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  📲 why i moved back to nebraska #infinityofnegativeeffects #meanwhileatgirlsrock #radicalfeministsofwelding #100camerasomaha

sent photos i’ve made of myself welding to my friends nora and kelsey, to ask them if my form looks okay. goddess of welding, grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man💥 #womenwhoweld #radicalfeministsofwelding

wish that @elizabethwarren had—instead of giving attention to herself and her DNA test and in the process legitimizing trumps idiotic comments—used her platform and privilege to address the disenfranchisement of Native voters in North Dakota. [image description: procession to the Water Ceremony after sunrise prayers, Standing Rock, Dec 5th 2016] #infinityofnegativeeffects

Ponca Sacred Corn grown in my yard #infinityofnegativeeffects #nokxl

writing notes encouraging fellow nebraskans to vote for Christa Yoakum for public service commission. nebraska voter registration ends october 26th! #nokxl #infinityofnegativeeffects

three weeks ago 🖤🌈

Mekasi giving an interview, after harvesting Ponca Sacred Corn on land which crosses the Ponca Trail of Tears. land that is also in the path of the proposed keystone xl pipeline #indigenouspeoplesday #infinityofnegativeeffects

Ponca Sacred Corn harvest #infinityofnegativeeffects #nokxl

took nana as my date to the girls rock fundraiser #meanwhileatgirlsrock #omahagirlsrock #ogrpresents

my amazing central high school students will be showing their photographs this friday in lincoln. photos will be up at the Midwestern African Museum of Art for the month of october, students will be introducing their work at MAMA from 6-8p on friday. BIG thank you to my co-teacher @marandaloughlin and to our fearless coordinator @britsteigner! #100camerasomaha

happy birthday dad 🧜🏻‍♂️

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