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I’ve never fallen in love so hard so fast like I did with Henri. We rescued him in April. Perfect in every way, the most genuine, innocent, purest soul that ever walked the earth. Everyone always thinks their dogs are the best, and even after loving Fritz for almost a decade, there was something about this little man. There was so much depth when he’d look into your eyes. Bree always said I was such a softy for him, and I let him get away with stuff that Fritz and Kota never could, and it was so true. He was my little man. He made our family whole, and filled a void we had no idea was missing. He was so easy-going. His unconditional love for everyone was moving, and his eternal happiness was so contagious. He was the most joyful creature on earth, and our time with him was ten years too short. We lost Henri unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and it’s been the most tragic and traumatic experience of my life. I’ve gone back and forth with posting anything at all, but decided I wanted everyone to glimpse his greatness and what he brought to our family. After his abusive past, he deserved the world, and we wanted so badly to give it to him. His outlook on life moved me, and I’ll try my best to mimic it every day. Love you forever baby boy.

It’s not flashy. It isn’t dynamic, my feet don’t cut, I don’t hold a “mega swing,” it doesn’t LOOK impressive... the wall is only slightly overhung, maybe 20-25 degrees. But what I like about this is that even though there isn’t a “wow” instagram factor with flashy power, I found the movement to be nice, and the problem climbed really well, with a pretty flow. We’ve been nerding out on movement real hard lately, and breaking down climbs and moves to figure out exactly why, and precisely how, something works. We picked each move apart on this one and analyzed it for an hour. Plus it’s fun to show @ndclimber up lapping his V10 proj. I’m just trying to show him how it’s done! 😜
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Something cliche like, “another trip around the sun with this beautiful human.” But, actually. :) She thinks I’m a keeper, and she challenges me me and believes in me and makes me better. Rides around the sun are pretty good. @breezy0811 🖤

I don’t think there’s a better use for noise canceling headphones than working out. Or maybe a screaming baby on an airplane. I’ve experienced a couple of those lately… @bose #QC35 II #ad

I got a request for “more Bree” on this feed, so here she is! 😍 I met her and her family in Bishop back in 2013. We climbed, ate Mexican food, drank too much wine in the hot springs, and casually stayed in touch as friends. I saw her family a few more times throughout the years, and then in 2016 we started planning a Bishop reunion! The climbing portion of the trip fell through, but a California reunion did happen, and the rest is still goin’ steady. She’s way more of a serious climber now than she was back then, but I think she has a thing for her teacher... 🖖
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You know what’s REALLY living life on the edge? Driving around the city with your gas light on.

@trangoclimbing recently asked me about the “best route I’ve never done.” This one conveniently slipped my mind... talk about the one that got away. I poured basically everything that I am into this for three years and came so close, but always came up short. @gnarlynutrition made a pretty raw and vulnerable video about my process on failing. I’ll put the link up in my bio if anyone wants to watch it. I still feel the same way now, years later. Maybe I’ll go back someday. Ain’t dead yet. “The Swarm” V13/14 PHOTO: @davidcliffordphotography #SiegingTheSwarm

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The essentials. I coach 16 kids on my team… Noise canceling is a dream. @bose #QC35 II #ad

Climb high and swim hard, friends! Good luck to everyone headed to @psicocomp this weekend! Bummed I’m missing this epic event for the first time in four years. I’ll be watching on the live feed! @utaholympicpark @evolv_worldwide @trangoclimbing @organicclimbing @frictionlabs @mountainhardwear

I feel like I’m starrrting to hit the age of reminiscing. Right now it’s on wishing I had the raw strength of my youth combined with my current experience and wisdom... or that I was just smarter and less lazy when I was younger, haha.
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