschool #highschoolgraduation #yay #congrats #graduate #okurrr #ftm #transboy

i graduated mount vernon high school yesterday. 6-22-18 🎓 i am so proud of myself and of everyone else. i couldn’t have done it without my friends and family. i had bullies who would bully me in school and say horrible things but i proved them wrong and became even more successful. i shall be onto bigger and better things :) #classof2018 #co2018 #highschoolgraduate #improud #mountvernonny #mountvernonhighschool #ftm #transboy #lgbtq

keep your head up because you don’t know what the future will bring. ❤️ #ftm #boyswhowearmakeup #transboy #transgender #lgbtq #smile #quotes

happy ftm pride day!! i am proud to be myself. i am glad to have support. i am a valid trans boy. to all of my trans boys/men that are in the closet, you are still valid and i appreciate you 💕💙 #ftm #transgender #ftmpride #ftmprideday #lgbtq #newyork #trans #transisbeautiful #transboy #transgenderftm #iamaboy #lgbt #notaphase #transgendermale #proud

happy national best friends day!! 💜 i love all my friends but these few stand out the most 💕
kat: i’ve known you for a little bit over a year now! you are such a great friend and you are so kind and caring. i’m so grateful for you. we both have such a big love for doggos and that’s awesome!! you’re one of the most kindest people i’ve ever met. i love u 😇. keep being you and never change you’re amazing 🌈💕🌈💕
sofia: we’ve almost known each other for almost a year (in august). you have been my best friend ever since. thank u to the pool that started the friendship😂❤️. also, i’m glad you have come to the loft bc i have gotten to see you way more often and we’ve gotten closer!! you’re v kind and sweet. you have a great taste in music and your hair is cool. you give great hugs and you let me be myself around you. you’re amazing. i love you so much and i’m so glad you’re in my life!
sam: i’ve known you for almost a year as well. bi•ch i love you sm. you make me happy and laugh. i enjoy your presence. i appreciate you and all the times you’ve been here for me. i appreciate when you would let me sleep over your house. i am so glad to have met you. you’re the best. “you’re doing great sweetie”. i love you so much sam. i have much more to say but i can’t think of it.
aaron: we’ve know each other for some years now, and high school has brought us much closer. you’re one of the funniest, kindest people i know. you’re a bad b*txh😛 i love u 💙😊 you never fail to make me laugh. i’m so glad you’re one of my best friends and that you’re in my life. i’ve always got your back and i know you have mine. keep being you. ❤️❤️ 🌈
Autumn @we’ve been friends for over a year now. we have made countless memories since then. you are such an amazing person and you are wonderful. although we did have a time where we didn’t talk, i’m glad we reconnected. the last thing on this post is a video of us at the tøp concert (it’s legit 3 seconds), one of the best days ever. i love you sm. i’m always here for you. and i hope you know that!! ——————-
wow this is a lot. i love you all. i added some more photos of y’all. in this post 😊 #nationalbestfriendsday #bestfriends #bff #ily @autumn.wc

🌈LOFT PRIDE 2018!!!🌈 (might put more pics up!?) i enjoyed pride and being a volunteer for the first time!! although it was hot, it couldn’t stop me from showing off who i was! glad to see my friends and other people i know! 😄🌈💜✨💓 (not tagged: @adrien__the__alien , @stopcallingmedyke , @the_drummer_boi_ , , @elliotkppl , @remylowy , @caidin5 , @noahs_quotes_and_stuff , @_little._.devil , ) also! @lynaedepriest was amazing and looked great! & @fogoazulny was awesome!!!#westchesterpride #loftpride #loftpride2018 #lgbtq #newyork #ftm #transboy #pansexual #transgender #rainbow #gay

my first ever binder! i am so so happy right now. thank you to my best friend sam for buying it for me! i am so grateful for her. 😍💓⚪️💙 #transgender #boobsbegone #chestbinder #gc2b #ftm #transboy #lgbtq #happy #binder #newyork #transgenderpride #transandproud

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