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So sick right now, and my wisdom tooth is giving me hell 🤕 Should probably learn to let myself rest instead of destroying myself doing HIIT sprints... wooppssss! Off to America in 3 sleeps to watch @rwillyofficial kill it in @xgames, so fingers crossed I can kick this sickness!

When you’re on a hike and you’re tired, just stop and pretend to look at the view 🤷🏼‍♀️

When normal squats get boring, thanks @freyaprout 💪🏼🍑 3 sets of 10 sister squats and you’re done hehe, too bad I could only get half way down! No but seriously, the weather was incredible today! What winter?! Got to love Australia

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a fab weekend ✨

Here is a little video of my leg day session with @jaymeesmith, girl had me crying! 😂 But hey, no pain no gain right? 💪🏼 Smashed my second PB in 2 weeks thanks to her, 90kg hip thrusts, oh yeahhhh! And this is just the beginning! Do you want to see more workout videos? 🏋🏼‍♀️
Smith machine thrusts- Warmup
1 x 15 Bar
Working sets-
4 x 10 - 12 reps
1 x 6 - 8 reps (power set)
Increasing weight each set
30 - 45 seconds rest between sets
4 x Rounds
Smith Machine Squat Jumps-
12 x reps
Smith Machine Curtsy Lunges-
10 x reps per leg
Do not lock up bar between squats & lunges
30 seconds rest between rounds
4 x Sets
Smith Machine Laying Leg Press with Bands-
12 x reps - keeping resistance
Increasing weights each set
30 seconds rest between sets
2 x Rounds
Banded Lateral Kicks-
20 x reps per leg
No rest between sets

Nothing like some winter sun and a big ol’ knitted jumper 🌞

New weekly vlog is now live! The link is in my bio if you would like to watch it☺️ Wearing @princesspollyboutique, use code ‘AP20’ for 20% off your order babes! 💫

Where you will find me... in bed, filming & editing, with my comfy’s on ❄️ Wearing @zaful! You can use the code ‘aaalexp’ for $$ off your order 😚

Evening everyone! ✨ I thought I would share my go to warm up for my glutes using a resistance band! It’s so simple and really does the trick getting those buns ready to work hard👌🏼🍑 I use @fitpro_bootybands, and use the heavy ones for these particular exercises! You can use the code ‘Alex’ for a discount! 💖
In and out squats x 20
Glute bridges x 20
Side leg lifts x 15 (each leg)
And that’s it, once through and I’m done! If I’m squatting I will then move on to doing one set with just the barbell, then add my weight! This video is sped up slightly btw! ☺️ #fitprobootybands #glutewarmup

Sunday well spent relaxing in my Arise set by @echt_apparel 👌🏼 Just realised I’ve had 3 days off the gym... will be putting this outfit to proper use tomorrow!

Keeping my smile in check thanks to @hismileteeth! 10 mins and I’m done 👄 #HiSmile #Smile #TeethWhitening

Never a dull moment with these amazing people by my side 💫

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