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Alex Strohl  I tell stories with photography (& film) @stayandwander Based in Whitefish, Montana. I post films to YouTube👇🏻

A fine spring morning at the Fire Lookout @andreadabene @forrestmankins Music by @noahkittinger

Sunrise over the White Clouds Wilderness. One of the things I've appreciated during this eclipse Is seeing so many people drive thousands of miles to be in nature. It sure brings us all together..

The moment of totality. Experiencing my first total solar eclipse in the high country of Idaho as I partner with @LandRoverUSA in the new #Discovery. I spent a good chunk of the morning sitting in a meadow, waiting for it to happen. The two minutes where it got completely dark were surreal to say the least. The birds quieted, the sky over the valley below was sunset orange..

This mornings inversion on Railroad Ridge, Idaho. First time I spend more than 24 hours in this state and I'm realizing how foolish that was. Few people, tall granite peaks and 90 degree weather...

It is so conforming to breathe the Montana air, knowing that fall and winter are coming.. I cannot wait.

Swiss hotel views

What made waking up on the shores of this lake surreal, beyond the perfect sunrise, was knowing that a few days ago we were standing on top of the left peak. It's from its top that we got the idea to camp on this lake..

Descending into another huge volcanic valley In the Highlands. As customary, the sheep are waiting for us below..

Back in 2011, I took an unsuspecting @andreadabene on a surprise birthday trip to Iceland. I remember shooting only on a tired phone and on my full format square film camera. The other day while rummaging through my Dropbox I found the film scans and here they are. Such an innocent approach during this trip- it was one of the first ones...

It's 2am, the sun has finally set, and I'm settling in at the end of this dirt road. From my tent I can see the lighthouse, the ocean and the cape in the distance. All is well, I slide into my sleeping bag. At precisely 4am I'm woken up by the most magnificent sunrise. It is so good that decide to pack it all and go for a sunrise drive. Iceland can make you restless.. but got all the good reasons..

What strikes me in Iceland is the abundance of water. It seems to come out of nowhere. I've seen countless waterfalls flowing from mountains without a glacier or snow and stood there wondering where it came from..

Ben at the wheel of the Land Rover, he hasn't seen me photographing him with a telephoto lens. Hard to recreate moments when your subject is lost in thoughts, unaware of your camera..

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