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11th birthday for Taylor was a success! Thank you @theescapegamenashville for making it such a memorable experience!!!!

Excited to have this girls music blaring in my car on repeat for months. Her music is clever, creative and contagious! She is a musical genius and I’m proud to call her friend . Love you @fleuriemusic aka: Lauren 😊

Happy 11th birthday Taylor! I could not love you more than I do right now. You are the ultimate gift. Your sensitive heart and kind eyes have captivated me since the day I held you for the first time and I am constantly marveled at how God designed the very fabric of who you are. Your love for righteousness at such a young age is simply stunning and I know that you have been set apart to be a statesman for the kingdom of God. You have my whole heart and we celebrate you today as you embark on a new year of being amazing! I love you.

As I prepare to speak at our TBCO discipleship tonight I was reminded of our beginning team when we didn’t have a staff but just 60 willing servants who said yes! This was the basement men and women who came on the crazy ride with us to pioneer something that is now our church. I want to take a moment and honor every person who sowed their heart and soul into making a place for people to encounter God. A place where people met Jesus and found freedom in so many areas. I love that we have grown so much and now we have so many more servants who do the same. The church body needs each other and I am grateful for our beautiful beginnings!! #TBCO

Swoon ❤️ I love this so much. This is not my house by the way 😜

I love how much they love each other. My treasures 🖤🖤 📸: @stephsonch

Love leading with the guy beside me in this photo and No! This is not our baby! This beautiful baby is Monroe and she is 5 weeks old. I held her during the service on Sunday for 2 hours while she slept on me because her Mumma is a champion and continues to serve the house of God passionately and I love her dearly. She is fierce, she is loyal and she is committed and I want to give her shout out today because there are not many like her! Love you @ashleymaewright ❤️

Wow!!! I have not posted because I have been soaking in the richness of the word that has come from @johncameronnz thank you John for pouring out your best and giving us such gold over this weekend. Tonight was 🔥

When my little man is feeling under the weather and needs some chicken noodle soup in bed to feel better. I love him so much and am praying he gets better soon!

Dreaming 🖤

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Had so much fun chatting with @henryseeley on this week’s #MadeItInMusic Podcast.

So thankful to have him and @alexseeley leading our church @thebelongingco and his eye for absolutely top notch quality art and music.

He is a forward thinker. Forward thinkers are on the frontlines of change, and are thus often misunderstood or criticized, because what they are doing is truly a part of changing a city.

A lot of people may gloss over this fact or even dismiss it as “it’s just another church movement that’s all about mega production”. I say in fact the opposite is true. I believe we as believers aren’t called to a poverty mentality. We are called to abundance, and to creating top notch art, along with anyone else out there. Some of us are meant to serve in the city streets and work with the homeless and be immersed in poverty. Others are called and gifted to create art and experiences that create an atmosphere for people to encounter God, and to do this, it has to be done well, otherwise it comes off as a “poor man’s version of”. And why would people want that? They don’t need it. As @alexseeley so aptly says, “if they want Katy Perry then they should go see @katyperry.
One interesting note: a lot of the homeless population in Nashville is included in these experiences as the church is right in the epicenter of some of the city’s worst poverty, right next to “misery mile”), and many are coming to church and having these same encounters and experiencing life change.

Here’s what I’m trying to say in a very long-winded manner: If you don’t know @henryseeley @alexseeley or @thebelongingco , come and hang out with us.

Start by checking out the music that @thebelongingco has put out on @spotifychristian @spotify @applemusic and services everywhere. The record is so inspiring.
Or check out my conversation with him here:

I really can’t say enough great things about him and his incredible story. Just go listen for yourself.


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