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Alex Strohl  I tell stories with photography & film @strohlalex France raised, Montana based. New Time-lapse workshop ⬇️

Slow morning at 6900ft. It’s always hard to get out of a sleeping bag but needless to stay, it gets worse when it’s freezing. But we came for this, for the experience, for the skiing, to see the sun rise over the Alps.. @feelslovenia
PS. Amazed with how little distorsion the 16-35mm III has. With some minimal LR correction I was able to get ALL the lines straight.

Playing with time-lapse sliders the other week while ice climbing. It’s been quite the crash course getting to know the techniques but once you dial it in, the potential is almost unlimited.
If you’re keen to expand your skill set as a photographer / filmmaker, the pre-order ends today on my Capturing Change Time-Lapse photography workshop. Link in bio to enroll🤙
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Gone full circle with this hut. After spending the night in it this summer I promised myself to come back in the winter. Mission accomplished.
Summer here in more of an experience, were you can hang out outside and feel the warm air coming from the valley. The winter however it’s more visual, the Alps look much more striking wrapped in snow and the soft winter light is ideal to shoot.
So, if you like to feel- come to the Kanin bivouac in the summer. If you like to see, come in the winter. Either way it will be one of the most memorable nights of your life.. @feelslovenia

Bone-chilling ski back to the bivouac. As amazing as the sunset was, what we truly had in our minds was the hot bowl of freeze dried “alpine” pasta waiting for us.. Warming isobutane cans in our down jackets, melting snow to make water and coming up with random word combinations while the snow melts. Tired legs & fun times in Slovenia! @feelslovenia

Ski-touring Slovenia with a fun crew. We started the day off in a blizzard and stumbled upon this abandoned hut surrounded by huge pine trees. No one around, just the wind, a few icy flakes and us. Solid moment.. hope this image reflects it! @feelslovenia

I’m on a constant learning journey. Whoever I meet I want to learn from them. And sometimes I get to learn from masters of their craft. This new Time-Lapse photo workshop is one of these times. ⁣

After seeing hundreds of insane time-lapses on films online I thought it was time to shed some light on how they’re made. Mainly because I am eager to learn how to do them myself🤫. ⁣

So I got together with time-lapse legend @cdelehanty and we made this workshop in Yosemite. Its sole purpose is to teach you how to make insane lapses from start to finish. How to see the world in time-lapse, using motorized sliders and tilt heads, making day to night transitions and Astro lapses... ⁣

If like me you’re on a creative journey and want to learn new techniques from the best in the industry, take this workshop for a spin. Proud of how it turned out, one of my fave to date. Enroll in the link in bio or at Pre order price is limited to 500 sign ups👊

Back in Slovenia for some winter jaunts. Since I visited this summer I’ve been wanting to see these mountains covered in snow. And that’s how we kicked off day 1- with a little ski tour up a mellow peak across Mt Triglav. Excited for what’s to come in @feelslovenia

Catching last light on the beach, surrounded by big chunks of ice. Pretty surreal spot. Spending the next few days in Iceland working on a sneaky project with @canonusa and the new EOS R- which by the way has become my daily camera. This was shot with the new Canon RF 50mm 1.2 USM at f 2.8. Love the depth of field on it.. And 2 hour long Icelandic sunsets too..

Taking the slow way up the mountain after a snow storm.. Have a little video review of the Canon EOS R coming up and this is one of the images shot while making it. Drops next Friday afternoon on my YouTube🚀

Ocean or clouds? This is what the valley looked like a few weeks ago.. I lugged up the mountain the 100-400mm lens and got there an hour before sunset. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this afternoon, just happy to be standing in the sun after having spent the day below under the clouds..

From today’s jaunt through the canyon with @whitefishvertical. Happy I was able to send this climb right after taking this photo. To more days like this... @tucker.macdonald @maxmarty_ @gdmcd

Sometimes the trail in the backyard does the job. Other times you need a glacial moraine. Good times in the Alaskan backcountry..

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