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Alex Skolnick  Guitarist, Writer, traveller. All pics by yours truly (except where indicated)

While listening to a classical piano piece by Franz Schubert, this happened: Accompaniment by Mrs. Gizmo 😹 Happy #caturday

“Merhaba Ben @alexskolnick” A message to friends in Istanbul 🇹🇷 #Repost @zorlu_psm ・・・
2001’de Brooklyn'de ‘Testament’ grubunun gitaristi Alex Skolnick tarafından kurulan; ilk albümlerinde, zamanına damgasını vurmuş heavy metal parçalarının caz yorumları bulunmasından dolayı da övgüleri üzerlerine toplayan ‘Alex Skolnick Trio’, ‘European Conundrum Tour’ kapsamında 14 Mart’ta @studio_zorlupsm ’de.
Biletler satışta! #burasıPSM

And then there were two (of the perfect pair)...New addition to the family just arrived: AS Lemonburst to compliment/back up the one currently the most used by yours truly these days (on left, new one on right). It’s fascinating how each guitar has its own individual character, even among the exact same model. Now there are “twins” (Thanks @espguitars). Swipe to see the unveiling...and notice the styrofoam cover over the toggle switch ...great idea! I’m keeping it (Remind me to tell you the story one day how things didn’t go so well for one of my toggle switches during a flight). #thatnewguitarsmell

Monday = Peet’s Powered. Incidentally, the modern coffee spot as we know it began in the late 60s (swipe for image) in Berkeley (same birthplace as you know who). At one point, a certain entrepreneur tried to turn it into a chain, but was refused. This individual ended up modeling (or copying depending on your p.o.v) the entire Peet’s design and esthetic, before going global. You’ve probably drank this fellows coffee at some point and while beyond successful, it has never quite compared (imho). Hint: (as if it’s not obvious): This fellow is currently uniting the USA, Dems, Repubs & Indies all agree (for once): Nobody wants him to run for President! (Disclaimer: I met him once, found him to be a very nice guy but I’m with the majority). Go @peetscoffee!

Great to hang with these guys the other night after catching the late set by my dude @deandelray who totally killed it at @comedycellarusa NYC. We talked all things music, comedy & NYC into the wee hrs. Catch ‘em at the Cellar & book in advance, it’s always packed, even on a late rainy Wed night (which was technically Thurs morning). Judah at first thought I might be that wrestling guy with the streak (the only resemblance, I think 🤔)

A few of the many @jimdunlopusa wares that it’s hard to Imagine being on stages and in studios without over the years. Unlike guitars, amps,
pickups etc, these tools of the trade are mostly hidden from listeners, yet no less essential. Thank you Jim Dunlop Sr. for all you’ve done via @jimdunlopusa. R.I.P #jimdunlop

Fun interview on all things books @strandbookstore w @bryanreesman for podcast launching soon. Dilemma: Found a great deal on this 1st edition Bellow (“Herzog”) but just read it in paperback, drowning in books at home & running out of space. Solution: Will return & see if it “Sparks Joy” 🤣

Never been a big fan of this term for music...but cutting hair? Perfect 👌

Huge honor for @alexskolnicktrio to be part of @applemusic’s new playlist of the improvisational & often unclassifiable, including the more recent (@snarkypuppy), the OGs (@official_aldimeola) & all points in between, as well as our pals (and #PlanetaryCoalition collaborators) @houseofwaters “SPECTRUM” is a nod to the great ‘70s Billly Cobham album of the same name (with Tommy Bolin on guitar). I confess I didn’t know everyone on the list, and have discovered some new folks. Either way, this is right up my alley & would be highly recommended even if we weren’t included (which we’re thrilled to be). Add it today! 😎🎸 (swipe for more)

Another question from written interview yesterday (sharing before it gets translated): Q) What’s your advice to all musicians around the world who want to be “successful” in today’s music industry? Is still possible in your opinion?  A) Every path is different. Over the years, there’ve been so many trying to be the "next" ‪Jimi Hendrix‬, ‪Van Halen‬, SRV or whoever, but you can only be the first "you." Most successful careers, including the above, were quite unpredictable early on. Their on-stage personas, their sound on the guitar and even their fashion were developed over time. It has to do with searching and trying different things. I think the biggest mistake musicians make is trying to move in directions that you "think" will bring you success, "chasing" popularity and seeking approval from others. The truth is that you should really ONLY focus on what you enjoy creating and what makes you happy, even if it is not popular. If there is a certain sound that YOU love and you do it well, maybe it will be YOU that makes it popular! Yet, even if it is not popular, if it is done well, then by definition - you are successful! ... Pic from HoB by @shandagolden #Repost @shandagolden with @get_repost
✖️METAL ALLEGIANCE ✖️ #namm2019 #metal #nikon #metalallegiance #concertphotography #rockphotographer #rocknrollwoman

Just answered an interesting question for an interview that’ll be published in Italian, sharing here in English for those interested. (Btw, I’m not thinking anything deep in this photo...something more like “Which f—ing knob is it?!?” (📸 @taniaphoto3) ... Q) What is your “philosophy” in life as a musician and as a man?  A) I often feel that life is a bit like the film "‪The Matrix‬," which is actually based on ideas of various philosophers (Plato, Descartes for example) who pondered reality versus dreams. I don't believe what we experience in life is a dream but it is a very good metaphor for the way things are. How many illusions do we later find out are completely false? Some people are very good at crafting illusions about themselves. In some cases, it's not that they don't have talent, but their real talent is creating an image that exaggerates their talent or hides a part of who they are. There are so many famous examples. I won't name them (so as not to cause trouble!), but I’m sure everyone can think of a few famous examples of folks (or products) that didn’t measure up to their presentations, some of which have led to huge scandals. I've always preferred truth. It's much harder to be someone whose existence is based on truth, but it's so much more valuable. ・・・
Alex Skolnick en Ciudad de México.

Cobertura para: @centralalgazara
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#tbt “Skoly Iommi” with @metalallegiance @hobanaheim a week ago tonight. The whole MA show was a blast & especially fun to kick it off with Sabbath’s debut & rotating vox (Osegueda/Tornillo (on harp too)/Blitz). Though the SG is my reissue (didn’t want to fly with the ‘68), the facial adhesive powered mustache hung in there for about half (see post-mustache shots at end & see “story” for pic of it peeling) & the necklace is secular (DNA helix), still, the spirit of 70/71 was felt. 📸 1/2/4/5) @ironmikesavoia 3) @alanhess 5) @lewystix

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