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Ocean | Sharks | Mantas  Photographer | Marine Scientist Current location: Ningaloo Reef Australia Working with Ningaloo Marine Interactions ⛡️

It's not often that I am on the otherside of the lens! Thanks for the photo Tom Cannon from @oceancollectivemedia. This was taken at one our favourite locations out on Ningaloo Reef. @aquatech_imagingsolutions

Perfect conditions on Australia's Coral Coast. Taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions #amazingcoralcoast

A different shade of manta ~ A very uncommon light grey manta ray seen the other day. Taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions

Cruising with the boss today. Taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions

Mobula rays herding a bait ball on Ningaloo reef. This is first time I've been lucky enough to see this species. On this particular feeding frenzy we also saw 5 different species of shark!

Black manta dance ~ An all black (melanistic) manta ray barrel roll feeds.

@danielthomasbrowne face to face with a tawny nurse shark.

Open wide for some plankton! 🍴 ~ Manta rays feeding yesterday on Ningaloo Reef.

Got amongst an epic feeding frenzy today! A few large whalers came up to say hello πŸ“ΈπŸ‘‹. Ningaloo Reef does not disappoint with an incredible variety life. @discoversharks @aquatech_imagingsolutions

Laying back on the sand and waiting for mantas to swim over me πŸ‘‹πŸ“Έ #footselfie. Taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions

The very rare Ornate Eagle Ray seen today on Ningaloo Reef. I have wanted to see one of the beauties for years and today I was fortunate enough to get that chance. These rays are listed as endangered globally and in Australian waters they are rarely seen. A big thank you to @ningaloomarineinteractions for another incredible encounter! πŸ˜„πŸ“Έ

Swimming alongside the apex of Ningaloo reef. -
Taken on tour with @ningaloomarineinteractions

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