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Years ago, Pharrell told me to stop sharing so much of myself with people who didn’t deserve those pieces of me.

It didn’t register then. But it has always stuck with me.

Years later, I totally get that my vulnerability has put me at the mercy of others. (Through harsh lessons from the universe.) And I’m trying to find a healthy balance between this need to creatively express myself and the fact everything I create stems from grief, loss and rage.

Do u ever realize how badly ur gonna miss a moment while ur living it? Like wow, these are the good days. im here, im happy, & I feel alive

I hope we last. I hope we do.
But if we don’t, this is how I want you to remember me. // new vlog #linkinbio

new vlog is up #linkinbio

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. 📸: @gorgeousmila

Look, if I could run across the beach and into my own arms, I would. 📸: @nimihendrix

sippin’ jarritos with my amigos. 📷: @shaipearlman // #newvlog #linkinbio

I think that I may be lost. But I love that I am wandering. // new vlog #linkinbio

You can call me at 10:59 but don’t call me at 11 cos that’s my rule now.

imagine if I never met the broski.

I know you seen me in tha videosss.

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