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We are drowning in celebrity culture, from nonsensical health & beauty regimens to tv talent shows to - more and more each day - politics resembling reality television. This book is a fascinating analysis of what's been happening, along with a specific, rationality based takedown of one of the biggest offenders. "Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?" was written by Dr Timothy Caulfield. He and I have become Twitter bros, sharing info and just had our first chat. It turns out Tim is a former punk rocker (whose band once opened for the Ramones!) then went on to become a Prof of Health Law, Royal Society of Canada member & Debunker of celeb fads. Our chat wwill appear in the next @unbuiltmag I think most will really enjoy meeting him and hearing what he has to say. And by the way, in case you're feeling sorry for "poor Gwyneth," please do a Google search on the following (not fake) news articles: "Gwyneth Paltrow Starts Her Day With A Moon Dust Smoothie" CBS News "Goodbye, Goop: 7 of Gwyneth Paltrow's most ridiculous recommendations" - The Telegraph (UK) And perhaps my favorite (not making this up): "No, Gwyneth Paltrow, women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas, gynecologist says" - The Washington Post

‪Back from Japan, thanks 4 the great times! BTW, an old friend of ours, #TowerRecords, is alive & well in Tokyo. Couldn't agree more w this: ‬

Japanese monster: not Godzilla or Mothra, but monster of the BASS @kiyoshi_1031 Thank u 4 coming 2 our show! Amazing player/singer/performer. Catch her w Marty Friedman band, solo work & many other projects‬...

‪So long #LarryCoryell Arguably the very 1st "jazzrock" guitarist, inspired Di Meola, McLaughlin, Metheny, Frisell etc Met him two years ago (at the Miles Davis Way street naming in NYC), good guy. If you're going to check him out, start with this RIP

Interview with long running Japanese gtr mag Young Guitar in Tokyo last night (this month's cover lives up to the name) ‬

Today's trip to Tokyo was accompanied by the perfect music and perfect book. View from train window (in case it's hard to read the album cover, that's Pat Metheny Tokyo Day Trip EP. Tune is"Travelling Fast")

Beautiful morning in Osaka. Super crowd last night to kick things off for #Testament in Japan. Today, travel day to Tokyo (via Bullet Train)

Long day but so nice to be back in Japan! Ready to unwind after 12+ hr flight. For relaxing times, make it #suntorytime

Abridged version of a post (see my FB for full version) that's making the rounds and once again showing my unintentional talent to cause arguments. On that note, Happy #ValentinesDay! ❤️ (Disclaimer: not my pic, saved from web) "My thoughts on #MetalliGaga (for those asking): Great idea in theory. Would have/should have gone down in history as a home run for the ages. Unfortunately to be forever overshadowed by mic problems (can't fault anyone performing) and failed intro (please make sure all presenters do a quick run thru before going on. I did when introducing DillingerEP at Golden Gods. Haven't we learned from from John "Adele Dazeem" Travolta??). I think you have to look at the following:
A) What other mainstream pop superstar would even dare get up there with Metallica (or any other metal band)? B) Who else could pull off performing with Tony Bennett one moment and Metallica the next, with equal love and appreciation for both?
C) Sure, it was maybe a bit over-the-top for those more interested in Metallica than her. But then again, she is Gaga, after all (over-the-top is her middle name, or at least should be). D) Yes, she does lot of theatrics but she's also someone that can kill with just her voice and a piano (which I hope she'll do more of one day). E) Given her and Lars' interest in art and doing the unexpected in music, it absolutely makes sense they'd collaborate.
Bottom line, did she sound good on the tune if you turn away from the imagery and just listen? Heck yes! Great song choice, too. The only thing I'd change (other than the mishaps, which were accidental) Why was there a freakin' Zumba class going on up there? Whose idea was that? Get real fans up there rocking out for effect (as Metallica does at some shows), but a bunch of obvious pop dancers/models in metal-like wardrobe gave it a very "hot topic" vibe. Otherwise, it's all 👍 from here and I truly hope they'll give it some tweaks, maybe add a tune or two and try again!"

‪SOLD OUT @bakedpotatojazzclub last night - so packed, friends couldn't get in (bummed but good problem 2 have). Great crowd (jazz/rock is alive). Wrong bandleader listed but it's ok ;) THANK U LA!‬

‪My Escape From NY: playing the great instrumental venue The Baked Potato tonight - Stu Hamm on bass w yours truly on gtr & @GergoBorlai drums (sick band!) Rainy LA yesterday, but today, nice 2 trade this 4 this‬

#TBT. Thanks to this guy at NAMM who came up & showed me this old pic of which I had to take a pic. I'm barely drinking age here...