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Bye bye, Belém. Good show last night. 1st time here, always nice to visit new places & faces

Random thought while mid-composition: Finding your "next" part is a bit like finding your glasses on your head. It's already there, you just need to look where least expected.

Two views from the stage, BloodstockUK @bloodstockopenair #bloodstock #bloodstockopenair #bloodstockfestival

A pleasure to meet @hankshermann & Michael Denner, guitarists of the legendary Mercyful Fate, in a meeting of guitar teams. We confessed to nicking a riff or 2 from them, way back when. I can even recall my teacher at the time, @joesatriani being a listener & approving of these guys' playing. #GreatDanes!

Surreal to be in Europe & see images like this broadcast from the USA. A lively College town, home of Dave Mathews Band (integrated music group). Not pre-Civil Rights era Alabama. Not Nürnberg 1940. Not the creepy Klan scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou" YESTERDAY in #charlottesville Va Not a left/right thing. Not a liberal/conservative thing. Not a Dem/Repub thing. Senator Hatch, far right leaning Conservative had one of the best statements "We should call evil by its name. My brother didn't give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH" That's a REAL response. Even Rubio, Cruz (!) and other officials I might not often agree with are all on the right side of this, calling out the Klan and Nazis who are uniting in a sick project called #UniteTheRight. Only one very noteworthy high profile US official fails to mention them by name (guess who?). What is happening to the US?? "Basket of deplorables" backfired as a term but, whatever your political leanings, let's at least agree on this: THESE voters fit the bill.

A very wise man once asked: "Is that a real poncho or a SEARS poncho?" (The other day in Oslo, all day downpour but the show must go on)

@oyafestivalen, Quite the diverse lineup (nothing wrong with that), torrential downpour & great crowd, many new fans in raincoats. Nice to hear Roy Ayers playing on next stage - everybody loves the sunshine, but not today (for those who get the reference) 😉

In tribute to #glencampbell, listening to this for first time since childhood. Great to hear thru ears that are grown up & studio experienced. Many things I never noticed way back when. Some observations:
1) Listen beyond the strings, they add an "easy listening" quality, not talking Ponty, Grappelli, Masada String Trio, Ma etc (settle down, string players) ;) but the type of arrangement heard in TV themes and other "lite" fare, and even made Wes Montgomery sound "smooth" In later years. Yes it works, is well played, probably made it more of a hit, but from a musician's standpoint, there are great parts where it supports but at other times not necessary - more like icing on a cake that is more delicious on its own.
2) The pocket/groove is absolutely ridiculous: Bass and drums are in lockstep and if you isolated them, moved the key (currently C Major), you could add a heavy guitar riff on top and have a seriously rocking tune
3) Guitar: his acoustic drives the whole thing. When it drops out (pre-chorus) it lowers the dynamic, the comes charging back in - great production call! Some great electric licks thrown in as fills here and there, subtle & tasty
4) Intro piano plays C F/C G/C, not just C to F to G, very hip!
5) Two songs clearly "borrowed" from this: "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant" (Billy Joel - 2 yrs later) has the the same chorus descent, but as a finale before it's final verse and "Believe It or Not" the TV theme (Greatest American Hero) is basically the same song in D instead of C - same feel, same arrangement, different vocal melody & a few changes in structure but super similar. Listen to both back to back. 6) The song is about New York! Had no idea. Subway tokens, Broadway. Basically a country "On Broadway" (which explains the cover). Anyway, great to hear w fresh ears & perspective, need to do this more often! AS

RIP Glen Cambell. Before the hits, he was an unsung 60s studio guitar whiz, part of The Wrecking Crew. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and watch the "must see" film of the same name. Trailer: @thewreckingcrewfilm

Lucky to have an off-day In beautiful Norway w perfect weather to ride around & explore on an Oslo Bysykkel (Bicycle)

Flew @flynorwegian Airlines today, saw this cool (and challenging) pic shot by @samhofmanstudio done with dry ice, a vape & a pane of glass. As someone who plays guitar for real, not quite sure what to think of the subject of this month's cover story - the annual Air Guitar Championship that draws thousands annually (to Oulu Finland) - but reading about "AIR guitar" on an AIRline mag while flying through the AIR has an art factor that's undeniable. And I suppose there's nothing wrong with folks enjoying a little good natured air guitar fun as long as everyone remembers that it is guitars composed of matter that truly matter. 😎🎸 #Guitar #Guitars #photography #airguitar

When your support band for the evening includes Vivian Campbell, Vinnie Appice, Phil Soussan (Last In Line) #sureal #DioTribute #Heroes #MyFirstUnchapperonedArenaConcertWasDioWithTheseGuys

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