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Alex Strohl  I tell stories with photography & film @stayandwander. Based in Whitefish, Montana. Check out my photo workshop ↓

The mother of all colour palettes: earth.

My favourite house in the Pyrenees. These mountains are special to me because they have very little Tourism infrastructure compared to the Alps. It feels like walking back in time; at any time you can come across a farmer herding his sheep to produce milk and cheese in these high valleys.. I cannot wait to head back here this summer for round two.

Familiar places, the ones that keep drawing us back.

The purest ice I’ve ever seen.. Because Abraham Lake is on the east side of the Rocky Mountains it doesn’t get much snow. But It gets sub-zero temperatures and strong winds. Which turn it into this.

Where the earth meets the sea at the far end of Oahu, Hawaii. I’m a sucker for islands because of the isolation they are born with and seeing this isolation materialize was probably the highlight of my trip here. I was able to fit the entire west coast of the island in a frame with my go-to wide lens- Canon 16-35mm 2.8 III L..

Solo ski jaunt yesterday night. I don’t know if the best part was the alpenglow over the peaks of Glacier Park or skiing down with a headlamp.. PS. I hope by now you’ve heard about my adventure photography workshop, if you haven’t this may be a good time for it. This morning I’m giving away 3 free workshops, no signups to anything or follows required: here is the access code valid for only 3 people to use on the website: ZQXY6XG80A22. Hurry⚡️(update: all 3 codes were used in the first minutes... sign up for post notifications if you don’t want to miss on those, I’ll give away more)

Andrea playing around in the evening rain. I kept this photo for today because for me it represents her feminineness. Of course her delicacy inspires me everyday but it’s her strength and resistance in hard moments that impresses me..

Starting the day swimming with a family of 17 Galapagos Sharks (and a few nearby humpback whales 🔈 ).. The boat ride to the diving site felt eternal because of how high the excitement was. Then we got there and we could see them coming and going around the boat, it became real. But there was no time for second thoughts as @oceanramsey got in the water followed by @juansharks. It was go time. I grabbed my camera and snorkel gear and went in, without a thought. As soon as i started looking down I realized how calm creatures they are, they were just swimming elegantly, oblivious to our presence. All my preconceived notions about sharks got destroyed in a few seconds, it became clear that they aren’t after us... Granted I had the two best guides I could have ever asked for, and you too can go out with them on Oahu through their non profit @oneoceandiving. (Yes that’s the whales you hear)

The evening routine

No sun no problem. I don’t really keep track of a bucket list but swimming in a tropical rain storm had always been in my mind... Shot for @canonusa on a 5D Mark IV at 60fps, and a Canon 16-35mm 2.8L

Island time

Hanging in the evening waves with professional cliff diver Dan Warden.. I shot a lot of photos of us getting smashed by the waves and while going through them, I noticed that he had a huge grin on his face in all of them. I think that If there was a need to introduce him, this is what I would say... One of the kindest guys I’ve met on this island.

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