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AlexisKnapp  Official Instagram of Alexis Knapp. I 💜 Exploration.. ⭐️ present moment junkie ~ ✴️Be You Now..🔥👁🔥 Inquiries: 💌🎀

#throwback to 🌀8️⃣🌀years ago todayskis! 🔥Caption It.🔥🌟🐉⚡️ #tbt ☯️

It’s getting serious over here, alignments falling into place - NMRT Apprenticeship complete!!!💫✨✨🤩🙏🏼✨✨🙌🏻💫💫 embarking in life with this knowledge activated in my database makes me more grateful than I can verbally express.. Happy to answer any questions, email is in bio - will do raffles for free body work soon - blessed be pumpkins may you all feel ecstatic!🤙🏼💩⚡️⚡️👁⚡️⚡️🤗❤️

Monumental day my angel is on her 1st solo plane ride right now, post crying I am so proud of how brave and cool she is - no issues at all!! My little warrior is sensitive but she is fearless🔥❤️🔥🤺
In other news I’ll be using Snapchat more often now, get at meeee @Alexisknappreal (is my new snap) yes I usually only remember to use it when I’m by myself and driving but I promise I’m working on that 🤪 it’s going to be all the randomness and magick and “weirdness” u probably do not wish to see. ;) also, #twitch soon. YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH (finally. If you’re on Twitch comment on what u use it for!!!) 🤓🔥 Zat is all for now HAI! ✊🏼 Song: Joy To Manifest by Akae Beka - listen to them lyricssss🙌🏻💫

🔥🍭after seeing 113 degrees in my car this morning the tresses went full flaming octopus again. 🐙🔥😅 #fbf #raw #digitals #instyle #australia #heatwave @instylemagazine

🦄🌈 #tbt to getting spun out by @rebelwilson haha ~ She was the expert on this rig I just wanted to cuddle up in it..💟🤗💟 but dun be fooled, she is no 😇 clearly not into my slowing down 😈😋
At the end I was photosynthesizinnng until I heard “spider,” then it became the arachnids death throes...lament?lul🤓 non stop giggles especially when my poops @haileesteinfeld (missusomuch) has the camera!!❤️🔥❤️ So many voices in this, I also hear @dekesharon @shelleyregner and a little @annakendrick47 at the end. Who else do you hear? 😏 #throwback @pitchperfectmovie #pitchperfect #Pp2 #babes ⭐️

I think we can all agree I’m gayer 😆😏🖖🏻🔆 #RoseDay 🌹with my lil🌷 @tyler.capri #shesmineok #😈 #jklovehersomuch #happysummersoltice !🔆🙌🏻

Flashin’ it back to before the divorce☃️💖 #StarTrekforLife 💫✨✨ #stormtrooperwasemotionallydetached🤓 by @brydenlando #fbf

Goin waaaay back to when i helped build these ancient pyramids!⛏🤩💫🙌🏻. Oh, no wait I meant back to when I got hustled by our local tour guide into taking the most quintessential touron pics to friggin date. (Then he hustled an extra 100$ tip when I was alone for all of 2.5 minutes) Doh!
3 years ago🔆💛🔅💫🔥#waybackwednesday #pyramids #cairo

💫This is the sum of my dating life 🤓 7 scientists each have 7 minutes with 7 groups of people in separate rooms, in order to inspire collaboration and bring harder more real science into the industry. Ultimately, this type of thing prospectively innovates higher global intelligence... #RESPECT ✊🏼 @scientexchange #scientevent #ScienceEntertainmentEvent #CAA (that’s my orange looking bun in the front row! 🤗🧠👅🧡)

🖤Swipe!🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️➡️➡️➡️➡️ #throwback to martial arting around with this one. Ninja reunion TONIGHT! 🔥😈 @bmcmuffin #tbt #PartnersInEarthProtecting 🖤

🧡💛🧡💛girls will be girls! 💥🧐 (it was really effing bright)

💙Mo’ newness🌠🐳💎Swipe! ➡️➡️➡️ @vulkanmag 📸 @santiagobisso

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