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Alex Skolnick  Guitarist, Writer, traveller. All pics by yours truly (except ones I'm in, shares & where indicated) via iPhoneX

Hoped to use for a future solo project - and still may - but sharing now while its still current. It’s already been six months, and in blink of an eye, it’ll be a year and then another. “Current” means “now” or “recent” (as an adjective) but as also refers to a body of water, like a stream or river (when used as a noun). Both feel equally appropriate. Time is a fast moving stream, deceptive in its rate of motion, not always seeming different moment to moment, yet constantly changing, the differences adding up over long periods. A photograph captures a moment frozen in time (much like a body of water can be frozen the winter). This was December in Europe and very cold (I did my best to pretend otherwise) and despite being our most recent winter, feels long ago as I tour the US during one of the hottest summers on record. (Pic by one of my favorite unsung photog heroes @evelyn.steinweg.photographie)

Tonight, we dedicated “Practice What You Preach” to this young lady, gone way too soon, having heard the news an hr or so before showtime...I didn’t know #jilljanus nearly as well as some of my friends (read the beautiful tributes by @hurricanenita & @montepittman for example) but on our tour together (see previous post), she struck me not only as a formidable vocalist/performer but also as a kind, genuine person, consummate pro and someone in it for all the right reasons. This is from that tour (thanks to photographer @tomcouture for finding & sending over). Rest In Peace @jjhuntress

Today is just too sad.... As we all mourn Aretha, breaking news in the metal world that Jill Janus has also just left us. It was just a few years ago that @lambofgod, @killswitchengage, @testamentofficial & @huntresskills toured together. Offstage, Jill was a total pro, kind, funny but onstage - a ferocious force who could hold her own alongside THESE guys (pic courtesy of @loudwire). Another reminder that depression is nothing less than a full blown epidemic. May she find the inner calm and peace that eluded her in this life. #ripjilljanus @jjhuntress

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. & Farewell #queenofsoul Like many in my generation, my intro to #arethafranklin was as an eleven year old watching The Blues Bros film (in which she plays the sassily assertive wife of Matt “Guitar” Murphy, who just recently passed, see tribute a few posts back), but of course, there was so much more. I soon realized it was her singing “Chain of Fools” and other great classics on the radio, as well as who Steely Dan tune was referring to in a line from “Hey Nineteen.” May she reunite with Murphy & other late greats, including one time guitarist collaborator, Duane Allman. If there’s a Heaven, they’re the soundtrack, and I want to go. #riparethafranklin

Apparently this is “Over the Wall” (a song about prison, lyrics below), but when I look at this pic - maybe because “Blades of Glory” was on the bus TV last night - I hear:
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“Restart my life
Or self destruction
To climb this wall
Of dark construction
Holding the quest for freedom
That beckons me.” (Over The Wall by Testament)(Alex Skolnick, @alexskolnick lead guitarist in metal band Testament @testamentofficial performs in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Municipal Auditorium on tour with Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, and Napalm Death)
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Can’t 💜 this enough: @nergal69 showing up w greetings on @alexskolnicktriofans (run by @antoszmarta ) Nergal: we all miss you out here on this tour. Wanna trade places? Come here to Arkansas, I’ll go Czech Republic! Hope to see you soon. Enjoy the Fests! Love & Dziękuję Ci (to two of my favorite Pols!!) #Repost @alexskolnicktriofans with @get_repost
@nergal69 from @brutal.assault with love...@alexskolnick

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‪Last night, it was so nice to play a place called “Nashville Municipal Auditorium” (pictured). Not “Dunkin’ Donuts Arena.” Not Jiffy Lube Live,” “Budweiser Gardens,” “Quicken Loans this,” “Michigan Lottery that,” “Verizon this” “AT&T that” etc Today‘s venue? “Walmart Amphitheatre”😱‬

NASHVILLE ROUNDUP: 1) Backstage, giant replica of concert ticket from 1978, same room we played tonight. Trivia question (the opener for Sabbath that night - a new band on their 1st national tour, soon to be major headliner, was who?) 2 &3) Our crowd tonight pics courtesy @sdglowend (from a pano shot) 4) @sarahgaylemeech band at @robertswesternworld last night (our day off) - smokin’!! As was Don Kelly band earlier (who saw my insta live vids?) 5)Our gang (production mgr Dario, producer/engineer Mark Lewis, AS, CB 6) Our awesome bartender Caitlyn 7) Carter’s Vintage Guitar store today 8) Price tag of an instrument I chose not to buy. Got many, many other high quality shots (inspired by a friend who’s got me using a “real” camera) planning to share those soon.. Now leaving Tennessee to Arkansas (on a steel horse we ride). Surely there’s a country song in there somehow, although Nashville is that and so much more. Had a great time. Y’all take care now, ya hear? 🤠

Found this from a few months ago: While visiting for a repair, got into a fun, random jam w staff as I was trying out a weird, cool pedal by @ehx (the POG, I believe it was). Never been a huge “Dead” listener, but I did always like those live jams I heard where Jerry had this out there but highly expressive tone; this sound kind of reminds me of that (reminder to self: pick up one of these pedals)

“PURPLE RAIN, PURPLE RAIN” ☔️ (Ok, was probably “Practice what you preach!!”) Remembering the Purple Master w 2 pics 1) The other day in London, Ont, (cool pic by @jims724) 2) Just now in Atlanta, waking up w morning coffee, headphones (by @thinksound) & T-Shirt from @firstavenue, Minneapolis, location of the #purplerain movie. A few days off anniversary-wise but on Aug 4, 1984, the #purplerain💜 soundtrack went to #1 in the US. BTW, I’m not the only #prince fanatic on the #slayerfarewelltour2018 (ask Gary “Purple Reign” Holt @garyholt_official )

#stlouis Approx 2hrs till showtime. Kind of a spooky day to be here... Upon these walls is nearly every headliner imaginable, with one glaring omission...Fun (ok, not so fun) Fact #1: In 1991, this venue, then called Riverport Amphitheatre, was the site of a certain riot following a prematurely terminated concert by @gunsnroses, leading to a trial of one #axlrose who was sentenced to probation & fined $50k Fact #2: The St Louis County Prosecutor who put Axl on trial was removed from elected office YESTERDAY (he’d been there this whole time!). Fact #3 The reason he (Mr McCulloch) lost re-election had to do with his handling of a community crisis that began EXACTLY four years ago today, about 10 miles from here (Ferguson, Mo). Now, I’m not going to get into the ins & outs of any of this (I’m an outsider) and not gonna debate anyone about who’s to blame for either riot, just noticing it’s a crazy time & place to be here And on that note, I PROMISE, If you take a picture of me today, I will NOT jump out into the crowd and fight you for the camera 😎

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@AlexSkolnick is inviting YOU! the @MetalAllegiance album release show on September 6th at The @gramercytheatre in NYC! The core four of @AlexSkolnick @mikeportnoyinstagram @davidellefsonbass & @MarkMenghi will be several special guests!
Tickets for the show can be purchased here:
VIP meet and greet packages at
The new Metal Allegiance album “Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty” will be out September 7th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. It will be on sale at the show, or you can order your copy in several different formats at
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