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Alexis Ohanian 🗽  Co-founder, Reddit. General Partner, Initialized. Bestselling author, Without Their Permission. Making the world suck less. ⬆️

My mentee, @mayasideas, hosted a great @Reddit AMA yesterday.
She’s a 17 year old award-winning eco-designer, artist, philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, animator (and creator of my upcoming superhero series, The Pollinators), coder, illustrator, writer and author of "You Got This!" And she’s just getting started.

Link in bio. ⬆

Build high-quality relationships with high-quality people.

My #WCW, every day.

Can't wait to light these up with my boys. Founders: Don't forget to celebrate the things that matter.
Shout to Z for hauling a box back for me. 🇨🇺

Man's gotta provide for his family.
In this case, homemade fun-size waffles.
Thank you, Walt, @wafflehouseofficial CEO for this mini waffle maker.

Some redditor called him out, but nobody reddits quite like @icecube. ⬆️😂 Our pals @GQ were there to document it.

The greatest.

These two adorable kids handmade me cards and cookies for #valentinesday -- the ones you saw me eat on Snapchat yesterday. Being a godfather has its perks. 🙌🏻 Watching them grow up has been the greatest gift.

Can you believe this little guy showed up in the same hoodie... 😒 📸 @dakota_raine

Honey badger don't care.

Credit @sindreklepp for helping me polish off the #InitializedCapital mascot.

Saturdays like...
#TIL "blop" is when dogs "blep"
📸 @serenawilliams

Showing a @reddit investor the latest native app updates. 📸@elisabethgarvin

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