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alex ╰(▔∀▔)╯  for you, a thousand times over

i have lost all interest in art so i guess now this is just going to be my spam account now \(^-^)/

just watched the first episode of angels of death and i love it,, been a while since i’ve watched a horror anime.

i just finished watching the game Detroit: become human and honestly i loved it so much,,, if only i had a PS4 so i could play it :(

“the one who wished for death more than anyone else was the grim reaper himself”
the last chapter of tg is coming out soon and tbh i’m terrified.

seriously need to catch up on so many animes but i have no time :(((

been so busy lately with school and work :(((( but enjoy a old drawing of my boy eren .

bored on my break at work so why not post another drawing

decided to turn this account into posting my drawings,,, hope you enjoy !!!

i've always loved this scene
ac: @bling.audios

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