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Alexia Raye  hihi! I stream games every day on 🌸 also gettin back into this youtube thing ⤵︎

When ur hair won’t listen to you and its a mess and ur just like ???? I grew you myself??? I gave you life and this is how you repay me?? that’s literally what I had copied on my phone when I hit paste idk why LMAO I dare you to paste whatever you have copied in the comments and hit send 👀

why so serious o.o another lil throwback because all I do is game and rarely see the outside 😭 I have a shoot scheduled for wednesday so i’ll have more pics then 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

good morning :) taking some new photos today so I don’t have to have so many mirror selfies posted LOL

this is from texas apartment but HEY HELLO ~ updates ~ we hit 100K on twitch which is freakin insane ;-; finally got settled in NJ then immediately left for PAX East which has been a blast so far but I freakin forgot germ-x so if I get sick I wouldn’t be surprised. new stream schedule will be starting when i’m back on monday & it’s gonna take a week or two to get it perfect but it’ll be EU and NA friendly ;-; hope you’re having an amazing weekend! ♡

HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT EASTER :) it’s so nice here on the beach 😭 leave a ❤️ in the comments let’s spread some love ILL START

HELLO! I MADE IT TO NEW JERSEY! The place needs some things moved around/touched up but overall it’s so cozy and nice😭❤️ When I open my window I can hear the ocean, and that’s all I’ve wanted my whole life LOL @stellas.tale loooves the beach as well ^~^ also that dresser on the right is being moved it’s just there until more people can help because I have noodle arms. anyways, life is good. :) if you’ve made it this far HOWS YOUR DAY GOING? I wanna talk to y’all in the comments 😤🎉

another mirror pic sorry😭 just wanted to do some updates! I’m moving next week so stream schedule is a lil wonky but we’re about to hit 100k on twitch so i’m HYPEEEE🎉 my roommate @valkyrae moved out today and i’m emo as heck about it. i’m so gosh darn proud of her success and can’t wait to see how far she goes :) very excited to live at the beach (even though it won’t be warm for another month) SO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING. BTW. YOUTUBE VIDEO. IS LIVE. CARRYING FAZE huehuehue.

packing for my move in 10 days - donating 90% of the clothes/things I own
I’m ready to live a more minimalistic rather than materialistic life.

serious face is serious.
as per usual: i’m live on twitch
new youtube video in my bio!

if you see this comment “😎”

buy or no???? completely out of my comfort zone D:

ok comment 1 if you think this looks like a senior portrait LOL
btw if you or a parent has amazon prime you can get free fortnite skins by connecting your amazon to twitch! you can also use this to get a free sub to my channel every month :) more info in my story!

what a nice @intotheam hoodie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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