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Alex Shirley  📍Lake Tahoe☀️ 🤘🏻Adventure Fiend🌎 📽MASSIVE COSTA RICAN WATERFALL⬇️


Sending an urban gainer last weekend while @93tillinfiniti patiently waits for his turn🤘🏻Who’d like to see an all urban building/bridge jumping edit? Photo by @sav_tastic

Couple clips from yesterday of me and @brandonnbeck sending a nice 65 footer while it was dumping snow😝 This was definitely a first for me haha 🎥: @sidneyyy_lloyd

This waterfall was so amazing😍 One of the coolest I’ve ever seen, of course I had to get a handstand pic💁🏻 📸: @hopeisdopee

Spreading my wings over Nauyaca Falls☀️ Call me Long Arms McGee 📸: @hopeisdopee

Take me back😍 pc: @tagphotocr

Just got back into the US after three weeks down in Costa Rica. This moment right here was by far the highlight for me🤘🏻 @robert.wall and I played Rock Paper Scissors to decide who got to go first and I was the lucky winner🙃 I can’t thank @peacelodgeandwaterfallgardens enough for allowing us to jump this waterfall as well as @paddle9 and the @overlandcruiserscr crew for coordinating the trip🙌🏻 We had the time of our lives and can’t wait to come back☀️ filmed by @mattyruggz

Me and @hopeisdopee getting our send on at this beautiful waterfall last week☀️ pc: @robert.wall

LINK IN MY BIO🤘🏼 @robert.wall just uploaded the full video of our jumps off the massive Magia Blanca waterfall at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica. This was a super intense day, I can’t properly put into words how amazing it felt to set a goal like this and accomplish it with my closest friends😁 Massive shoutout to @paddle9 for coordinating this trip as well as @overlandcruiserscr we couldn’t have done it without them. Go check out the video, share it around and stay tuned for even more adventures because we still got a whole new year of cliff jumping ahead of us💦

We’re going to Neverland✨ pc: @brggsy #allgoodneverbetter

Scheming hard💀 After depth checking the bottom of this 100+ foot (probably not actually 120) waterfall and confirming that it was definitely jumpable the reality of what we were doing set in. It was a healthy dose of fear and excitement, but in the end when @brggsy @robert.wall and myself were safely at the bottom it was pure bliss🙌🏻 VIDEO OUT TOMORROW🎥 pc: @hopeisdopee

Today was a big day. I got the first ever descent off the massive Magía Blanca waterfall in Costa Rica followed by @robert.wall and @brggsy right after. Everyone stomped their flips and came out uninjured and we couldn’t be more stoked. Unfortunately we won’t have the video done for a few days so you guys are just gonna have to hold tight to see all that insanity🤘🏻 So here’s a handstand pic taken by @norman.cr at a much smaller waterfall to tide you guys over till then🙃 #costafreakinsickdude #costafleeka

Yesterday we checked out this amazing 75 foot waterfall called El Encanta which translates to “The Charming”. We got a few great jumps off it, picked up a bunch of trash then called it a day☀️ Be sure to check out @paddle9 for daily updates of what we’ve been doing down here you won’t regret it🤘🏻😁 filmed by @robert.wall / @hopeisdopee

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