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Alexis Olerio  Aspire. Believe. Conquer. Helper of Mankind⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Spreader of Health Fibro Fighter Holistic Nutrition Motivational Speaker Master Trainer: SMR ⠀

Sometimes your clients stop and take a pause at a vegan beer & food festival to do a tower plank and send you the pic to let you know that after 15 pours... they still got it! #TeamAOF #drunkplank #SoProud😜 #theorellanasisters ❤️ #Plank #planktower #veganfestival #lookMa #AOF #ilovethesegirls #goteam #lifeisaboutbalance #alwayshavefun #myclientsmyfriends #greatfrom

Health isn't just about what you consume, it's also about the products you use on your skin, in your hair and what you clean your house with! Your skin absorbs all those chemicals from deodorants, to perfumes to lotions and soaps & shampoos and you breathe in all the toxins you clean your home with too, from bleach, to Ajax, to Mr. Clean.... chemicals chemicals everywhere... it effects us in so many negative ways!!! Start to begin to introduce plant based cleaners, essential oils based beauty products and keep yourself and your family healthy, asthma free, and so much more! You'd be surprised what using all of these known named products do to you... stay away from products you see a commercial for and just use good ol' white vinegar & baking soda! Plus you'll save a ton of money too! #KeepitHealthy #HealthisWealth #Healthismorethanthefoodyoueat #savemoney #focusonhealth #payattentiontoyourhealth
For MORE health & fitness info & tips be sure to follow my IG Stories! #igstory #instagramstories

Love me some #pistolsquats are my fav to do a teeny tiny rock atop a mound... the fear I feel trying to balance is invigorating as I talk to myself saying "Lex, you got this!!" Then I focus and breathe and work on getting that form just right and then hold! #Success!! #AOF #FocusEqualsStrength #AlexisOlerioFitness Remind yourself that you are capable of ANYTHING... you just gotta focus, believe in yourself and keep that self talk POSITIVE!! #BeYourOwnCheerleader #YouGotthis @pistol.squats #believeinyourself #BELIEVE #squats #selftalk #squatsfordays #legs #legday

@siggisdairy Vanilla whole milk yogurt is my jam! Stay away from "light, sugar free, fat free" all that means is chemical shit storm! And add your own fruit to flavor it up! I love to add fresh organic blueberries & strawberries with shredded coconut, chia seeds & drizzle local honey on top! This #healthysnack will fuel your body, give you energy and hit that sweet tooth! #siggis #siggisambassador #AOF #snackttime #healthyeats #healthyeating #healthiswealth #freshfruit #berries #addchiaseedstoeverything

SEESAW!!! Balance = Strength!! Try this move to check your balance and work your core and hamstrings at the same time! #stabilityball #AOF
#Fitvid #fitvideo #fitnessvideo #stabilityballmove #alexisoleriofitness #seesaw #corework #corestrength #balanceequalsstrength #balance #core #bigblueball #workoutvideo #workoutmove #fitnessmove

I'm not sure if I should do a #transformationtuesday or a #wcw😍 post!!! This right here is my girl @gabywoofwoof and she deserves a big CHEER, Hi-5, and a keep it up girrrllll!! She came to me a few years back with an eating disorder, a lack of self esteem and confidence, a feeling of less than and not a lot of love for herself or a drive that lets her know that she can do anything in this world! But NOW, after hard work on herself, she's a healthy vegan, eats like a champ, LOVES her body, works her ass off in her workouts and in her new career straight outta school! I've watched her blossom into a kick ass young woman who knows she can do anything, she won't put up with any shit and looks life dead in the eyes and says "what's next, I got this!!" Watching her grow has been a highlight of my career. So many young woman come to me thinking they are less than, they are fat, they are ugly, and they will never make it out in the world. This always makes me so sad... the damn media and magazines just kill a girls' self esteem these days! I try my best to help these girls understand their true value & worth and how kick ass they truly are!! How unique & amazing they are!! And that all starts with a diet change to eliminate depression and anxiety from sugars, chemicals, preservatives, etc. Then we work on getting the endorphins pumping and of course helping them to realize that they can do anything they put their minds to!
CLEANSE YOUR BODY... a clean slate sets you up to build a masterpiece! #AOF
These pics were taken 7 days apart... before & after the 7 day detox from @previnex!! This program isn't even about weightloss... it's about making a change in life by CHOOSING to feel good! Debloat, get your energy back, find your happiness, eliminate depression & anxiety and pump your mind full of motivation, desire and the thirst to crush life! But a side perk is pounds & inches lost!
Food is fuel & food is medicine and when we constantly fill our bellies with low quality fuel, many negative things happen and send us into a downward spiral!! So if you are ready to begin your UPWARD SPIRAL, than go to & use my code AOFdetox and let's get you back on track!

