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Alex Shirley  📍Northern California☀️ 🤘🏻Environmentally Sendy🌎 🔥25% off All Good Apparel⬇️

Gloomy pnw vibes🌲 Stoked on this fresh @allgxxd jacket🙌🏻 📸: @robert.wall #allgoodneverbetter

Finally back on that cliff jumping grind🙌🏻 Just in time for Winter lmao. @gnarcraftcollective #allgoodneverbetter 🎥: @robert.wall

Tuck and pray😂 🎥: @svanderhoek #throwback

Lifestyle shots, who cares🤷🏻‍♂️ Our last trip to Death Valley was so rad, great times with my best friends☀️🙌🏻 photos by @brggsy / @itsraqcity

@es_dons with another banger shot from Canada. This was actually the highest cliff I’ve ever jumped without doing a flip lol. Good news though! After a couple months of dealing with injuries I’m finally feeling awesome again. Ready to get gnarrr asap and post some bangers for you guys☠️😝 #allgoodneverbetter

HAVE YOU SEEN @croulter NEW CLIFF JUMPING FILM CANADAMP YET?? It documents our cliff jumping expedition in Canada earlier this Summer and it is seriously sick. Here is @brggsy @faayeded and I on the 114 foot bridge. Give @croulter a follow and check out Canadamp☠️💦

All my triples so far this year, some good and some bad🙃 I got one more new triple flip I want to try soon, can you guess what it is?☠️ #sendtilltheend

Seeing how small my friends are down there puts it into perspective👀 I should be back to cliff jumping again very soon and I got some crazy ideas for new tricks brewing in my head🤘🏻 📸: @croulter

For those of you who don’t know, my best friends and I have started working on a new project called @gnarcraftcollective ☠️ Our goal is to produce the most insane action sports content imaginable and put out some dope apparel as well. All the proceeds from selling these shirts will go to our first film trip and also making new shirts & designs. So if you guys want to support, head over to @gnarcraftcollective and check us out. I promise HUGE things are coming☠️ 📸: @huckstermcgee #sendtilltheend

Miss u Canada❤️ 📸: @huckstermcgee #allgoodneverbetter

@gustinjohn made this awesome edit of my triple from 103 feet a couple weeks ago🤘🏻😝 Still recovering from the impact, tailbone injuries are the worst!☠️ follow my friend @gustinjohn though please🙌🏻

This happened a year ago☠️ time flies! 🎥: @fahary #gnarcraft

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