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Morning in Montevideo

In honor of the #eclipse (which I'll miss due to location & travel) 😩 pre-Thurs Throwback: Joe's Pub, NYC, '06, playing Total Eclipse of The Heart with Bonnie Tyler (Long story, but along with playing Paranoid & Iron Man with Ozzy and Geezer, Behind Blue Eyes w Roger Daltry, Dream On w Steven Tyler and Roundabout w Jon Anderson, definitely a memorable career moment). She's a total doll btw, not diva-like in the least. The only video of this that exists is sadly low quality & about a minute long (and only a few seconds of guitar). But if so inclined, YouTube this: #eclipse2017 #totaleclipseoftheheart

Recently I was thinking: the world's gone so crazy that I sometimes feel like a living character from "South Park." Then I saw this...

Sometimes being packed & ready to go for an early lobby call feels like a personal triumph #ItsTheLittleThings #RestIsOverrated #SleepShmeep

‪After a sleepless night of travel from Manaus (great crowd, 1st time there), São Paulo made it all worthwhile. Say "Hi" 2 my friends in Brazil! ‬

Yesterday's post began with "Bye Bye Bêlem." Today? "Bye Bye Bannon!" This book has been occupying much of my inflight reading on the current tour, along with "The Goldfinch" (I often like to work through one novel and one non-fiction simultaneously ). The content is riveting, something experts on the left & right are agreeing on. One needn't be a fan of the Ban (obviously I'm not) to appreciate. I'm about halfway through. Looking at today's headlines, it seems I already know how it ends... PS Those who say "No politics! Stick to guitar!" - Thank you for inspiring me to post even MORE about politics! Bwa hahahaha 🤑

Bye bye, Belém. Good show last night. 1st time here, always nice to visit new places & faces

Random thought while mid-composition: Finding your "next" part is a bit like finding your glasses on your head. It's already there, you just need to look where least expected.

Two views from the stage, BloodstockUK @bloodstockopenair #bloodstock #bloodstockopenair #bloodstockfestival

A pleasure to meet @hankshermann & Michael Denner, guitarists of the legendary Mercyful Fate, in a meeting of guitar teams. We confessed to nicking a riff or 2 from them, way back when. I can even recall my teacher at the time, @joesatriani being a listener & approving of these guys' playing. #GreatDanes!

Surreal to be in Europe & see images like this broadcast from the USA. A lively College town, home of Dave Mathews Band (integrated music group). Not pre-Civil Rights era Alabama. Not Nürnberg 1940. Not the creepy Klan scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou" YESTERDAY in #charlottesville Va Not a left/right thing. Not a liberal/conservative thing. Not a Dem/Repub thing. Senator Hatch, far right leaning Conservative had one of the best statements "We should call evil by its name. My brother didn't give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH" That's a REAL response. Even Rubio, Cruz (!) and other officials I might not often agree with are all on the right side of this, calling out the Klan and Nazis who are uniting in a sick project called #UniteTheRight. Only one very noteworthy high profile US official fails to mention them by name (guess who?). What is happening to the US?? "Basket of deplorables" backfired as a term but, whatever your political leanings, let's at least agree on this: THESE voters fit the bill.

A very wise man once asked: "Is that a real poncho or a SEARS poncho?" (The other day in Oslo, all day downpour but the show must go on)

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