Every morning I make my wife and I a shake... I change it up often so we don't get bored... a variety of organic fruits, different greens, @previnex vanilla or chocolate Nourify and I ALWAYS add @florahealthy UDO's OIL! If you don't know what this is.... you must buy it & try it!! DO NOT FEAR #HealthyFats!! We NEED them for instant energy AND #FatBurnsFat!! #UdosOil is a blend of 3,6 & 9 #omega #fattyacids so you know that you are getting the daily dose you need and using fats like sunflower oil, that you normally wouldn't get into your system! Healthy fats are also an #antiinflammatory, they lower your bad cholesterol & raise your good #cholesterol, it even lowers your risk of heart disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer and more! It makes a great salad dressing too! This is such a simple way to know your body is getting what it needs! #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #AOF #healthtip #burnfat #fightdisease #lowercholesterol #fightfibro Udo's oil is GREAT for #fibromyalgia ...due to its anti-inflammatory properties!

I have sneakers for every occasion!! What you wear on your feet when you workout is important! You want your feet protected, your joints safe and you want the shoe to move easily with whatever it is that you are doing! I like Nike sneakers... but I'll try out anything! If you have a pronated stance (your weight is on the outside of your feet) or you have flat feet... then Nike isn't for you and you wanna look into New Balance. The way to figure this out is to get your foot wet, then make a footprint on your floor and check out the shape. Also look at the bottom of an old pair of sneakers... where it is worn down is where you step!
People often think that they can wear any old sneaker but that can cause problems. When you walk, run, Hike or train, your feet and body move in different directions, therefore needing different support. I never workout in the sneakers I go for a run in! When you run you want support & cushion... when you train you want light quick feet and support for short quick bursts and lateral movements. So invest in your footwear... it effects you more than you think! My sneakers here (clockwise) are my Brooks for running, my Asics for trail running, my Nike Metcon for training, my Flat Nike's for a heavy lifting day and then casual comfy sneakers that I either train clients in or use to do something like walk around Disneyland all day! It's important to protect what you got! #sneakersforalloccasions #giveyourbodywhatitneeds #protectyourfeet #sneakers #AOF #fittip #healthtip #AOFtip #sneakerfreak

Change up your fitness and keep it fun! I didn't even realize that I was working out yesterday as I inline skated... well more like danced on my "Alexis" @k2skates over 4 miles down the bike path. I had a blast all by myself out in the sun! There's no right way to do fitness... it's whatever gets you up and out and moving! And inline skating is so fun and works all sorts of leg muscles & glutes that you normally don't work! I've been skating since I was 7yrs old, it's the best and always seems like a fitness treat! #makefitnessfun
So get up today and start moving... do something that makes you excited to work up a sweat! #AOF #YesmyskatesarecalledAlexis #k2 #k2skates #AlexisOlerioFitness #AlexisSkates #chandlerbikepath #burbank #keepfitnessfun #inlineskating #MySaturdayAfternoon

The more muscles you contract and use within one move combined with the focus of your form, the more calories you will burn and the shorter your workout will have to be. #FocusEqualsStrength #AOF #GetResults #formiskey #hardworkequalsresults #putthreffortin #youdeserveit LOVE my @sklz bag!!

Another awesome meal I created on the 7 day detox program from @previnex!
Soon you will be able to have these same recipes all for yourself when you order your program on and use my code AOFdetox for a discount and begin your new health journey... happiness, health, motivation & energy await you... so what are you waiting for!? .
4oz marinated & grilled chicken, with grilled red onion, grilled asparagus & zucchini. So delicious I wanted to lick the plate! #AOF #AOFdetox .
#healthiswealth #healthyrecipe #healthyliving #healthydinner #healthymeal #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyeats #getyourhealthon

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