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call me on the bedroom phone?

back off dudes my little lady is taken. eyes on the road she says

the muffin is now a man. really proud of you j. @jaedenwesley @itmovieofficial

dudes dunkirk-ing... and jeffrey has a big head. @jefezoff @mrbenwinston

sometimes the chair finds you

call me on the deck phone.

found a friday twin again

suit game, 2017 edition. cc: @franklinlatt

call me on the bar phone.

do some of this today. or a lot of it.

thank you faceapp for showing me what i've always secretly felt: just a young black boy trying to become an asian woman. dare anyone to compete with these results.

get 'em pal. congratulations on continuing to make outsiders know they can be insiders. @rizahmed

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